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What is the Process to Obtain Food License for Herbalife in India?

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Food License for Herbalife in India

In today’s life, people are more conscious about their health as well as appearance. At the present time, everybody concentrates on leading a healthy life but due to chaotic plans, it has become very difficult to get all the nutrition required by the body. Likewise, it is essential to look after your weight, which has become a major concern for the individuals. In this Blog, we will learn about the Food License for Herbalife.

Importance of Balance Diet in Your Daily Routine

A proper nutrition and balanced diet provides the desirable portion of the fuel that is required for the daily routine activities and to preserve good health of any person. But maximum number of the people does not get the essential nutrition from their daily meals as they miss their meals or consume junk food that does not deliver necessary amount of nutrition. Because of this reason, people feel low and are unable to achieve their fitness goals.

To keep up the good health and attain their daily nutritional necessities the mainstream of people consumecountless energy drinks, health supplements, and other nutritionalitems with their meals to fulfil the required nutrition.

What do you understand by Herbalife?

Herbalife is a business corporation that is famous for supply Global nutrition as well as weight management. Herbalife offers a varied range of weight management, nutritional productsas well as products for personal care. The company was established in 1980 by Mark Hughes[1].

The company offers complete and the highest quality science-based products for everyday nutritional supplies. The enterprise sells its products universally and has a large base of customers. The aim of Herbalife is to change the life of people by providing the best quality weight-management and nutritional supplies across the world and provides the opportunity to earn extra income by selling directly to the customers. There is a need for a Food License for Herbalife.

Herbalife makes nutritional supplies usingfiber, vitamins, and protein to supplement a balanced diet and maintain an active and healthy life. This company is amongst the top companies that offer nutrition and weight-management products that range from healthy snacks, energy drinks, protein shakes and other personal care products.

Herbalife has instituted a Nutrition Advisory Board (NAB) that consist of the leading specialists in the fields of health as well as nutrition who help instruct and train independent Associates on the values of nutrition and healthy life.

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What is the Role of FSSAI in Maintaining the Standards of Herbalife?

Today, most of the end customers have become health conscious and before purchasing any food product they make sure that the product they are consuming is free of contamination or adulteration and prepared by maintaining the hygiene standards.

Since the customers are becoming more aware so they wish to purchase the food product that is permitted by the FSSAI authority. It is authoritative for the Food Business Operators to get the approval for manufacturing the products and the license to initiate food business in India. Food license for Herbalife is important and mandatory.

The FSSAI make sure that the food business operators acquire the food license.The licenses is provided to only those food products that are of good quality & good for health, and not damage the health of the consumers. There are numerous standards laid down by FSSAI to avoid the chances of any sort of violation. Before the final launch of any food product in the market every product has to go through a careful quality check and then only attains the license to import the products.

If the company is unable to fulfil the requirements of FSSAI and provide adequate documents for safety assessment test then the product of the FBOs can be rejected by the relevant authority. In the past few years, the products of many top Food Business Operators were forbidden because of the presence of the ingredients that are hazardous for consumption and did not match the food safety compliance by the FSSAI. For this reason, the establishments are required to follow the FSSAI norms stringently to acquire the license and product approval beforelaunching that food product directly in the market. Similarly, FSSAI is framed to make sure the safety of the end consumer. FSSAI can also punishes the FBOs that does not abide by the rules and fulfil the requirements as mentioned in the act.

How to Obtain a Food License for Herbalife in India?

The FSSAI import license is authoritative and all the FBOs that imports their products should apply for the Food License for Herbalife as provided under the act:-

How to Obtain a Food License for Herbalife in India

Food Business Operators like the importers, large manufacturers, 100% export oriented units, operators in the agencies of Central Government airports requires a Central FSSAI License, which is issued by the Central Government. It is basically for the units who are having an annual turnover that is higher than INR 20 crores. The validity of this type of license is 5 years. Herbalife is aglobal company and it requires to acquire a central license as it may have a turnover more than INR 20 crores.

Procedure for Acquiring a Central License 

The process to obtain a Central License as a type of food license for Herbalife are as follows-

  • Based on your capability, if you find suitable for the central food license, you will be forwarded to the central licensing online page. There you will fill out the complete application form.
  • Ensure that the name of the food products that you have listed should be approved products as per the FSSAI Act.
  • If you desire to add a new product in your list, then get on the ‘select food category’ and from the pop-up menu, select the category of food.
  • You can upload the application form using the electronic signature. Also download a copy of the application form easily from FSSAI website. 

Documents Required to Obtain a Food License for Herbalife in India

  • Duly completed and signedForm B
  • Plan of the processing unit
  • List of Partners or Owners & the Directors with the address, contact number, and photo ID
  • Apparatus and Machinery list to be organized with the number andcapacity
  • Food Categories list to be produced
  • Authority letter from the Manufacturer
  • Report Analysis of water to be used in the manufacturing process
  • Source of raw material
  • Recall plan
  • Supporting document for proof of turnover as well as transportation
  • Proof of Possession of Premises
  • NOC from the municipality or local body
  • Partnership Deed or affidavit of proprietorship
  • NOC and License copy from the manufacturer
  • Ministry of Commerce Certificate for 100% EOU
  • NOC&PA document issued by FSSAI
  • Import ExportCode document issued by DGFT
  • Form IX
  • Declaration form
  • Food safety management system plan or certificate
  • Certificate from Ministry of Tourism

Why Central License is Important to Register for Herbalife?

  • The buyers are very much attentive and informed about the quality of the food that they consume. Due to several options of good and healthy food accessibility, the customers wants to know about the contents of what they are consuming. Whether it is protected, adulteration-free or really of good quality.
  • Moreover, new arguments of some renowned brands manufacturing and distributing poor quality food or using harmful some ingredients, the customers are focusing on the standards of food safety requirements. In such case, the Food business operators having Food License has an additional benefit of a firm and faithful customer base.
  • On receiving the certificate, you can use the FSSAI logo to improve sales of your food products and goodwill. You can also promote and broadcast the superior quality of your product. This provides you with an advantage over those companies that are operating without an FSSAI registration. FSSAI logo is a mark of validity as well as assurance to the consumers. Careful and consciousconsumers prefer to buy hose products that own the FSSAI logo.
  • An FSSAI License will help in the procedure of applying for and obtaining bank loans that can boost growth of your business.


The FSSAI import license is authoritative and all the FBOs that imports their products should apply for the Food License for Herbalife as provided under the act. The importer has to attain the No objection certificate from FSSAI department to import any food product in India.

The Food Business Operator can visit the FSSAI website to apply for the license. If the Food Business Operator fulfils all the necessities as required then they are provided with the food license by the statutory authority. Contact our professionals at Corpbiz for hassle free FSSAI Registration.

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