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Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme in Tamil Nadu: Breaking Barriers

calendar21 May, 2024
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Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme in Tamil Nadu

A government initiative, the Inter-caste Marriage Scheme, aims to promote and facilitate unions of people from other castes. Its objective is to promote societal harmony, equality, and integration by providing inter-caste couples with a range of benefits and support.


In a nation long divided by caste boundaries, Tamil Nadu’s inter-caste marriage scheme, managed by the Social Justice Department, is a major step toward social equality and harmony. This progressive effort supports newlyweds by providing cash incentives, land, property, and gold for the bride’s ‘Mangalsutra’, encouraging marriages amongst individuals from diverse castes.

By offering these perks, the program supports couples financially and encourages social integration, especially for individuals from underrepresented groups. Reducing prejudice based on caste and promoting an inclusive society are the main goals. As a result, the program is essential to dismantling established social institutions and fostering togetherness, elevating Tamil Nadu to the forefront of India’s progressive social policies.

Necessary Documents Required for Inter-caste Marriage Scheme

The necessary documents required for the inter-caste marriage scheme are as follows – 

  • Marriage Certificate copy registered under either the Special Marriage Act, 1954, or the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. 
  • Address proof of marrying partners. For example – Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Passport, Voter ID, etc. 
  • Bride and Groom’s caste certificates are provided by any competent authority.
  • Certificate of income for the marrying partners, If any.
  • Educational documents of the marrying partners
  • Bride and Groom’s two passport-sized photos. 

Eligibility Criteria for Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme

The eligibility criteria for an inter-caste marriage scheme are as follows – 

  • The bride should have completed her education by the 10th standard. In the case where the bride belongs to the Scheduled Tribes, then she must have completed her education by the 5th standard. 
  • The bride should be above 10 years of age, and the groom should be 21 years old at the time of such marriage. 
  • Either the groom or bride should belong to any Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, and the other spouse must be from another community.                

Financial Benefits under the Intercaste Marriage Scheme

The financial benefits under the intercaste marriage scheme depend more on the educational competence of the couples. These aids are provided to the couples so that they can overcome the hardships they might have faced by doing intercaste marriage and to support them in beginning their lives with good enough financial assistance. These benefits are as follows – 

  • Cash assistance of Rs 25,000 to couples who have completed education up to higher secondary level and Rs 50,000 to couples who hold any diploma or are graduates.
  • The Bride and the Groom also get an 8-gram coin of 22-carat gold.
  • The couples who are facing financial difficulties get a monthly assistance of Rs 1000 till they complete their graduation degree. 

Some Additional Benefits under the Scheme

The couples registered under the inter-caste marriage scheme also get additional benefits, such as much-needed support to start their lives all over again if their families do not support the marriage. They get support from the government to make their family and its future safe and secure. These additional benefits under the scheme are – 

  • The couples benefit from free legal aid for their marriage registration or any other legal matter if they require it. 
  • The government also helps them by giving subsidies in housing options. This way, they can set up their own home to begin their future. 
  • These couples may even get scholarships if they want to pursue their studies further, and upon that, the children of this marriage specifically get scholarships in educational institutions.              

Scope of Financial Assistance

Look at the scope of Financial Assistance under the inter-caste marriage scheme – 

  • It initially provides basic monetary aid to couples, even with a gold coin of 8-carot.
  • It ensures that the couples do not face financial hurdles caused due to the possible societal impact and marriage in another caste. 
  • It ensures that the couples get basic graduation so that they are capable enough to start a family and lead a peaceful life free of financial hurdles. 

Application Procedure 

The application procedure under the scheme is not very complex. Here is the process – 

Step 1 

All the documents should be gathered to complete the documentation required for the application under the scheme. 

Step 2 

The applicant then has to apply online through the Common Service Centre by doing biometric verification.

Step 3 

The applicant must fill out the application form with all the details and attach the documents requested in the form. 

Step 4 

The applicant must take a receipt from the Common Service Centre, which should contain essentials like the time and date of application submission and a unique registration number.

