NSIC Registration: Importance of NSIC Certificate

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NSIC Certificate

NSIC stands for National Small Industries Corporation is an ISO certified Enterprise under the Indian Government’s Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise. The (NSIC) National Small Industries Corporation fosters and promotes growth of the MSMEs in India. It operates all over the country with a help of the network, Technical Centres, and Offices.

What are the Objectives of NSIC?

The main objectives of NSIC are to promote India’s budding small businesses and provide help to Small Scale Industries (SSI). The National Small Industries Corporation objective includes the following items. Those are as follows:-

  • To enhance the corporate reach; this will ultimately result in the growth of business.
  • To achieve efficiency in operations and productivity and attain better profitability.
  • To help human resources in upgrading their skills.
  • To provide the safe and clean work environment.
  • To provide training to the trainees and help them in self-employment.

How to get NSIC Registration online?

The Manufacturing and Service Enterprises have their MSME Registration on the hands that are qualified for getting NSIC Registration Online. To get the registration, businesses with Udyog Aadhar enrollment can easily apply online by presenting an application at one of the NSIC offices.

How is the NSIC Certificate Obtained?

Once one has submitted the application, the NSIC Registration applies to the government will get approval along with the NSIC Certificate. The NSIC Registration Certificate concerning the Micro and Small Enterprise under Single Point Registration Scheme (Revised), 2003, will be valid for Two Years. It will be renewed after the expiry of the validity period.

Who are Eligible for NSIC Certificate in India?

Eligible for NSIC Certificate in India

Why is the NSIC Certificate Important?

The NSIC certificate is important as for the following things:

  • For supplying imported and indigenous machines and types of equipment to the Small Scale Industries on an easy installment basis;
  • For encouraging the Small Scale Industries in internal and export marketing of their products,
  • For assisting the Small Scale Industries in getting a fair share of government purchase by participating in the central government purchase program;
  • For imparting training to the skilled workmen and technicians;
  • For developing prototypes and the latest technology-based, machine tools and equipment and transfer of technical know-how for the production of such machines on a commercial basis; 
  • For testing and common servicing facilities to Small Scale Industries.

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NSIC Registration Process

The following is a procedure for NSIC Registration through online mode-

  • Visit to official website of the NSIC, i.e., http://www.nsic.co.in/Home
  • Click on “Online Registration”
  • Fill all the required details in the NSIC Registration form, and press save and proceed.
  • Complete the payment of NSIC Registration fees.
  • Lastly, click on the “submit” button for submitting an NSIC Registration Application Form.

The following is a procedure of the NSIC Registration through offline mode-

  • Download a copy of the NSIC Registration Application Form.
  • Fill all the Necessary Details.
  • Small & Medium Scale Enterprise is required to submit the NSIC Application frame alongside essential charges and reports to Zonal/Branch and Sub Office/Extension office of NSIC.
  • After sending the form to the concerned Inspecting office alongside duplicates of required archives and imperative Proofs/Draft/Pay Order of investigation charges for concerned Inspection Agency to do Technical Inspection of Micro and Small Enterprise.
  • After getting the Inspection Report, National Small Industries Corporation issue a Registration Certificate to MSME for things/stores as suggested.

Single Point Registration for Government Purchase

NSIC operates a Single Point Registration Scheme requires NSIC certificate under the Government Purchase Programme, wherein the registered small enterprises get purchase preference in Government Purchase Programme. The small enterprises registered under this Scheme get the following facilities:-

  • Issue of tenders free of cost.
  • Advance intimation of tenders issued.
  • Exemption from payment of the earnest money deposit.
  • Waiver of security deposit up to monetary limit for which the enterprise is registered;
  • Issue of competency certificate after due verification, in case the value of an order exceeds the monetary limit.

The Benefits for having NSIC Certificate in India

The following are the benefits of NSIC Certificate in India-

  • The issue of the NSIC Registration Certificate is free of cost.
  • Free from the installment of Earnest Money Deposit (EMD).
  • The MSMEs citing cost inside value band likewise is permitted to supply a segment up to 20% of prerequisites by cutting down their cost to L1 Price, in which L1 is non-MSMEs. 
  • Each Central Ministries/Departments/PSUs have to set the yearly objective of least 20 for every penny of the aggregate yearly buys of the items or administrations delivered or rendered by MSMEs. Out of yearly prerequisite of 20% acquirement from MSEs, 4% is reserved for units claimed by Schedule Caste/Schedule Tribes.


Marketing as a strategic tool for business development is critical to the growth and survival of the small enterprises in today’s intensely competitive market. NSIC acts as the facilitator to promote small industries’ products and has devised a number of schemes to support the small enterprises in their marketing efforts, both within and outside the country.

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