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How to Register Digital Signature Certificate on the GST Common Portal?

calendar21 Feb, 2021
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GST Common Portal For DSC Registration

Are you having trouble registering Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) on the GST common portal? Don’t worry; this guide will help you out. GST portal facilitates three different options for the authentication of users on its platform.

These options include Digital Signature Certificate, Electronic Signature, and Electronic Verification Code. Before we guide you through the detail regarding DSC’s registration process on the Goods and services Tax common portal, let us get familiar with some fundamental aspects relating to DSC.

What is the Significance of Electronic Signature?

As the term suggests, electronic signatures refer to web-based signatures that help sign the documents electronically. However, its utilization is limited to the Aadhaar cardholder only. The e-signing of documents on the GST common portal requires the taxpayer’s authentication via One Time Password (OTP).

What is the Relevancy of Electronic Verification Code?

Electronic Verification Codes are primarily used to authenticate the taxpayer on the GST common portal via a one-time password. The portal will send the one-time password to the registered email id and the taxpayer’s phone number for identity validation. A valid Aadhaar card is compulsory in addition to the registered contact number for those who intend to avail Electronic Verification Code.

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Why Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is Important in Current Scenario?

A Digital Signature Certificate is a digitized manifestation of paper or physical certificates. The certificate primarily acts as a legal identification proof for the individual who intends to undertake some delicate tasks. Besides, it can be further utilized to share confidential information or access sophisticated online services.

The primary objective of a Digital Signature Certificate is to legally authenticate the individual at the time of e-signing the important documents. DSC generally refers to the digitized version of an individual’s handwritten signatures. The government has mandated the use of DSC for the enrollment of companies under different Act. DSC mitigates the possibility of manually signing the document and application during the company enrollment procedure.

Who can obtain Digital Signature Certificate?

Below is the tabular representation that encloses the list of eligible individuals who are permitted to avail of the DSC as per the bylaws.

Authorized Bodies Representative
Hindu Undivided Family Karta
Partnership Managing Partner
Trust Registration Managing Trustee
LLP / Company Authorized Signatories, with due authorization from the LLP / board of the company
Society Authorized signatories, with due authorization from the management committee
Statutory Body Authorized Signatories
Local Authority Authorized Signatories
Government Department Authorized Signatories

Procedure to Followed to obtain Digital Signature Certificate

Any certifying authority operating within the Indian Territory can provide individuals with a Digital signature certificate. To avail of this certificate, an individual has to fill an application form and enclosed the requested documentation.

An applicant has to pay a prescribed application fee to obtain a DSC from the certified authority. Agencies with valid licenses u/s 24 of the Indian IT-Act, 2000 are eligible to grant DSC to the applicants.

Step by Step Instructions to Register DSC on the GST Common Portal

Before registering the DSC on the GST common portal, the applicant has to download and then install a utility application named as e-designer. To download this application, the applicant requires visiting the ‘Register DSC’ page.

All privately-held companies, overseas firms, public limited companies, public sector undertakings, LLPs & overseas LLPs are required to avail DSC. The applicant seeking new registration of DSC on the GST common portal has to follow the instructions underneath carefully.

  • Visit the official GST common portal and explore the option viz “REGISTER NOW”.
  • Next, opt for the option “TRN” aka Temporary Reference Number.
  • Enter the TRN you receive on the same page and click on the “Proceed” tab. 
  • Enter the OTP received on your registered mobile phone and email ID in the relevant fields. Please note the OTP stays valid for 10 minutes only.
  • Hit the ‘PROCEED’ option.
  • Click the option viz “Services”.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu, opt for the option named ‘User Services’ followed by ‘Register / Update DSC Command.’

Procedure for Registering Existing DSC on the GST Common Portal

  • Open the GST portal from your web browser and provides the legit detail to sign in.
  • Opt for ‘My Profile’> ‘Register / Update DSC’
  • A new window related to Register Digital Signature Certificate’ shall open where you were required to select ‘PAN of Authorised Signatory’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the PAN linked with the authorized signatory seeking registration.
  • Select the option ‘I have downloaded and installed the signer checkbox’ by placing a checkmark in the box located adjacent to the same.
  • Opt for the Proceed option and choose the certificate.
  • Once done, select the Sign option.
  • A message will be promoted on your computer screen stating, “Your DSC has been successfully registered”.

How to Update DSC on the GST Common Portal?

After obtaining the renewed DSC, it has to be updated on the GST common portal. Make sure to carefully follow the given instructions to serve this purpose:

  • Go to the GST common portal.
  • Enter the legit credential to log in to the portal successfully.
  • Select My profile> Register / Update DSC’
  • Now, you will redirect to the new page related to ‘Register Digital Signature Certificate.’
  • Select ‘PAN of Authorised Signatory’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the PAN[1] linked with the authorized signatory seeking registration.
  • Select the option viz “Update” to proceed further. 
  • The confirmation shall prompt on your screen. Select the ‘CONTINUE’ option.
  • Choose the certificate & click on the Sign option.
  • The notification stating DSC has been successfully updated shall appear on your screen.


DSC adheres to the utmost importance for an individual or company who intends to handle delicate documentation works online.  DSC ensures end-to-end security while accessing encrypted services online and permits individuals to sign the document electronically while dealing with legal or registration-related matters.

All in all, DSC is a must-have requirement that should be availed by all individuals, particularly working in a legal framework and dealt with documentation work quite frequently. Hopefully, from now onwards, you do not face any trouble while registering DSC on the GST common portal.

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