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EPF balance

Arranging documents & sending them to the EPFO office by post is a sort of complicated errand. Well, this was the scenario a few years ago, where accessibility to internet was next to negligible. However, things have changed now after the advent of digital revolution. Now everything is available online. At present, checking PFs and amount accrued has become a super easy and seamless task. In this write-up you will came across different processes for checking EPF balance. But let’s get started with some basics first.

What are EPF and Universal Account Number?

The EPF (aka Employees Provident Fund) refers to a saving scheme under which both employer and employees make mandatory monthly contribution (which is 12% of basic pay in general) toward employee’s EPF account.  This contribution cum saving helps employees to cater to post-retirement or other needs.

The UAN i.e. Universal Account Number is allotted by the Employee Provident Fund Organization to their registered members. This number helps the employee to keep the tab on their PF transactions in real-time. It also acts a doorway to the online PF account. The employees are required to create the password against this number to access their PF account. The EPO portal login cannot work in case of non-availability of UAN and password.

Activating the Universal Account Number

Before you get access to your PF account, it is necessary to activate the UAN via your contact number. Use the following steps to serve this purpose.

  • Visit UAN portal and enter the valid contact number and UAN.
  • The portal in respond to previous action will deliver the PIN on the provided contact number.
  • Enter the PIN in the relevant field and wait until the verification is completed.
  • Next, create the secure password.
  • Upon successful password creation, the UAN will get activated.

Process to determine the EPF balance

Precisely, there are four legitimate way for determining the EPF balance. These methods include:

EPFO portal:

  • Head to the EPFO portal and open the Our Services page from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “For Employees” option.
  • A new window shall prompt on your screen. On this page, tap on the “Member Passbook” option located in the “Our Services” box.
  • Next, enter your details and info including the UAN, password, etc.
  • A new page shall prompt where you need to tap on the “Member ID” option. This option will let you view the past transaction details and PF balance.

UMANG app:

Launched in 2018, Umang Application offers array of services including EPF detail, bill payment, Aadhar card, etc. The accessibility of this application is only available after the phone-based registration. Umang is an abbreviation of Unified Mobile Application for New-Age Governance. The steps to determine the PF account balance are given below:

  • Go to the respective Application portal on your smart devices.
  • Search and install the UMANG app.
  • Open the app and select the EPFO option.
  • On the following page, select “Employee Centric Services” option.
  • On the subsequent page, you will come across a plenty of option. All you need to select “View Passbook” option to check your EP balance.

Missed call:

This is another convenient way of checking EPF balance. Under this method, you are required to give a missed call on the number 011-22901406 from your registered contact number which is linked with your PF account and UAN.

Keep in mind that you cannot use this option unless your bank account and Aadhaar is linked with the UAN.


This is the last method in this list. Here you need to send a code to the number 7738299899 from your registered contact number. Again, the activation of UAN is necessary to use this method. The code requires for this method is given below


The last 3 letters reflects for a preferred language. For example, if you seek information in Hindi language then you will need to type HIN in place of ENG. Likewise, the user from other states can type first three letter of their preferred language (only in uppercase) to retrieve the desired information

Knowing EPF balance for private trusts

The private trusts as well as exempted establishment possess personal EPF schemes which also enable employees to remain in constant touch with their respective PF account. Some well-known exempted establishments include, HDFC, Nestle, Godrej, Wipro, TCS, etc. For all such establishments, the PF balance can be determined via the payslips or even the firm’s web-portal, if available.


Knowing the accurate PF amount that build up overtime can helps you plan your account in organized way. Constant tracking of the EPF balance is a conducive way reconciles your fiscal records for investment as well as saving purposes. As such, with the number of web-based platform available, one can seamlessly track their fiscal records & even download their EPF passbook[1].

Keep posting us just in case you need some guidance on this topic. We would be obliged to assist you.

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