How to file a complaint in RERA Rajasthan?

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The Real Estate project in Rajasthan has shown immense business potential, and in the past few years, leading the real estate developers to start a business in the real estate sector. Properties covered under RERA Rajasthan are available at low prices, and this has become the attraction for both buyers and developers. With the development of a Real Estate Industry in Rajasthan, many cases of victimization of homebuyers have also come across. Now with an enactment of the RERA Act, 2016, the victims of the fraud can put their grievances before RERA Authorities.

To know about RERA Rajasthan

RERA is the set of laws, regulations, and authority by the Government to ensure (i) accountability, (ii) sustainability, (iii) grievance redressal, specifically for the real estate industry. The Real Estate (Regulations & Development) Act, 2016 was commenced from 1 May 2017. As required by the RERA Act, the State of Rajasthan has notified its final RERA Rajasthan Rules, 2017 on 01 May 2017 which prescribes regulation, form, and process of RERA Registration for the following:

RERA Registration

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How to Register?

Below are the steps to register in the RERA Rajasthan:

Step 1: Visit the RERA Rajasthan official website.  

Step 2: Select from a drop-down menu of ‘Online Registration’ and choose ‘Real Estate Project’ or ‘Real Estate Agent’ accordingly.

Step 3: It will be redirected to

Step 4: Select ‘Registration’ and choose ‘Citizen’ or ‘Udhyog’ or Government Employee accordingly.

Common Complaint before RERA Rajasthan

Some the common issues faced by a buyer which are being filed before RERA authority or before RERA adjudicating officer are as under:

  • Delay in possession of the Property
  • No refund from the Builder
  • No compensation for the delay as promised
  • Delay in registry
  • Unnecessary demand by builders
  • Non-payment of penalty for delay etc

Filing RERA Complaint in Rajasthan

RERA Complaint related to the Real Estate can be filed now with the authorities in RERA Rajasthan. The state rules enable the Homebuyers to seek for the recourse for their grievances. Rajasthan has launched its online portal, where homebuyers can file their complaint. Although the procedure is very simple professional assistance is very much required from a legal point of view.

The complaint can be filed before following RERA Rajasthan authorities depending upon the kind of grievance.

Complaint to the RERA Adjudicating Officer

Any complaint relating to claim of interest and compensation, are covered by sections12, 14, 18, and 19, of the RERA Act, 2016[1], can be filed in the Form ‘O’ before RERA Rajasthan Adjudicating officer. The complaint must be filed with the fees prescribed by Rs. 1000. The RERA Adjudicating officer must, after following the prescribed procedure, dispose of the complaint within 60 days of filing. In case it is not disposed of in the period, the officer has to record the reasons.

Complaint to RERA Rajasthan Authority –

  • Any complaint relating to violations of the RERA Act, or RERA Rules and regulations
  • Except those which can be filed with the RERA adjudicating officer,
  • It can be filed before the RERA Authority in Form N.
  • After paying a prescribed fee of Rs. 1000

The RERA Authority must, after following a prescribed procedure, dispose of the complaint within 60 days of filing. In case it is not disposed of in the period, the officer shall record the reasons.

Complaint to RERA Rajasthan Tribunal

RERA tribunal is a second appellate authority

  • Any person aggrieved by order of the RERA authority or an adjudicating officer
  • Can file a complaint to RERA Rajasthan Tribunal in Form M.
  • Within 60 days from a date of receipt of such order

After paying a prescribed fee of Rs. 1000, the RERA Tribunal shall, after following the prescribed procedure, dispose of the complaint within 60 days of filing. If it is not disposed of in the period, the officer shall record the reasons.

Process of filing complaint in RERA Rajasthan

Step1: Go to the grievance tab on the RERA Rajasthan portal through the website (, thereby selecting the option of complaining before RERA or under adjudicating authority.

Step 2: The form has to be filed online, for which the details need to be filled in the column of complaint against and mentioning that the project is registered in RERA Rajasthan or not.

Step 3: Details of a complainant, address, and contact number are the mandatory fields that need to be properly filled.

Step 4: The details of a respondent, address and details of the complaint mention the relief sought from RERA therein.

Step 5: After attaching the supporting documents, one has to make an online payment or bank draft of Rs. 1000 and then declaring and verifying his consent has to click the submit button.

Step 6: Retaining the complaint reference number for future use.

Real Estate Agent Registration Fee

Particulars Registration Fee
Individual   Rs.10,000
Other than Individual   Rs.50,000
Renewal of Registration of Real Estate Agent Individual: Rs.5000  Other than Individual: Rs.25000


The real estate sector has grown in past years but has largely been unregulated from consumer protection. Though consumer protection laws will be available, the recourse available therein is only curative, but not preventive. The RERA team of CorpBiz is very versatile and experienced. We at CorpBiz have in-depth and practical experience dealing with various issues and RERA litigation before different RERA authority. To name, some consultancy, are as under:

  • RERA Registration for Project and Agents
  • RERA Complaint Filing &Redressal
  • RERA Compliance
  • RERA Advisory
  • Appearance before RERA Authority
  • And other Advisory

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