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Skill Mapping: Government deployed new portals to combat Unemployment

calendar13 Jul, 2020
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Skill Mapping

Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy has claimed the unemployment rate in India is escalating rapidly. With 27% of unemployed people on board, the country is now under the massive pressure of creating new job opportunities for needy ones. According to the fact, approx. 120 million people are already facing this unprecedented crisis. Migrants and daily wage workers have been the hardest hit. However, in this blog, we have emphasized skilled workers left unemployed due to this pandemic. We objectively go through the different benefits that Skill Mapping and related schemes offer to the unemployed persons.

Which groups of workers are more exposed to unemployment?

The following groups of workers are more exposed to unemployment are as follows:-

groups of workers are more exposed to unemployment

Self-employed persons

With a minimum scope of savings in the informal economy, these people are the primary victims of this relentless crisis. This segment of the economy is also facing a scarcity of alternatives as far the job opportunities are concerned. The notion of work from home doesn’t fit here.

  • A worker engaged with small establishments for employment, professionals such as beauticians, painters, drivers, technicians.
  • Electricians, tailor, and labor are working in a niche business.

Unemployed Indians from abroad

Covid-19 has forced the government to recall its native citizen from abroad due to the escalating unemployment rate. In May and June 2020, the government, throughout its Vande Bharat Mission, has evacuated approx. five lakh Indians via airways and sea routes.

Thousands of outbound migrants from UAE, Mauritius, Singapore, and Malaysia have already been sent to India. Fewer opportunities, deteriorating business growth, and limited liquidity have worsened the situation even more. The companies pan India are under the enormous pressure of raising capital to support their existing staff and as well as their productions. 

Skill Mapping in India

Through skill mapping, the government aims to establish a bonding between people’s skill and employment opportunities through the database. The database will be set up under the guidance of government departments, consulting industry associations, and employers seeking immediate recruitment of the workforce. It would help the organization to pinpoint perfect candidates every time for corresponding job requirements. 

SWADES for Indians working abroad

SWADES for Indians working abroad

SWADES stands for Skilled Workers Arrival Database for Employment Support. This government-oriented initiative will be used for skill mapping, w.r.t the citizens coming from abroad. The initiative has been set up by the collaborative effort of ministries of skill development & entrepreneurship, civil aviation and external affairs,

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What are the Steps to access the portal?

Step 1 – Those overseas workers seeking jobs via the government portal can navigate to and fill-up the form.

Step 2 – Once you explore the form, you will come across details such as

  • Educational qualification
  • Work sector
  • Total work experience
  • Designation
  • Contact details.

Step 3 – After the completion of the form, a Swades Skill Card will issue to you. Make use of the toll-free number 1800 123 9626, just in case if you need any assistance, regarding the same.

State-based Skill Mapping

  • Many states are now setting up their skill mapping portals due to the escalating number of migrants.
  • The best example of State-based Skill Mapping is the Madhya Pradesh Rozgar Setu portal. This particular portal has been flooded with seven lac job applications from different fields such as paramedics, appliance repairers, automobiles, and IT.
  • Users who wish to access this portal can reach out for the following URL address. .
  • UP government is working on its promise to recruiting about 20 lac migrant workers. This will eventually set up a robust skill development portal accessible at-

How Skill Mapping locate a job?

Since skill mapping is purely based on the latest algorithm that assesses the worker’s key attributes, it can pinpoint relevant jobs in no time. The Ministry of MSME, aka Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises has specified skill requirements for specific sectors such as-

Textile and Clothing Industry

Skills required – Power loom, Fashion Design, Sewing Machine Operators, Apparel Manufacturing, Knitwear Manufacturing, QA, and operators.

Building and Construction Industry

Skills required – Plumbers, painters, electricians, crane operators, welders, painters, and masons.

Electronics and IT Hardware and Software

Skills required – Consumer Electronics Manufacturing, Computers, Servicing/ After Sales Support of electronics goods, Telecom, infrastructure Management, End-to-End Solutions, Telecom, BPO, and KPO.

Utilizing Skill-up-gradation portals

The government has launched an online learning portal known as Swayam for citizens of India. Here, users can access wide bandwidth of programs and sharpen their skills for better job opportunities. Users can head over to to access this portal.

The portal provides a wide array of courses based on electronics, science, animation, art, etc. The portal renders plenty of niche courses such as event management, beauty services, aircraft propulsion, etc. The courses accredited by the government are free and only seek certificate fees.


COVID 19 has forced the countries to revamp their economic infrastructure. With the employment rate sinking rapidly, the government is coming up with the new initiative and program to avert the impact of this pandemic. The program mentioned above seems to have the potential to create ample jobs for the needy ones.

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