BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Registration

How to Obtain BIS CRS Registration for Speakers in India?

calendar22 Aug, 2022
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BIS CRS Registration for Speakers

The speakers are used for enjoying music or other sorts of audio files by certain connectivity technologies. The audio industry is trying to satisfy end customers’ rising demand for wireless speakers. The Bluetooth Speakers marketplace is ratiocinated to succeed in a CAGR of 10% during the forecast period 2021 – 2026. All smart Speakers have been included in the compulsory BIS Registration Scheme under IS standard – IS 616. These products cannot be exported/imported, or sold in the Indian market without BIS CRS Registration. The Bureau of Indian standard (BIS) is classified under IS 616 (2017), under which BIS approves the manufacturer to sell their product in the Indian market after the testing. The BIS Registration for Speakers allows the manufacturers to introduce their new technology of Bluetooth Speaker to be sold in the market. The BIS certification for Bluetooth Speaker is essential to ensure the product’s quality, liability, and reliability to assure the customers’ security. In this blog, we will discuss BIS CRS Registration for Speakers.

Applicable BIS Scheme on Speakers

The BIS is the National Standard body registered under the BIS Act, 2016. The main objective of BIS is for growth in a harmonious manner by the maintenance & providing certificate of standardisation testing, marking, and quality of products sold in the Indian market. For BIS Standards for Speakers to be met, a BIS CRS Certificate must be issued, a standard mark that grants proof of conformity and safety of the product being sold to use is of high quality and is reliable. There are two registration schemes of BIS CRS Registration for Speaker under BIS:

  • CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme.
  • FMCS stands for Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme.

What is CRS under BIS?

In 2012, the CRS was first introduced by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY); now, it is called the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY)[1] with the Bureau of Indian Standards. Under the CRS scheme, manufacturers need to register their products before introducing them to the market. BIS CRS Registration is essential for all electronic products listed in CRS and in case anyone wants to sell a particular product in the Indian market. All manufacturers, regardless Indian or Foreign, need to apply for BIS CRS registration to import the product in India and sales in the Indian market.

Essential Factors for BIS CRS Registration

There are four essential factors for BIS CRS Registration in India:

  • Manufacturers: BIS CRS Registration is granted only to the domestic manufacturers of the applied products. The trade, importer or retailer is not eligible for the BIS CRS Registration. They can present as their AIR in India if the manufacturers do not have their offices in India. However, the registration is granted on behalf of the manufacturer only.
  • Address of Manufacturers: The BIS CRS Registration is issued to the manufacturers for a separate manufacturing premises address. If the address of the manufacturers changes, the new BIS CRS Registration is to be applied for products. In case the manufacturer has more than one manufacturing premises address for the same product, then the separate BIS CRS Registration applies to each manufacturing premises.
  • Product Category: In case the manufacturer manufactures more than one product, they must apply a separate application for each product category. For example, manufacturers manufacturing Speakers and amplifiers must file two different applications with BIS.
  • Brand of the Product: If the manufacturer manufacturing the same products for more than one brand has to apply for a separate BIS CRS Registration. If the manufacturer is manufacturing Speakers for brand X and brand Y, you must apply for two separate BIS CRS Registrations.

Documents required to Obtain BIS CRS Registration for Speakers

Following are some essential documents to obtain BIS CRS Registration for Speakers in India:

  • Filled CDF/CCL form
  • Scope of Business License (English Translation + Local Language)
  • Duly filled BIS application form
  • Business Licence of manufacturing unit (English Translation + Local Language)
  • Marking Label or information of Marking on the product
  • ISO certificate of manufacturer
  • Authorisation letter (If the signatory person is other than the head of the manufacturing)
  • Trademark Authorization Letter (If TM is owned by other than the manufacturer)
  • Trade Mark Certificate
  • AIR Company registration proof (if  foreign manufacturer)
  • PCB Layout, Block Diagram, Circuit Diagram
  • Photo ID of Authorised Indian Representative or Authorised Signatory

Procedure for Obtaining BIS CRS Registration for Speakers

Following are steps for obtaining BIS CRS Registration for Speakers in India:

Step 1:  A profile of the Applicant must be created with BIS that can be done offline or online.

Step 2: The product must be tested in a BIS authorised laboratory, and only after successful testing of the Speakers will a test report be generated from the BIS certified laboratory.

Step 3: After successfully conducting the product samples, the BIS authorised laboratory directly submits the test report of the product to BIS under the created profile of the Applicant.

Step 4: If the Applicant is Foreigner, then the Applicant must appoint an AIR (Administrative Indian Representative). In the case of domestic Applicant, they must submit the required essential documents per Form A & B. In contrast, in the case of foreign Applicant, they need to submit required important documents per Form C.

Step 5: The Applicant must submit the application with all the required documents and pay the applicable fee for the BIS CRS Registration.

Step 6: The BIS Official will verify the test report of the product and other documents. If all the set Indian Standards according to BIS Standards for Speakers are met, the BIS is granted the BIS CRS Registration Certificate to the Applicant.

Note: BIS CRS Registration for Speakers is valid for two years, and it can be renewed if there is no change in the product and its standard.

Penalty under BIS

As per the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeiTy), if any manufacturer selling their electronic products in the Indian market without obtaining BIS CRS Registration, they will be held liable under Section 3(2) & 4(3), which states the seizure of products and deformation of products respectively per the Electronics & Information Technology Products (Requirements of Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012.


Each company involved in Speakers’ distribution, sale, or trade must register separately for BIS CRS Registration Certification. The names of all the firms should be given in the Product Test Report, which will be valid with the submission of product samples for all companies. If a few companies want to register for the products with a single manufacturer. The Company’s Owner must also submit a No Objection Certificate, commonly referred to as a NOC, a Consent Letter, or an Alternative Agreement Copy, to BIS.

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BIS CRS Registration

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