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Step by Step Process of APEDA Registration in India

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Process of APEDA Registration in India

Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority, aka APEDA, is a government-based organization founded in 1985 via an act for the growth and development of export of scheduled products. It facilitates financial support, guidelines, and information regarding the development of the scheduled products. The product that comes under such an Act is known as schedule products. Exporter of such products is needed to obtain the registration under APEDA. This blog we help you make you familiar with a step by step Process of APEDA registration in India.

What are the Primary Goal of APEDA?

The primary goal of APEDA is to promote the export of scheduled products. To do so, the APEDA has undertaken various measures under the regulation of the central government. The job of the Central government[1] is to prepare, deploy, and amend the guidelines for the effective administration of the APEDA Act. 

Type of Functions Performed by APEDA Authorities 

Authorities are assigned to perform the following functions, which are given below:- 

  • Promotion and development of scheduled products
  • Promote exports of scheduled products. 
  • Laying down standards for the scheduled products. 
  • Provide a registration facility for the exporter dealing with the scheduled product for a specified fee. 
  • Improving marketing of scheduled products.
  • Improving packaging of the scheduled products. 
  • Inspecting products to determine quality against the pre-defined standards. 
  • Training in various dimensions of the industries linked with the scheduled products. 
  • Ensure the growth of industries for scheduled products and conducting feasibility studies and surveys for the same. 
  • Gathering of statistics from the companies’ owners or establishments of such statistics. 

APEDA is mandated to undertake activities regarding the development and export promotion of scheduled products such as meat, dairy products, cocoa products, floriculture products, bakery products, poultry products, papad, chocolates, and chutneys, etc.

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Detailed Process of APEDA registration in India

To avail registration under APEDA, the applicant must apply within 30 days from the date of initiation of business. If the exporters who dealing with scheduled products cannot avail of the registration under the given timeline due to a legitimate reason, such a timeline can be extended by the authority only. 

Upon receiving the complete application form, the authority will furnish the registration-cum-membership-certificate (RCMC). This is a one-time registration and all its members are required to follow the guidelines under the APEDA Act. 

Online Registration Process

Online Registration Process

The issuance of RCMC has been made via an online channel through a digital signature to simplify the process of APEDA registration. The given step will help you achieve the same. 

  • Visit the APEDA website and complete the login formalities.
  • Next, select: “Register as Member” option. 
  • Enter the basic information such as Email address, IE code, and mobile number and then click “Submit”. 
  • One-time password will be sent to your registered email or phone number and the same need to be entered on the verification screen.
  • Hit the Submit after completing the aforesaid requirement. 
  • Once verification is done, complete the online form and submit the requested documents. (Note: Make sure to upload the documents in the acceptable format such as JPEG, PDF, or PNG).
  • On-line form can be filed by revisiting the website via assigned OTP. Once you fill the required details in the given fields, save the data. The applicant is free to alter the entered details as long as the payment requirement is not fulfilled. 
  • The registration fee is Rs 5000/- excluding taxes. You can use the following modes to submit the said fees. 
    • Debit Card (MasterCard and Visa)
    • Credit Card (MasterCard and Visa)
    • Demand draft in favor of “APEDA” payable with respective branches. 
  • As soon as you completed the payment process, the application number will prompt on your screen. Make sure to note this number for future reference. 
  • After issuing RCMC, login info will be forwarded to the registered email address of the exporter. The exporter can use “Exporter Login” to log in to their account. This link is available on the APEDA website.
  • The applicant can check the application status via the “Track Application” link by submitting the application number and IE code. 
  • If there is any loophole in the application then the exporter can resubmit the document after making necessary changes. 
  • The application will be verified by the APEDA officials and once they are satisfied, they will grant their approval to the applicant. Upon receiving the approval, the applicant can download the certification from the APEDA website. 

Documentation to be uploaded During the Process of APEDA Registration

  • Duly filled and signed application form. 
  • Copy of export of code provided by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
  • Bank certificate approved by the authorities via signature. 
  • Bank Account statement of the company for the preceding two months.
  • Canceled cheque

What are the Benefits Associated with APEDA Registration in India?

  • APEDA provides access to numerous financial schemes for the exporters. 
  • It provides suitable assistance to the exporter for the promotion of the scheduled product. It also helps them in upgrading database and packaging development. 
  • Layout guidelines regarding the export of products for exporters. 
  • Registered members can advantage of training programs of APEDA regarding numerous scheduled products and thereby improve their market presence and business. 


APEDA Act came into the existence in 1985 and since then it has been acting as a standalone legal framework for exporters of scheduled products. This particular act encloses a plethora of guidelines that guides the business owner on how to operate, and how to responds to legal disparities while dispatching scheduled products to overseas parties.

Besides, it also provides some benefits to law-abiding companies in terms of finance and other lucrative schemes. Therefore, we can conclude that the primary objective of the APEDA act is to boost the export of the scheduled product. If you seek some professional-grade insight on Process of APEDA registration, head over to the CorpBiz helpdesk and connect with one of our associates.

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