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How to Overcome Unnecessary Delays in getting FSSAI license?

calendar06 Aug, 2021
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How to Overcome Unnecessary Delays in getting FSSAI license

Even though the FSSAI registration process is pretty straightforward, there are instances when applicants come across unnecessary delays. If you are  facing the identical issue, then this write-up will help you out. 

The delay in getting FSSAI License primarily incurred due to the following reasons

  • Incorrect entry of detail in the e-form
  • An applicant failing to show mandatory documents and records to the inspecting officer during an on-site inspection
  • Occurrence of payment error from the applicant’s end
  • Uploading of incorrect documents during the application filing

Incorrect documentation

Incorrect documentation is one of the major constraints that cause a delay in Getting FSSAI license. If you want to stay abreast of such anomalies, then make sure to double-check the documents before uploading them to the portal.

Here is the list of documents that FOSCOS demands from the application during the e-form submission

  • List of food category
  • Form IX
  • Rent or lease agreement of the premisis
  • FSMS, aka Food Safety Management System
  • List of partners/Directors Proprietor/Executive Members of Society
  • Adhaar of partners/Directors Proprietor/Executive Members of Society
  • Blueprint of the layout of the premises
  • Water test report issued by the NABL or FSSAI certified agency
  • Photograph of the business premises
  • List of machinery and equipment enlisted in the standard format (connect with CorpBiz to avail more info on that.

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Invalid entry of detail in the e-form

Any invalid entry in the e-form would eventually lure more delay during the verification process. Therefore, you need to know the application process inside out.

The section below will give an idea of how the application process for getting FSSAI license goes in general:

  • Visit the FSSAI’s online portal, viz FosCos and login to the same. (Create login id if you don’t have one)
  • Next, select the new application from the service section on the home page
  • Select state and year >Business nature >E-form
  • E-form seeks the following details from the applicant,
    • Personal details
    • Business details
    • Declaration regarding Food Safety Mitra
    • Validity period
    • Annual turnover

This is the essential part of the application and hence makes sure to double-check the details before filling in the e-form.

Once you are done with this part, tap on the Next and save button for proceeding to the following section, where you need to upload the documents above in the prescribed format.

The document segment is followed by the payment[1] section, where you need to make an online payment regarding the license fee. The portal will automatically land to this section once you are done with the uploading chores.

Applicant failing to comply with inspecting officer during on-site inspection

There are a fair bit of compliances that one needs to fulfil when it comes to the on-site inspection, which is part of a vital part of application processing. During the on-site visit, the FSSAI’s designated officer looks for the area of non-compliances and jots them aptly in their report. Furthermore, this report is shared with the applicant as well as with authority. In response to this report, the authority will decide based on the severity of the non-compliances identified by the inspecting officer.

In most cases, FSSAI grants a 30 days’ timeline to the business owner to address the matter of concerns. This is certaning a perplexing situation for any applicant seeking prompt issuance of the FSSAI license. The only solution to this constraint is to avail a basic understanding of the FSS Act and know the conditions that avert the likelihood of non-compliances during the on-site inspection.

Keep the following points in mind to overcome unexpected delays during an on-site inspection  

  • Keep in handy mandatory records pertaining to production, raw material, and vendors.
  • Avoid manifesting any non-association with the inspecting officer’s directions.
  • Make sure the machinery & equipment in the facility adhere to periodic cleaning protocols as per law, and there must be a legit record for the same.
  • The presence of a food and water testing report is a must. Note: the report issued by the non-certified authority is not acceptable in such cases.

Untimely response of applicant to authorities inquires  

After the application submission, the authority conducts in-depth scrutiny of the same for any potential loophole. In case of any error, the authority does not cancel the application straightaway. Instead, it shares the concern with the applicant via written notification and renders them a fair chance to address those errors in the given time frame.

Authority generally confers 30 days to the applicant from the date of notification to respond to the queries raised by them. If something identical  happens to you, then try to figure out resolutions to such inquiries and promptly send back to the authority as soon as possible. This way, you can spare a lot of time, and it will enable the authority to make a prompt decision regarding the issuance of the license.

Now, you may encounter a situation where you find it challenging to respond to specific queries raised by the authority. Inherently such instances consume a lot of time. This is where you can react proactively and spare time by taking guidance from a professional firm like CorpBiz. The experts available at this platform will let overcome legal hinderances


It is apparent from above that the one has to address ample compliances before getting FSSAI license from authority. At times several applicants ran into unexpected delays and failed to cope with them. By considering the above factors, you can mitigate such issues with ease and expect expeditious processing of your application.


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