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How to Obtain BIS for Digital Camera in India?

calendar18 Aug, 2022
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BIS for Digital Camera

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is a National Standard Body of India constituted under the BIS Act, 2016. BIS was introduced for the harmonious development of marking, standardization, quality certification of products and for incidental/connected matters. In India, the BIS grant a BIS Certificate to provide customers with a third-party guarantee of product quality, safety, and reliability. The Indian government has made it compulsory to consider public health for specific goods or products. The primary objective of the BIS Certificate is to increase the customers’ trust & confidence in the product, safeguard customers from hazardous products, provide quality assurance and protect customers’ health. The manufacturers of electronic goods & products listed under the CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) get the BIS Certificate. The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) notified the CRS in 2021. In 2012, the ministry also passed the order that an individual or company cannot manufacture, import, distribute or sell the product without conforming to the Indian Standard as specified in the order & bear a standard mark with a BIS unique R-number. This article will discuss how to obtain BIS for Digital Camera in India.

What is Digital Camera?

The Digital Camera is an electronic gadget that is used to catch & store images and video in a computerized structure instead of printing them to a firm. A computerized camera involves several parts such as a focal point, body shell, viewfinder, and LCD screen. All the digital Camera has been included in the BIS CRS Registration Scheme under IS Standard- IS 13252 (Part-1). Digital Camera cannot be imported, exported, or sold in the Indian customers market with BIS CRS Registration.

Applicability of BIS for Digital Camera

For the BIS Standards for Digital Camera to be met, a BIS Certificate must be issued that is a Mark issued that proof of safety & conformity of the product is safe & reliable to use and is of high quality. There are two criteria of certification schemes provided by BIS:

  • CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme.
  • FMCS stands for Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme.

Different Forms needs for BIS CRS Registration

Forms Required for
Form 1 Application for obtaining a new License.
Form 2 Format for the undertaking of test reports of product samples.
Form 3 Format for the affidavit.
Form 4 Format for letter of nomination of Authorized Indian Representative also known as AIR.
Form 6 Application for renewal of BIS License.
Form 8A Inclusion or Model Withdrawal.
Form 8B Change of other information in the scope of the license.

Benefits of Obtaining BIS for Digital Camera

Following are the Advantages of obtaining BIS for Digital Camera in India:

  • Providing easy market access as the Digital Camera is reliable and safe.
  • The BIS CRS Certificate will also indicate that the Digital Camera being sold to the customers has been tested in a BIS Approved Laboratory, resulting in the growth of the Customers’ confidence and trust in the product.
  • The Digital Camera has an assurance to be of high quality that gives the producing & distributing company higher benefits in market competitiveness.
  • There shall be a high chance of more comprehensive market coverage by providing the guarantee of assurance and safety of the product being of good quality.

Documents Required for BIS for Digital Camera

Following are some essential documents required to obtain BIS for Digital Camera in India:

  • Business License of the manufacturing unit
  • ISO Certificate of the manufacturer
  • In case of the signatory person is other than the head of the manufacturing facilities, then submit the Authorisation Letter
  • Application form
  • Nomination Letter of Authorized Indian Representative (AIR)
  • Authorized Indian Representative and Affidavit (In case of Foreign Manufacturer)
  • Testing documents like filled CCL & CDF
  • Test Report of Product samples
  • Trademark Authorisation Letter, if the manufacturer does not own the brand;
  • Trademark Certificate
  • Undertaking;
  • Product manual of the applied devices.

Procedure to Obtain BIS for Digital Camera

Following are the steps which help to obtain BIS for Digital Camera in India:

Step 1: A manufacturer profile must be created with the BIS portal, which can be done offline or online.

Step 2: The product must be tested in a BIS-approved Laboratory, and only after successful testing of the Digital Camera will a Test Report be issued from the BIS-approved Laboratory.

Step 3: After the successful conduction of the testing of product samples, the BIS-approved Laboratory directly submits the Test Report of product samples to BIS under the created profile of the manufacturer.

Step 4: The Applicant has to nominate an Administrative Indian Representative, also called the AIR. If the Applicant is from India, they must submit all the required documents under Form A or B, whereas in case the Applicant is a foreigner, they must submit their documents under Form C.

Step 5: The Applicant must submit the Application Form, submit all the vital documents, and pay the applicable fee.

Step 6: If all the set Indian Standards according to BIS Standards for Digital Camera are met, BIS CRS certification will be issued for the Applicant.

Validity of BIS CRS Certification

BIS CRS Certification is valid for two years and is renewal in nature. The Department seeks a few essential documents and applicable fees for this purpose. On-site or BIS laboratory testing is not required to renew the BIS CRS certification.


In this new generation, there is a greater demand for digital cameras because they are the preferred device for capturing happy moments in photos. This device is also covered by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)[1] Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS), under which a digital camera maker is required to obtain BIS certification before releasing the product on the Indian market. BIS took this action to curb consumer fraud. The device is safe for consumer usage because the producer has a licence to sell digital cameras in the nation’s market. It makes guarantees the product’s dependability, quality, and security.

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BIS Certification

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