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Bonafide Certificate in India: Understanding the Essentials

calendar14 May, 2024
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Bonafide Certificate in India: Understanding the Essentials

Ever heard of a bonafide certificate? In Latin, the word bonafide means in good faith. The bonafide certificate is of great importance and value in many scenarios. Like other vital documents, a bonafide certificate is helpful in validating crucial information about the person. The bonafide certificate in India functions as an all-purpose certificate for verifying the information along with the identification of the person. 

In this blog, we will explore the uses, application procedure, who should apply for a bonafide certificate in India, application for a bonafide certificate, the different types of bonafide certificates, documents for a bonafide certificate, and other significant details for the same.

What Does a Bonafide Certificate in India Mean?

The bonafide certificate in India is a document that proves the association and identity of the individual with the institution that is providing the bonafide certificate in India. The bonafide certificate is commonly used as proof of identification in India. A bonafide certificate is an official document that proves the association with an educational institution, company, etc. To ensure the integrity of the person, the bonafide certificate is used in India. The bonafide certificate proves the legitimate reputation of the individual. The bonafide certificate in India is regarded as a trustworthy document when it comes to establishing one’s identity or affiliation with any institution. It acts as a significant legal document in India.

How is a Bonafide Certificate in India Useful?

A bonafide certificate has various crucial purposes and uses in India. The uses of the bonafide certificate are as follows:

  • A bonafide certificate is one of the key documents for any student. A bonafide certificate is a key requirement when any student is taking admission to a new educational institution, be it a school or any university. 
  • A bonafide certificate in India is also an essential requirement when students are applying for an educational loan in India.
  • Many corporations also require a bonafide certificate as proof of affiliation with educational institutions when students apply for internships or training programs with them.
  • When students wanting to pursue education abroad apply for admissions, a bonafide certificate is often a mandatory requirement.
  • A bonafide certificate is also required when attending any workshops or conferences for students and employees. 
  • The bonafide certificate is also used to extend the viva for educational purposes. 
  • Many places also, upon receiving the bonafide certificate, provide the students with discounts on books, library memberships, concessions on traveling from home to schools/colleges, etc.
  • A bonafide certificate is also useful as proof of residence in many cases. When employees or students are staying in rented houses or hostels, a bonafide certificate can be used as proof of residence. 
  • A bonafide certificate in India is also valid when opening a bank account, applying for identity cards, etc.
  • Many times, employees are required to submit a bonafide certificate when they apply for a loan.
  • When an employee applies for a new job, they are often required to submit a bonafide certificate from the previous company.
  • When employees are attending any type of official event, they might be required to submit a bonafide certificate. 
  • A bonafide certificate can also be required by authorities of immigration.
  • The government agencies also ask for bonafide certificates when providing scholarships, or any other educational benefits, subsidies, etc. 

Various Types of Bonafide Certificates in India

There are a few types of bonafide certificates in India:

Types of Bonafide Certificates

1-     Bonafide Certificate for Students

The bonafide certificates that are required by the students at the time of taking new admission or for any educational-related purpose are known as bonafide certificates for students. The students need this certificate to ensure good character and also to show that they hold specific qualifications as mentioned by them.

2-     Bonafide Certificate for Employees

The bonafide certificate in India is also an important requirement for working professionals. The bonafide certificate helps working professionals verify the details of their previous jobs, history of employment, and other vital details included in their resumes. Many companies ask new employees to submit a bonafide certificate along with other important paperwork when hiring. 

3-     Permanent Bonafide Certificate 

A permanent bonafide certificate is valid for a longer period of time. It acts as long-term proof in situations like work visas, studying abroad on a student visa, student exchange programs, permits for residency, etc.

4-     Temporary Bonafide Certificate

The temporary bonafide certificate is issued for a shorter period of time than the permanent bonafide certificate. It is usually issued for short-term internships, attending workshops or conferences, part-time jobs, etc.

Bonafide Certificate in India: Who Should Possess One?

