What is the Process of Registering Marriage in Delhi under Hindu Marriage Act?

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Marriage Registration in Delhi

Most individual cares about menus, wedding avenues, & wardrobes as compared to the legal side in getting married to someone.  But, most of the people were unaware of the exact process and the most important elelment of registering a marriage in NCR. 

While it is simple to feel overwhelmed because you are immensely busy planning your destination wedding, it is always better to keep in mind that obtaining a valid certificate is also an essential aspect of getting married.

Henceforth, here is the detailed procedure on how to apply for marriage registration in Delhi online. Furthermore, you can apply for web-based marriage registration in Delhi on the official Government portal.

Eligibility for Availing Marriage Certificate in NCR

All marriages where were solemnized in the Delhi region fall under the Delhi (Compulsory Registration of Marriage) Order, 2014 regardless of creed, caste, or religion of the spouses involved. But there some prerequisite which has to be fulfilled if a marriage is to be registered within National Capital Region (NCR). Hence, here’s a look at eligibility criteria for obtaining a marriage certificate in Delhi:-

  • Either spouse belongs to the Delhi region or has resident proof within Delhi. 
  • The marriage is solemnized in Delhi. 
  • Under Hindu Marriage Act, couples who are about to get married must be an Indian national and should belong to a religion such as Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, or Jain.
  • Neither should have a legal spouse while applying for a second marriage. 
  • Both must render valid consent without external force or aggression.
  • The minimum age of getting married under the said Act is 21 and 18 for males and females, respectively. 
  • The past of the spouses should be free from any prohibited relationship unless the custom is allowed by law. 

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General Course of Action for Registering Marriage in Delhi 

  • Submit the Marriage application form at the Marriage Office. Also, furnish the requested documents. 
  • The court & the office will then examine these documents. 
  • The presence of at least one witness is essential for registering a marriage.
  • Upon signing the required documents, the marriage office will then grant a marriage certificate. 

What is the Fee Structure for Registering a Marriage in Delhi? 

The fee structure for registering a marriage in Delhi is as follow:-

  • Rs 100 if you seek a marriage certificate under Hindu Marriage Act.
  • .Rs. 150 if the spouses follow the Special Marriage Act.
  • The fees will be payable to the cashier, & attach a receipt of the same to the form you furnished in the registrar’s office. 

What are the Documents Needed for Registering a Marriage in Delhi? 

Let’s have a look at the essential documents for registering a marriage in Delhi online. After the web-based registration, it is necessary to visit the concerned authority to submit these documents, which are as follows:-

  • Application form
  • Age Proof: Passport, Matriculation Certificate, or Birth Certificate.  
  • Address Proof 
  • Aadhar card
  • Affidavit in the prescribed format. 
  • Two passport size photos of the applicant. 
  • One marriage photograph.
  • Marriage invitation card
  • A witness having a valid PAN and Aadhar Card. 
  • Attested divorce declaration or certificate of death if it is a second marriage.  
  • A certificate of conversion, if applicable. 

Detailed Procedure for Registering a Marriage under Hindu Marriage Act

Procedure for Registering a Marriage under Hindu Marriage Act

Couples belong to religion like Hindu, Jain, Buddhist, or Sikh can register under the Hindu Marriage Act. Furthermore, Sikhs may opt to register their marriage as per the Anand Marriage Act. This process is more or less similar to the one followed using the Hindu Marriage Act. The following is the procedure for registering a marriage as the Hindu Marriage Act: 

  • Arrange all the above documents. 
  • Create the Affidavit in a predetermined format. 
  • Submit the application along with requested documents to the marriage registrar’s office.
  • Book an appointment for an in-person appearance of the couples and witnesses visiting and click on the Make Appointment with DM’.
  • Complete the registration formalities on this portal. 
  • Select the appropriate location as per geographic jurisdiction.
  • Fill in all the required details and select the ‘Registration of Marriage Certificate’ option.
  • Fill up the relevant details in the blank field and select the appointment date. 
  • The portal will then generate the acknowledgment slip reflecting the information related to the appointment date. 
  • Make sure to take the print of this slip. 
  • Complete the remaining formalities at the registrar’s office. 

Process for Marriage Registration under Special Marriage Act

Individuals who belong to a religion other than Hindu, Sikh, Jain, or Buddhist can register the marriage as the Special Marriage Act. But, the registration process under this Act takes a little over 30 days. The following instruction will let you complete the formalities regarding the marriage registration under the Special Marriage Act:-

  • Arrange the requested documents. 
  • Prepare an Affidavit as per the standard format. 
  • Submit the form along with requested documents to the registrar office
  • Book an online appointment through the method mentioned above. 
  • Reach out to the marriage registrar’s office.
  • The authority will then issues a notice and make it publically available to invite any objection. The notice will remain available for 30 days. 
  • If no objection is encountered in the given time frame, then another appointment shall be booked.
  • Following the in-person appearance and verification of documents, the marriage certificate will be issued by the registrar office


A marriage certificate is beneficial for obtaining a passport, work permit, visa, etc. if the spouse lives aboard. It also helps in availing bank deposits, insurance benefits, family pension, etc.  Apart from that, a marriage certificate renders complete protection against wrongful denial of marriage by either of the spouses.

Marriage Certificate overcome uncertainty related to the date & authenticity of the marriage in the event of disputes between the spouses concerning dowry, divorce, maintenance & other scenarios. 

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