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Penalty for not Taking NOC Fire Department Delhi

calendar25 Feb, 2020
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Due to violation of safety rules, fire accidents now usually happen in office premises, commercial buildings, in fact, in the residential building also. A Fire accident can cause damage to the property, vehicles and personal injuries and loss. To avoid the mishappening it is of utmost importance to obtain a NOC from the Fire department. Fire Department goes through a thorough and detailed investigation to avoid such accidents by revealing the construction or designing defect of the building.

Importance of NOC from Fire Department

Taking into consideration the loopholes and to protect the property and life of people, the Bylaws were adopted in a notification of the Delhi department in the year 1983. Before starting any trading activity or business, it is required to take a permit from NOC Fire Department Delhi. Non-Compliance of Fire license can result in heavy penalties.

In this topic, we will discuss necessity of NOC, By- laws governing the Fire Department as well as what are the penal provisions for not taking NOC from Fire Department;

What can cause Fire Accidents and how it can be prevented?

Various reasons that can cause Fire Accidents are as follows:

Human Error and the Negligence

The major cause of Fire Accidents is Human Error. Human Error and negligence often results in fire accidents like-Leaving the switch on, Ignorance in taking the safety measures which can cause Fire accident like -not installing the fire extinguisher in the working area, not following the instructions related to smoking restrictions, and not locating the flames in a correct place.

However, it is important to take prevention strategies like -proper planning, execution of the safety measure and proper installation of equipment. The main requisite that is required to be done is to take a permit from Fire Department. The workers should be well train and knowledgeable about the use of equipment because a small mistake can result into more serious issues.

Ignorance while using Flammable and Ignitable materials

Thousands of chemicals is used as Flammable and Ignitable products. Ignorance, while using the Flammable and Ignitable products results in a high risk of fire. To avoid the fire accident caused by these materials, it is important to follow the OSHA guidelines.

Break Down of Electrical Wires

Most of the cases related to fire accidents are because of the breakdown of electrical wires. Major fire related works are dependent upon electrical fire as it is a common source of ignition for major fire. The only way to avoid the fire accident with electrical fire is to establish an electrical safety program.

All employees should be train and aware of the safety measures for their particular jobs, and they should be well aware of how to use the tools and equipment properly. Additionally, before using the electrical cords, it must be properly checked. Damage or deteriorated materials should not be used as they can cause fire accidents. Fire Department helps in imparting training to the employees and provides all the safety measures to avoid fire accidents.

NOC Fire Department Delhi

The State fire Department of Delhi issue NOC Fire Department Delhi that verifies and inspect the activities that can cause the fire accident. After inspecting all the aspects, the department issues the fire NOC. The main motive of issuing the NOC is to stop fraudulent practices like using damaged or deteriorated products that can cause fire accidents. The department scrutinize all the requisite process and documents before entering into any property agreement.

Why is it necessary to obtain NOC Fire Department?

Any person seeking a trade license or an occupancy certificate from the civic body in the state is required to obtain Fire License.

Further, any person carrying out businesses and trading activities, as listed under the Department of Fire Services is required to obtain the NOC .

Further, the building with multi-stories of more than 15 meters in height is required to obtain the NOC from the state Fire Department.

NOC Fire Department

What are the regulatory laws governing NOC from Fire Department?

The regulations governing the fire License are covered under the ambit of the 12th Schedule of the Constitution of India which comes under the purview of the various municipalities.

The protection and prevention of fire activities are governed by the state governments under the State Regulations or Municipal By-Laws. Until the introduction of a new Act, it was regulated by the Delhi Fire Prevention and Fire Safety Act, 1986.

Note: Currently, the provisions concerning fire safety in Delhi are governed by the Delhi Fire Services Act, 2007 and Delhi Fire Service Rules, 2010.

Procedure for obtaining the NOC Fire Department Delhi

  • For obtaining the NOC from Fire Department of Delhi, an applicant can apply either online or offline. For online application, an applicant can apply through the official website of the respective state. While, in case of offline application, an application shall be submitted to the CFO or Fire service department for obtaining NOC.

Further, in case of both online and offline application, the application shall be accompanied by the following documents-

  1. Building Layout Plan which includes a site plan, layout plan, and Building model.
  2. Id and Address Proof of the Applicant.
  3. Photograph of the building.
  4. Verification document by the recognized authorized related to the electrical wiring and the quality of products. It shall also include the checklist of the building prepared by the Architect.
  • The relevant application, along with the above-mentioned documents, is forwarded by the CFO officer to Inspector of the respective state.
  • The inspector will visit the premise and inspect the necessary equipment necessary for fire safety.
  • After inspecting all the arrangements, the inspector of the fire brigade of the respective state shall issue the NOC. The validity of the NOC shall remain valid for 3 years in case of commercial building and 5 years in case of a residential building.

Penalty for not obtaining NOC from Fire Department

The penalty for not taking the NOC is not specifically defined but non-compliance results in various penal provisions and imprisonment. Recently, the fire department has issued the list of buildings both commercial and residential which have not renewed the NOC (Fire safety license) and have violated the laws.

In case of delay in renewal of NOC, the below mentioned charges should be levied-

  • No charge in case of delay for less than 7 days
  • In case of delay for more than 7 to 15 days, Rs 5 per day
  • In case of delay above 15 days, Rs 15 per day


The fire department does not charge any fees for issuing Fire NOC with a view to ensure safety to the public. The department normally takes around 25-30 days to issue fire NOC if all the information along with the requisite documents provided by the applicant is correct. NOC is issued for the following categories like-Commercial building, residential building, Institutes, Hotels, Industrial building, etc.

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