Many different entities commonly require bonafide certificates for various purposes in India. Any person dealing with the below-mentioned should possess a bonafide certificate: 

Companies and Employees

  • To verify past employment
  • To prove work history
  • For character verification
  • To prove the information included in the C.V
  • To claim various employee benefits


  • For visa application
  • For the student exchange program
  • For higher studies
  • For applying to internships and training programs
  • For educational loans
  • For competitive exams
  • For studying in foreign countries

Educational institutions like schools and universities

  • To verify student details
  • For keeping records of the students
  • For identification of students
  • For migration certificates

Government Companies

  • For subsidies
  • For scholarships
  • For providing benefits under different schemes
  • Proof of residence 

Authorities of the Immigration Department

  • For the application for a visa
  • For an application for passports
  • In order to verify student details who are traveling for higher education
  • For verification of travel purpose 

Financial and Banking Institutions

  • For loan application verification
  • For bank account opening
  • For verification of individuals apply for other financial services

Requirements for Bonafide Certificate in India

There are some requirements for the bonafide certificate in India. The requirements for the bonafide certificate can change as per the purpose for which the bonafide certificate is being used. There are some common contents that will remain the same in all bonafide certificates. For example, if any student applies for a bonafide certificate, which is to be used in the application for a visa for higher studies, then the information and details about the same will be included along with the name, address, current educational details, etc. In the case of an employee applying for the bonafide certificate, the same is being followed.

Benefits of Bonafide Certificate

Some of the crucial benefits of having a bonafide certificate in India are:

  • A bonafide certificate is helpful in validating the information.
  • A bonafide certificate is often a prerequisite for employees at the time of employment; having one can speed up the process of employment.
  • Having a bonafide certificate increases the credibility of the employee in the industry.
  • With a having a bonafide certificate the individual can have an edge over others.
  • If any individual is working on contracts or is freelancing, a bonafide certificate validating the past employment history helps in building the trust of the client.
  • Having a bonafide certificate also helps in facilitating administrative procedures.
  • Bonafide certificates enhance working and educational opportunities.
  • With a bonafide certificate, the information of the individual can be authenticated.

There are many more benefits of having a bonafide certificate from different institutions. 

What does Bonafide Certificate in India contain?

The key information and content that are included in a bonafide certificate in India are:

Bonafide Certificate for Employees:

A bonafide certificate for the employees consists of:

  • Name of the employee
  • Details of the job role
  • The letterhead of the company
  • The date of joining the work
  • The date of leaving the job
  • Birth details
  • Contact information
  • The period of validation of the certificate
  • Issue Date
  • The reason for issuing the bonafide certificate
  • The sign of the head, superior of the company
  • Other details as per the requirement

Bonafide Certificate for Students:

The content found in the bonafide certificate in India for students are:

  • The names of the students
  • The educational details of current and past 
  • The roll no of the students, if applicable
  • The year of passing
  • The character details of the student
  • Information related to any co-curricular activities, if required

The above list is not exhaustive, the contents of the bonafide certificate can change as per the requirements. 

How to Apply for a Bonafide Certificate in India?

The application for a bonafide certificate in India can be done by following some common steps. The procedure for applying for a bonafide certificate is:

  1. To start with the application for the bonafide certificate, one can obtain an application form if the institution has one. The students can write to their professor or the principal. You can pay a visit to the admin department or the relevant office.
  2. Fill the application form as per the requirement. All the essential details are to be filled accurately. All these details will be used in the bonafide certificate so make sure that you fill in all the details correctly.
  3. Now, the next step is to attach all the vital documents that are needed to be attached. These can be important documents that prove the identity and other details that are required for the bonafide certificate.
  4. After attaching all the crucial documents and details, submit the application for the bonafide certificate to the professor/teacher/principal/university head in case of a student and in case of an employee a manager/head of department/ other authority concerned for the same.
  5. The authority issuing the bonafide certificate will then verify all the details that are submitted by the applicant.
  6. After all the details are verified, the bonafide certificate is issued.

Sample Application for Student’s Bonafide Certificate

The sample application for a student’s bonafide certificate in India is mentioned below. This application can be modified as per the requirements. 

