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An Outlook on FSSAI Registration for Retailers

calendar01 May, 2021
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FSSAI Registration for Retailers

Food is the lifeblood for all living beings, and it is the accountability of its providers to keep its quality intact. In India, the production, processing, distribution, and trading of food items is regulated by the FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority). This institution was set up by the Indian government, intending to tighten up the past compliances regarding the food’s safety and quality.

Presently, FSSAI is working under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, GOI. Anyone who seeks to enter into the food business must have an FSSAI license in the first place. Without it, they won’t be able to carry out their business activities. This apex institution also provides FSSAI registration for retailers, grocery stores, eCommerce, and more.

According to Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, it is compulsory for all FBOs, including retailers, to get their FSSAI license. In this digital age, customers have become more quality-conscious when it comes to purchasing food items.

These days, most consumers do not prefer buying food items that lack the FSSAI logo. So, any business engaged with the food industry should get their FSSAI license without thinking twice. In the following section of this article, we will unveil some crucial aspects of FSSAI registration for retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, eCommerce, and more.

What is the FSSAI Registration? 

After getting approved under FSSAI, a 14-digit number is granted to the business. This number should be affixed along with an FSSAI logo on the food packages for which the license has been availed. This prerequisite applies to all FBOs operating across this country.

Food with the FSSAI logo implies that it is safe for human consumption and free from any harmful substances. After availing of this license, businesses need not worry about the legal complications that may hinder their growth, provided they stay in line with compliances given under the FSS Act.

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Types of FSSAI Registrations for Retailers and other FBOs

FSSAI issues three different types of licenses to the food business operators. These are as follows:-

Central License

Food business operators, including e-commerce operators and retailers that come under schedule 1 of Food Safety Standard Regulations, 2011 and operating in multiple states, must get their Central FSSAI License.

Additionally, a business having a yearly turnover of 20 crores rupees is also required to get this license. The FSSAI license comes with a flexible validity period, i.e. 1-5 years.

State License

FSSAI State license covers entire small to medium-sized FBOs. The State government confers this permit to those business entities which are operating in a single state. Furthermore, all the business entities having turnover in the range of 12 to 20 lakh are mandated to get this license. The state license also offers validity as that of the central license.

Basic Registration

Basic Registration is applicable to the business entities generating a yearly turnover of up to 12 lakhs. This license holds a max. tenure of 5 years and with a mini. tenure of 1 year.

How to Perform Online Procedure of FSSAI Registration for Retailers? 

The steps below will let you complete the online process of FSSAI registration for Retailers. Try not to skip any of the steps to avoid any inconvenience.

Perform Online Procedure of FSSAI Registration for Retailers

Step 1: Visit the FSSAI Portal

Visit foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in, and check the eligibility criteria for State License, a Central License, or a Basic License in accordance with your business turnover.

Step 2: Register to the Portal

Tap on the “sign-up” link and provide the requested details in the sign-up form. For registration purposes, the portal shall ask you to provide a valid phone number and email id.

Step 3: Create your account 

Create an account by selecting an apt username & password for your account. 

Step 4: Log in to portal with the help of confirmation with a message 

Use the confirmation message that you will receive on their phone or email to log in to the portal. Please note that the account you have created shall remain valid for 30 days only, so it is advisable to apply for an FSSAI license in that timeframe. 

Step 5: Fill up the e-form in one go

Fill up the required information after you log in to the portal. Remember, this is a one-go process, and it is prone to cancellation in case of an error, so be watchful while filling up the detail. 

Step 6: Take a print of a form 

Take a hard copy of the form before submitting its soft version on the portal.

Step 7: Note down the Application Reference Number

As soon as you submit the completed form, the portal will generate the application reference number, aka ARN. Note down this number as it will help you track the registration progress with ease.

Step 8: Wait for Approval.  

The authority usually takes around a week to process the application. After successful verification, you will be provided with a registration certificate enclosing an FSSAI registration number. On the flip side, if the authority finds something wrong with your application, they may cancel your request. The decision for cancellation shall be communicated with the applicant on registered contact details.

Benefits of FSSAI registration for Retailers

  • With the FSSAI license in place, the Retailers of food items can build a long-lasting relationship with their customers.
  • Since the FSSAI logo promotes public health and safety, the buyers would be more confident in the license holder products.
  • FSSAI logo is a symbol of quality and safety. Food items with this logo are more likely to sell quickly than generic ones.
  • Prolong commitment to stay compliant with FSSAI’s guidelines would help businesses to grow at a faster rate. 


FSSAI plays a significant role in safeguarding public health via its operational framework, testing laboratories, strict guidelines, and other initiatives. The FSSAI registration for retailers is mandatory as per the FSSAI’s guidelines. An individual having any doubt around such requirements can visit the FSSAI portal or reach out to CorpBiz’s professional. 

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