Role of the Governmental Bodies

The governmental bodies play a major role in the success of the objective of the inter-caste marriage scheme. They, along with the controlling authority, take various measures so that more and more couples can be benefitted from the scheme. Some of their major functions are as follows – 

  • They are responsible for sharing information about the scheme and the ways to avail of its benefits.
  • They make sure that every applicant gets the application form and fills it properly as per the guidelines. 
  • They are responsible for the verification of the eligibility of the couples.
  • They process the application of the applicants.
  • They ensure all eligible couples registered under the scheme get the benefits while ensuring transparency in the disbursal.
  • They ensure that additional support is provided to the couples under its ambit. 

Awareness Programs by the Government

The government conducts many awareness programs and follows ways to inform the public about the scheme. These campaigns include – 

  1. Mass media campaigns: To spread the word about the effort and its benefits, use print media, radio, television, and social media. 
  2. Educative seminars and workshops: To teach youth the value of inter-caste harmony and equality, seminars and workshops should be held in local communities, colleges, and schools.
  3. Community involvement initiatives: Conduct awareness efforts in diverse communities to tackle customary and cultural obstacles with inter-caste marriages.
  4. Success stories and role models: To encourage and inspire others, highlight the experiences of prosperous inter-caste marriages.
  5. Cooperation with civil society groups and NGOs: To reach a wider audience and offer tailored support, collaborate with community-based organizations and NGOs.

Limitations of Financial Assistance

Before proceeding further, it is necessary to know the limitations of the financial assistance granted by the government under the inter-caste marriage scheme – 

  • This financial assistance granted by the government of Tamil Nadu is limited to one-time and first marriage only. 
  • The aid is not recurring; hence, the couple cannot overly depend on the government.
  • Financial assistance is given based on the educational qualifications of the couples. 
  • It does not cover long-term needs; hence, the aid should be utilized properly. 
  • The monthly assistance of Rs 1,000 is not given to every couple since it is only for those who are very poor. This aid depends on authorization from the authorities and is for a limited period. 

Challenges Faced by the Inter-Caste Marriage Scheme

The government faces certain challenges while implementing this scheme across the state. These are – 

Reach Constraint

The Inter-caste Marriage Scheme may not reach rural areas, where there is a great need for awareness and government help to promote inter-caste marriages. 

Societal Unacceptance

There is not enough acceptance of inter-caste marriages in society, and that becomes the biggest challenge to overcome and promote peace in society. 

Financial Constraints

The one-time financial assistance from the government might not be enough for couples to start a new life away from the family. 


Eligibility criteria determined by the government might lead to the exclusion of some deserving couples to get benefits out of the scheme. 


In Tamil Nadu, the Inter-caste Marriage Scheme is a trailblazing attempt to break down deeply ingrained caste barriers and advance social equality. By providing inter-caste couples with significant material and financial help, the scheme not only promotes social integration but also offers essential financial support. A more open and peaceful society may result from this initiative’s potential to promote acceptance and unity among varied cultures. Tamil Nadu sets a strong example for other areas by continuing to support such progressive policies, emphasizing the significance of institutional support in bringing about social transformation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there any deadline for application under the scheme?

    Yes, there is a deadline for applying to the inter-caste marriage scheme. The application must be made within two years of the marriage date. 

  2. Where can the applicants apply under the scheme?

    The applicants have to apply online through the Common Service Centre by doing biometric verification. 

  3. Why are the couples provided financial aid under the scheme?

    These aids are provided to the couples so they can overcome the hardships they might have faced by undergoing inter-caste marriage and support them in beginning their lives with adequate financial assistance. 

  4. What is the major eligibility under the scheme for marriage?

    The major eligibility under the scheme is that either the groom or bride should belong to any Scheduled Caste or Scheduled Tribe, and the other spouse must be from another community.    

  5. Which act protects inter-caste marriage in India?

    The acts which protect inter-caste marriages in India are the Special Marriage Act of 1954.

  6. How is financial assistance provided based on education under this scheme?

    Cash assistance of Rs 25,000 to couples who have completed education up to higher secondary level and Rs 50,000 to couples who hold any diploma or are graduates. 

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