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What is the Complete Procedure to Check the IEC Application Status?

calendar20 Apr, 2021
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Procedure to Check the IEC Application Status

Import Export Code (IEC) certificate is mandatory for anyone who plans to start importing and exporting business in India. Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) is the authority under the Government of India to issue the IEC certificate. IEC is a number that is a ten digit code with a validity of lifetime. Primarily, the importers and exporters cannot import goods without the Import Export Code and similarly cannot avail the benefits from DGFT for the export scheme, without the IEC. IEC code application is to be applied to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade and the necessary supporting documents. In this article, let us know the complete procedure to check the IEC application status.

What is the Requirement of IEC Code?

Requirement of IEC Code
  • IEC code is required by the customs authorities when the importer will have to clear his shipments from the customs. 
  • IEC code is needed by the bank whenever the importer sends money abroad through banks.
  • Similarly, IEC Code is needed by an exporter when the exporter has to send his shipments to show the IEC Code to the customs port.
  • Whenever the exporter obtains money directly into his bank account in the foreign currency then it is required by the bank.

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How to Check the IEC Application Status?

The DGFT has implemented a new system to help the applicants in checking their IEC application status.

The DGFT received various complaints regarding cases where even after issuance of IEC by DGFT and the transmission of IEC data by the DGFT to ICEGATE (Customs), still the IEC code is not accepted by the ICEGATE (Customs) due to some transmission errors. Consequently, the IEC holder is then not able to export or import using that IEC and many IEC holders had to face difficulties in clearing customs.

Therefore, the DGFT came up with a facility to help the IEC holders to check their IEC Registration application status and also their transmission status to the ICEGATE. Hence, these are the two important IEC application statuses that applicants can check through the DGFT web-portal. The importer or the exporter can track the status of their import-export code registration by the use of this link. The two available options are:-

  • To ensure that the IEC has been registered at the DGFT headquarters- there is a PAN[1] based IEC check
  • To check and ensure that the IEC has reached the ICEGATE location:-for enabling this check the user will have to submit their IEC and also fill in the CAPTCHA as shown on the monitor.

The PAN number and the first three letters of the firm name shall be entered to check the IEC application status. Based on the displayed status the action that has to be taken is as mentioned below:-

S No Status Action to be taken
1 Application is received by the DGFT Wait for 4 days for the completion of the processing by RA
2 When the IEC application is  rejected To re-submit the application after making the corrections and complying with the shortcomings as raised by the RA. Fee payment is not necessary to pay again.
3 When IEC transmitted to ICEGATE, but the acceptance by ICEGATE is awaited To wait for 3 days for ICEGATE to successfully accept the IEC code
4 When the IEC is successfully registered at DGFT and IEC is accepted by ICEGATE So, IEC is ready for use

If status at 4th stage is not indicated, then the applicant is suggested to check the IEC application status at ICEGATE 3 and report the problem to DGFT, to avail further assistance if required. The IEC may be used to import or export goods only after it has attained status four as per the table above, that is, after it is registered by the DGFT and accepted by the ICEGATE.

How can you Check the IEC application Drawback Status?

  • Visit the ICEGATE portal, and then navigate to the Service tab and select the suitable user type from the given options provided there.
  • In the left side of the page, from the list of available services select the appropriate Drawback Enquiry.
  • Next, the users shall enter their PAN number, IEC code, location and date range in the application form.
  • After submitting the details, the applicant can check the IEC application status on View Drawback Status. Then the applicant shall choose between the Drawback Sanctioned and Drawback Pending to proceed further.
  • If there is any drawback against the shipping bill, it will be viewed under the Pending status and where the drawback amount has been accepted then it will be under the Sanction status.

How to Check the IEC Application Status at the DGFT Office?

  • Visit the ICEGATE portal and go to the Services tab and press on the suitable user type.
  • Select the Check IEC/BIN status from the given list of the available services.
  • To check the code that whether it reached the DGFT headquarters, click on the option of IEC from the first section of that form.
  • After clicking on this option, it will redirect to the DGFT’s website from there query can be raised for the IEC code verification status.
  • Still if the IEC details are not found, the applicant can contact either the ICEGATE or the DGFT Helpdesk, Team.


IEC Code is helpful to take the products or services to the international market and expand the scope of your business. Having an IEC code can be beneficial as it does not have an expiry date and it will result in hassle free import and export of the products. Therefore, the applicant must make sure to keep a check on the IEC application status.

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