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Detailed Briefing on Documents Required for the APEDA Registration

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Documents Required for the APEDA Registration

The export of agricultural products is done under the ambit of the Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority known as APEDA. It is a government-driven entity that came into existence in 1985. Its primary objective of APEDA is to facilitate information, standards, and financial assistance to the exporters of the scheduled product. Such activities were executed to boost the development and promotion of such products. Schedule products are of the special category of product that comes under the APEDA Act. The registration under APEDA Act is compulsory for all the business owners who were looking to export these products outside India. In this brief write-up, we will pay attention to the documents required for the APEDA Registration

What are the Objective Associated under APEDA in India?

As mentioned earlier, APEDA was founded by the government to improve export promotion and development of the scheduled product. In an attempt to achieve these goals, APEDA has undertaken various measures under the ambit of the central government. Keep in mind that the central government oversees and governs the activities of this body. In short, APEDA works under the canopy of rules and regulations of the central government.

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Product Covered under APEDA Act 

  • Floriculture and seeds
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Pulses/groundnut/guargum
  • Processed fruits and vegetable
  • Processed food product
  • Meat products 
  • Cereals
  • Alcoholic beverage 
  • Dairy/poultry/honey.

Now let’s move forward to the next section, i.e. documents required for the APEDA Registration

Documents Required for the APEDA Registration

Documents Required for the APEDA Registration

These are the basic document required for the APEDA Registration. The following section would give you some brief regarding Import-Export Code. 

Completely filled Application form

Since the application for APEDA Registration can be made online, all applicants is required to create an account on APEDA website and fill up the e-form for the same.

Bank Certificate

The bank certificate is typically produced by the applicant’s bank with branch manager sign on it. This certificate encloses the feedback report about the applicant which in turn helps the authority to judge his credibility in terms handling the finances and credit.

Particulars in the Bank certificate* 

  • Bank name, branch, reference number
  • Company’s name, address
  • Nature of the Constitution
  • Name of the applicant 
  • Nature of account.
  • Allied activities of the applicant
  • Authorized capital, in case of a limited company.
  • Feedback of the applicant in brief. 

Remember that the bank certificate is confidential document that usually being delivered in a sealed packing. Such a certificate typically exhibits the applicant’s credibility in terms of repayment, obligations, and relationship with the bank. The positive review certainly boosts the applicant’s chances of being approved by the authority, particularly in case of government[1] license.

Copy of Import-Export Code

IEC (Import Export Code) is one of the key documents required for the APEDA Registration. It is availed by those who wish to initiate their import-export business in India. DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade) is the only body that reserves the right for the issuance of such a code in India. IEC number is essentially a ten-digit code that comes with lifetime validity. Cross border movement of goods is simply not possible in the absence of the IE code.

To avail of the IE code, the applicant needs to apply for the Aayaat Niryaat Form no. 2A format and submit to the regional office of DGFT. Remember, the completely filed application needs to go along with the requested documents that you will find on the form itself. Once you satisfied the aforesaid requirement, visit the online platform of DGFT to submit the required fee for IEC registration. After a successful verification process, the authority will grant the IEC Code in a soft copy to the applicant.

When IEC Certification is required?

  • An importer wants to clear the shipments from custom.
  • An importer wants to send the shipments.
  • An exporter receives the overseas currency
  • An exporter wants to send the shipments.  

In order to avail of the IEC Registration, the applicant has to arrange the following documents.

  • Individual‘s copy of Permanent account number (PAN)
  • Individual‘s Aadhar card or Voter ID or passport copy. 
  • Cancel cheque of the current bank account
  • Copy of utility bill or rent agreement of the business premises.

Bank Statement

Applicant seeking APEDA registration must submit the Bank statement for the last months. The authority requires such a deliverable for identifying the applicant’s candidature in terms of financial standing.

Cancel Cheque

Cancelled Cheque is kind of a typical document that is required to submit a government-based application. Before forwarding the copy of the same, make sure it is not expired or outdated by the bank.

Key Points Regarding the APEDA Registration

  • APEDA registration remains active for five years i.e. after this timeline it will be expired.
  • In case of violation of laws, the authority reserves the right to cancel the registration on any legitimate grounds. 
  • If possible, hire a professional to overcome the complexities of the registration process. 
  • The cost of availing for new APEDA registration is five thousand rupees. 
  • The APEDA Act is confined to edible item only and it doesn’t encompasses any product other than schedule product.


Documentation play is a vital role in any registration process or government license. If your documents are not up to the mark then there is no point authority can approve your request. Thus; you need to pay extra attention to the accuracy of the information that you were going to embed in your documents. In any case, if you need any help on this topic i.e. documents required for the APEDA Registration, feel free to communicate with CorpBiz’s professionals. 

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