The Principal,

Name of the School
School Address  

Subject: Request for Issuance of Bonafide Certificate  

Respected Sir/Ma’am,
I am _____ (name of the student), studying ____ at this school, I require a Bonafide Certificate
for _____ (mention the reason for applying for a bonafide certificate.) I humbly request you to issue a bonafide certificate at the earliest. I will be very grateful to you.

Thanking You  

Yours Sincerely,

Name of the student
Class/ Roll no.
sample application for a student’s

Sample Application for Employee Bonafide Certificate

The format for applying for a bonafide certificate in India by the employees is:


The Manager, HR Department
Name of the company
Address of the company
Subject: Request for Bonafide Certificate  


I have been working as a (job title and position) in (department name) of your company. I need to submit a bonafide certificate from my current employer for ____________ (mention the reason for applying for a bonafide certificate).
I humbly request you to issue a bonafide certificate at the earliest. Here are my details:
Employee ID:
Thanking You.  

Employee’s name
sample application for employees

The application for the employee bonafide certificate can be tailored as per the requirement of the employees and the purpose for which one is being applied.

Bonafide Certificate in India: Vital Documents

Below mentioned are the vital documents for a bonafide certificate application:

  • Application form
  • Proof of identity like voter ID, passport, PAN card, or Aadhar card
  • Residency proof includes the agreement of rent, property papers, Aadhar card, passport, and utility bills.
  • Salary slips
  • Company identification card
  • Results and mark sheets
  • Details of the degree or education program rolled in
  • Receipt of fees in some cases
  • Passport size photo
  • Other additional documents as per the requirements

Character Certificate v/s Bonafide Certificate

A character certificate attests to your honest behavior during the time you were employed by a certain business, institution, or educational establishment. Conversely, a legitimate certificate attests to your status as a worker or student of a company, college, or institution. A character certificate is a formal document provided by the government, a law enforcement agency, an organization, or a specific institution attesting to the fact that the bearer has no criminal background, open cases, or unfavorable records from prior institutions. Though distinct from a bonafide certificate, it is also extremely important. 


To sum up, a bonafide certificate in India is an essential record that attests to a person’s affiliation with a certain business, organization, or school. It may be used for a number of things, such as obtaining project work licenses, academic financing, travel advantages, and applying for visas. Genuine credentials come in various forms for various uses, and they are essential for opening up chances for work and school abroad. Attestation is frequently required in order to utilize a legitimate certificate overseas, and accredited organizations can help to ensure that the attestation procedure is successfully completed. Individuals can more effectively traverse their academic and professional adventures with integrity and authenticity if they comprehend the meaning and purpose of Bonafide certifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get a Bonafide certificate after graduation?

    After graduating, you can get a Bonafide certificate from your school. The official document can be granted for a variety of purposes, including work or higher education. One must first submit a written request to the university or organization's figures of authority in order to do this.

  2. What is a bonafide certificate in India for a job? 

    A bonafide certificate is a document that confirms the truthfulness of an employee's identity and position as an employee of the company. The HR department frequently offers this certificate, which facilitates the effective integration of new hires. 

  3. Is a bonafide certificate valid?

    Certain companies or organizations may provide a temporary Bonafide certificate depending on its intended usage. Temporary Bonafide certifications have a validity ranging from 6 months to 1 year.

  4. Is bonafide required for a loan?

    Yes, as long as it satisfies the standards for all of them, a bonafide certificate can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including applications for visas, student loans, and other kinds of loans.

  5. How can I obtain a Bonafide certificate from the company?

    Individuals can receive the bonafide certificate from the company by submitting the application for granting the Bonafide certificate by mail or in any form of writing to the supervisor, chief of the department, or the human resources department. The self-attested documentation needs to be sent with the request in order to receive the Bonafide certificate.

  6. How can I put a bonafide certificate to use? 

    A bonafide certificate may be used for a variety of purposes, such as applying for a tuition loan, extending your visa, attending conferences and seminars, changing schools, colleges, or employers, and getting a passport.

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