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Trademark registration in West Bengal - An overview

West Bengal (WB) is the State with the second largest number of MSME sectors that accounts for more than 14% of India’s total count of MSMEs. The State has a strong network of road and rail network covering more than 300,000 Km with 16 national highways and 2 Asian Highways. In the latest report by World Bank, West Bengal ranked 9th out of 36 states in terms of ease of doing business. The Trademark Act 1999 allows you to register a Kolkata, West Bengal trademark. With a trademark, you get exclusive ownership right over all entities of your brand by restricting others from using them.

A trademark symbol is a recognisable visual symbol, capable of being represented graphically with all the categories of mark such as phrase, tagline, series of words, device, brand, heading, label, signature, word, letter, sound, numeral, shape of goods, packaging or combination of colours or any combination thereof used by a business owner's or any individual to distinguish its goods or services from other's similar goods and services.

Advantages of trademark registration in West Bengal

  • The owner of a trademark gets legal protection against infringement of the trademark. Most countries require formal trademark registration as a pre-condition for pursuing this type of legal action.
  • Trademark ensures the same and consistent quality of the product or services. Because of this, customers create an attachment to the product and services.
  • The business with the registered trademark can use the ® symbol over the trademarks. The symbol indicates to the customer that the trademark is registered, and no one can use the same trademark for the same goods or services.
  • If you are business is registered with the trademark, it creates a positive impression of the organisation, and thus new customers or clients attract easily.

Criteria for Trademark registration in West Bengal

  • Name, nationality, and address of the applicant
  • If an applicant is a company, then a state incorporation certificate is a must.
  • Description of goods and services that require trademark
  • Soft of the trademark to be registered.

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Documents needed for trademark registration in West Bengal

  • PAN card/Aadhar card/Voter Id/Passport
  • GST certificate/Trade license
  • Logo/name/ (optional)
  • COI – If the company or LLP
  • Mobile number/mail address of the owner
  • PAN card of the company, if required
  • Partnership deed, if required

Process for trademark registration in West Bengal 

  • The first step is recognising the trademark representing your company
  • Preparing the authorisation letter on behalf of the client and applying to the registrar of trademarks.
  • After filing the application, the examiner checks the application and issues the examination report.
  • If the examiner makes any rejection, the reply should be filed.
  • After submitting the reply, the examiner again examines the trademark and publishes it in the journal.
  • Once the trademark is registered, the certification of registration of the trademark will be provided by the registrar.

Validity of Trademark Registration in West Bengal 

Once the trademark is registered, it is subjected to validity for ten years. It can be renewed after the expiry of the validity or even before the expiry, I.e. six months before the expiry of the certificate.

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As per the Trademark Registration Act 1999, if a business would like to register its trademark, our Corpbiz trademark expert team will support you the same. Besides, we have a separate team of attorneys and professionals that strictly deal with trademark-related affairs and help clients secure trademark registration with minimal effort and cost.

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