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calendar03 Nov, 2021
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IP accelerator program

Securing a business name is a critical component, and it is wise to secure the name through trademark registration. It is essential to secure your Intellectual Property rights. If a business fails to secure the Trademark, they run the uncertainty of another company using the name. This can result in creating confusion among customers and can create legal issues.

Registering a business as a Company/LLP/ OPC or Partnership firm will offer some protection of the name. However, it’s not as considerable as the Trademark protection provides. To provide ease to the small and medium scale sellers, Amazon launches the IP Accelerator program in India to secure Trademark. In this write-up, we will discuss IP Accelerator Program launched by Amazon and how it will protect the brands and tackle Infringement on Amazon. in websites globally.

Analysis of IP Accelerator Program launched by Amazon

IP Accelerator program launched by Amazon will help the sellers (Small and medium-sized sellers) who are also Brand owners to protect and secure their trademark brands and handle infringement on Amazon. and Amazon websites globally.

The initiative will offer easy access to the sellers to get the services from intellectual property experts and law firms with whom they can connect to secure trademarks.

Amazon said-In general, it takes around 18-24 months to obtain a trademark registration with Intellectual Property India. The process is so time taking that the Brand owners, especially small and medium businesses, find it complex to go through the process on their own. 

But through the IP Accelerator program, the sellers can handle the trademark process by connecting with trusted IP law firms that are experts in the IPR[1] field. The experts have experience in drafting trademark and other IP registration applications. 

The motive why Amazon launches the IP Accelerator program was to help Small and Medium Businesses where they can communicate with the expert firms and can help the businesses in reducing the ordinary hurdles that could otherwise delay the process of Trademark registration.

Through IP Accelerator, a trademark applicant can choose Amazon in’s brand protection services to protect their brand and Intellectual Property on the marketplace. This initiative helps the business to protect its name before its trademark is officially registered.

How did the IP Accelerator launch by Amazon helps in enrolling Brand Registry?

“Intellectual Property rights are necessary for every kind of business to-

  • Differentiate the products, 
  • Earn customer trust and,
  • Grow their business.

IP Accelerator program launched by Amazon is supporting various small and medium-sized sellers in establishing IP protection. Also, it will help businesses in obtaining Intellectual Property rights and Brand protection in Amazon’s stores and can choose the law firms directly for the service of their choice.

If a business owner has a filed trademark application through an IP Accelerator, it will be able to register in Brand Registry and can avail various advantages mentioned below-

High brand protection – The IP Accelerator launched by Amazon will help in utilizing information that a person has provided about the brand to initiate protection. This initiative will help in identifying and eliminating potential Bad listings that could harm the brand and customers.

Influential search and Reporting mechanism – With the IP Accelerator, the applicant will have access to the Report. Also, it provides text and picture-based searching potentials and simplifies the process of common law trademark infringement. 

Enhanced benefits – Through IP Accelerator, trademark applicants can grow the business on Amazon by availing benefits of powerful tools designed for brands.

Connection with trusted IP law firms – IP Accelerator launched by Amazon helps in connecting businesses with an administrative network of credible IP law firms who will provide exclusive trademark registration services at nominal rates.


Apart from India, Amazon launched the IP Accelerator program in other countries like the US, Europe, Japan, Canada, and Mexico. In India, this program has received positive feedback and is exceptionally drawn to provide the advantage of easy accessibility of trusted legal services. With the help of the IP Accelerator launched by Amazon, Amazon keeps a check on the status of Trademark Applications. However, if the application is rejected, the business applicants will have inaccessibility to brand protection features for trademark applications.

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