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How to Obtain BIS for Power Adaptor?

calendar18 Aug, 2022
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BIS for Power Adaptor

Since international trade is expanding quickly in the age of globalisation, manufacturing and import/export enterprises are also expanding significantly. It does not matter what role you play, whether you’re an importer, trader, supplier, or most importantly, a manufacturer; there are obligations in terms of compliance and regulatory criteria that must be met before releasing any goods into the market. BIS Registration, a considerable quality control compliance, is necessary when discussing electronic and IT devices. In this blog, we will discuss BIS for Power Adaptor.

What is CRS under BIS?

The compulsory registration scheme (CRS)[1] was introduced by the electronics & information technology ministry for electronic products & IT products. At present, 77 products are under this scheme. Those manufacturing, importing, storing, selling, or distributing electronic products under the product list can apply for the BIS CRS Registration. The manufacturers of electronics products need to apply for this registration after getting their products tested by the BIS-approved laboratory.

An Overview of BIS for Power Adaptor

A power supply for electronic devices. Also called a “charger,” or “AC adapter”, or power adapters, plug into a wall outlet & convert AC to a single DC voltage. Computers use multiple DC voltages, and the power adapter is the external part of the power supply for a laptop. Internal circuits create the additional DC voltages. Desktop computer power supplies are in one internal unit, which converts AC to all DC voltages. All Power Adaptors for IT equipment have been included in the mandatory BIS CRS Registration Scheme under IS standard – IS 13252 (Part-1). This product cannot be imported/exported or sold in the Indian consumer market without BIS Registration.

Requirements of BIS for Power Adaptor

Following are the important requirement of BIS Certification under CRS:

  • If the product manufacturer is included in the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS), then registration is required for that product before its sale in the Indian market.
  • The manufacturer seeking to register to apply standard marks on the product will conform to the requirements of Indian Standard Specifications.
  • The BIS will issue the BIS Certification based on self-declaration of conformity of the product with the application submitted.
  • This self-declaration of conformity indicates that manufacturing infrastructure can produce quality products with essential testing facilities that only test the products in the mentioned period at premises.

Documents required for the BIS for Power Adaptor.

Following are some vital documents which require to obtain BIS for Power Adaptor under CRS Scheme in India:

  • Self-Declaration of Conformity.
  • The Name of the manufacturing unit.
  • Address proof of the manufacturing unit with the scope of business activity.
  • Test report conformity through the third-party test laboratory of the product (raw materials & components).
  • Acknowledgement copy received from the online portal.
  • Information of the product samples to be tested by BIS authorised lab.
  • Information of Authorized Signatory and other related essential documents.
  • Information of the products Varieties or Models to be covered.

Procedures to Obtain BIS for Power Adaptor

Following are the Process to obtain BIS for Power Adaptor under the CRS scheme in India:

Step 1: Submission of Application Form: The applicant must fill out the application along with all the vital documents and pay the registration fee, product testing, and inspection fee.

Step 2: Product Samples Testing: Applicants must generate a test request by Login with credentials & getting their product tested by BIS authorised laboratory.

Step 3: Offline Submission of Application: After that, the applicant must apply on the portal using the verified product test report within 90 days of its issue & submit all required documents with the application according to the checklist.

Step 4: Scrutiny of Application: Scrutiny of the test report & all submitted documents with the application will be done by BIS officers and the inspection team.

Step 5: Grant of License by BIS: The BIS will issue a license to the manufacturers to apply standard mark with unique R-number on electronics & IT products.

Cost of BIS Registration

The Cost of BIS Certification for Electronic products shall very concerning the following:

  • Depend on the Location of the Manufacturer. (Indian or Foreign)
  • Applicable government fee & service fee.
  • Type of Product & Number of Models.

Validity and Renewal of BIS License

  • If there is no adverse response in the frequent observation, then the BIS License/Certificate must be considered for renewal in a minimum of two years on the applicant’s request. The acceptance of the request for renewal of the BIS License will also depend upon the application for renewal of the BIS License.
  • The renewal application can be created by the BIS portal in Form-VI with an attachment of Form-VI (Production Report), preferably three months before the validity date (2 years).
  • The BIS License will be known as expired after 90 by the validity date (2 years) in case the renewal application & the applicant do not receive the requisite fee (including the late fee).


If you want to manufacture and market any type of electronic device in the nation, you must have a BIS License. You are not required to obtain the licence on your own.

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