How to File a Complaint in RERA Delhi?

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With the notification of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act 2016 (RERA) provisions in Delhi (by the Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation) on March 26, 2016, the Interest of the home buyers now stands protected as one can easily file a complaint in RERA Delhi. RERA Delhi ensures greater transparency, clarity, accuracy, and accountability in the Real Estate Transactions and applies to exist projects and new projects after obtaining RERA Registration.

A Complaint in RERA Delhi

The RERA complaint in Delhi can also be filed before the following three authorities based on the grievance’s nature:

RERA Authority

In case of violation of the RERA Act and RERA Rules, the aggrieved Buyer, Builder, or Agent can file the complaint to the Delhi RERA Authority in Form M.

RERA Adjudicating officer

In case of matter of loss or damage incurred due to incorrect or by false information in the prospectus, and loss or damage due to any defect in structure or defect in a provision of the services or loss because of the delay in completion of the project the Aggrieved person being the Buyer, Builder or Agent can file a complaint in Form N.

RERA Tribunal

Any person aggrieved by Delhi RERA Authority and RERA Adjudicating officer may approach Delhi State RERA Tribunal by filing an Appeal in Form L.

RERA Tribunal

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Process for Filing Complaint in RERA Delhi

Step 1: Click on a “File Complaint” link under the “Complaint” tab on the web portal and create your login ID with the user type as “Complainant.” Fill all the required information and click on the “Create User” button. The confirmation email with a link will be sent to the email ID provided by a user. Click on to the link in order to verify and activate the user account.

Step 2: Log in to the web portal with a user name and password set in the previous step and complete it by going to “My Profile” section. This is the one-time activity, and multiple complaints can be filed through the same profile.

Step 3: Select a type of complaint that the user requires to file with the Authority. The complainant’s particulars must be auto-filled based on any information provided in a “My Profile” section.

Step 4: Fill all required information in a selected form. In each field, there have been provided for a user’s assistance.

Step 5: Pay the required complaint registration fee online, which stands to be Rs. 1000 per complaint for which a debit card or credit card or bank account with net banking facility must be required.

Step 6: Upload the relevant documents related to the complaint. If the legal practitioner is representing the complainant, a Vakalatnama in the prevailing format must be required to be uploaded. The same must be downloaded from the Documents tab of a web portal.

Step 7: Submit a complaint by clicking on the “Submit” button and note down the complaint reference number for future references.

Important Details mentioned in RERA Delhi complaint

The Complaint in RERA Delhi is filed in the prescribed Form M, Form N, or Form L basis; the complaint is to be filed. The Complaint to the RERA Tribunal shall be in the form of an Appeal against any order passed by the RERA Authority or the RERA Adjudicating Officer.

The following details must be included while drafting the RERA complaint:

  • The name, address and other details of the buyer
  • Address of the project
  • Registration number of the property
  • The facts and statements relating to the delay in the property
  • The response of the project developer
  • The relief sought from the RERA Authority

The complaint is filed with the RERA Delhi office and a prescribed fee (different fees are prescribed for different forms as per the Delhi RERA Rules). Any complaint or appeal filed under RERA shall be disposed of within a period of 60 days from a date of receipt of an application by the RERA Authority. Suppose any such application could not be disposed of within the said period of 60 days. In that case, the Authority must record its reasons in writing for not disposing of the Application within that period.

When to File a Complaint in RERA Delhi?

A buyer may file a complaint with the RERA Authority for any violation or contravention of the RERA Act’s[1] provisions by a builder, promoter, developer, or real estate agent. Conditions under which a buyer can file the RERA complaint include:

  • Delay in Possession
  • False Advertisement
  • When a buyer made an Advance Payment
  • Improper Registration of a Project
  • No correct details about the project
  • Structural Defects
  • Defects Ownership Transfer


In addition to ensuring greater transparency, the RERA Authority also ensures the registration of the Real Estate projects and the Real Estate Agents. The most important functions of the RERA Authority is the redressal of the complaints made by the Homebuyers, Agents, and Builders and to check the unethical and immoral practices in the Real Estate Sector. Corpbiz offers advice in matters connected to the development and promotion of the Real Estate Sector.

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