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FSSAI Licence Registration for Tea Powder manufacturers

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FSSAI Licence Registration for Tea Powder manufacturers

Tea is among the most consumable commodities in India. Indian tea comes in various tastes and aromas, making it the most demanding product worldwide. Likewise, the demand for tea powder is also increasing, thanks to the changing lifestyle of the people. This write-up discusses the FSSAI Licence Registration for Tea Powder manufacturers in detail.

How is Tea Powder Made?

Tea powder is primarily made from raw tea leaves, which manufacturers source from different farms. The tea powder manufacturing process includes some critical steps, such as

  • Plucking and crushing of raw leaves, resulting in a juice
  • Juice fermentation under specified conditions
  • Steaming and freezing of juice

After this time-consuming process, the tea powder is mixed with different herbs to achieve a distinct taste and aroma.

Benefits of FSSAI Licence Registration for Tea Powder manufacturers

Being FSSAI registration can translate to countless benefits, including:

  • Amplified brand presence;
  • Improved credibility in the given marketplace;
  • Hassle-free loan accessibility;
  • Business expansion.

But all these benefits would cease to exist if your business doesn’t comply with underlying provisions. Hefty penalties, including a jail term, may be imposed on the defaulter in case of severe non-compliance.

Rules around the FSSAI Licence Registration for Tea Powder manufacturers

As per the FSS Act, 2006, every Food Business operator, including the tea powder manufacturer, must FSSAI registration under one of the three different heads as mentioned below:

  • FSSAI Basic Registration: FSSAI Basic Registration is mandatory for businesses whose yearly turnover exceeds Rs. 12 lacs. It essentially covers small businesses and food vendors.
  • FSSAI State License: FSSAI State License is compulsory for a business whose yearly revenue ranges from Rs.12 lacs to Rs. 20 Crores
  • FSSAI Central License:  FSSAI Central License applies to FBOs whose yearly turnover exceeds Rs. 20 crores or who have a multi-state operation.

Documents to be Uploaded by Applicant During FSSAI License Registration for Tea Powder Manufacturers

The list below reflects the mandatory documents required for FSSAI Registration for Tea Powder manufacturers:

  • Documents required for FSSAI Registration
  1. Authorized person address proof
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Business name and address
  4. FSSAI Declaration Form
  5. Nature of business details
  • Documents for FSSAI State License/Central License
  1. Business Premises proof.
  2. ID Proof of the applicant (Aadhaar Card / DL / Passport / Voter ID)
  3. Business-related certificates based on the type of legal establishments such as Incorporation certification, Partnership deed, Trade license, Shop Act license, and Pan Card.
  4. Charter document on the establishment based on company types such as MOA & AOA or Partnership deed copy.
  5. IE Code (Import Export Code) conferred by DGFT (if the applicant firm is dealing with overseas trade)
  6. Authority letter confirming that the applicant is assigned to avail the license on the company’s behalf.
  7. List of food articles to be processed in the facility.

If the applicant firm is utilizing the automotive process for producing food articles, provide the following documents:

  1. Clear photos of the manufacturing unit
  2. Approved plant details and layouts.
  3. A listicle of machinery and equipment available in the facility
  4. Power connection detail
  5. Test report confirming water to be used in the processing meets the desirable purity norms.

How to Apply for FSSAI Licence Registration for Tea Powder Manufacturers?

FoSCoS[1] is an official web portal of the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. It provides the food business with various benefits, including online registration, renewal, cancellation, and grievance redressal. You can visit this portal to apply for a relevant food license. Applicants are required to create a valid account on FoSCoS before availing of online registration formalities. During online filing, applicants are required to upload certain documents, which we will discuss shortly. Here’s how you can apply online.

  1. Visit the FoSCos portal and create an account via Aadhaar or OTP verification.
  2. Click on the new application option and wait until the e-form appears.
  3. Now select the state in which you are operating your business
  4. Reveal your yearly turnover
  5. Fill out the personal and business details
  6. Provide the current bank account details
  7. Upload the required documentation in the format mentioned in the e-form.
  8. Click Submit and navigate to the payment portal to submit application fees.

As soon as you complete these steps, the FoSCoS will generate the acknowledgement number, which you can use to track the application progress.

Role of On-site Inspection During the Registration Phase

By virtue of the power conferred by the FSS Act 2006, FSSAI can obligate its officials to perform an on-site vetting of the business premises to make some legal checks as a part of the registration process. During the on-site inspection, officials may ask the applicant to provide some mandatory documentation such as a log book, raw material procurement register, store-keeping data, etc. Failure to provide any such document can incur penalties for the applicant, as mentioned in the governing legislation. Based on the scope of operation, the authority may inspect the facility before granting the FSSAI Licence Registration for Tea Powder Manufacturers.

Legal Implications of FSSAI Licence Registration for Tea Powder manufacturers

It’s been observed that many manufacturers are using various adulteration techniques to increase the quantity of the final product. Needless to say, such methods pose a significant risk to public health. Given this severity, FSSAI has penned down underlying provisions and norms for all manufacturers.

Given the rampant consumption of tea, FSSAI has made it mandatory for all the manufacturers of tea powder to obtain relevant certification as per their scope of the operation or yearly turnover, whichever is applicable. Every manufacturer must abide by the underlying provisions of FSSAI to avert stringent penalties. It’s worth noting that FSSAI norms apply to the entire supply chain of edible commodities, be it material procurement, processing, labelling, or marketing.

List of Penal Provisions Under the FSS Act, 2006

The following are the conducts deemed to be a crime under the FSS Act, 2006

  • Producing and marketing sub-standard food articles
  • Selling food articles under deceivable branding
  • Falsified advertisement of food articles
  • Using additives without the permission of governing authority
  • Breaching underlying provisions of governing legislations
  • Showing non-compliance with orders given by the Food safety officer
  • Non-adherence to underlying hygiene norms in the workplace
  • Excessive use of adulteration
  • Using hazardous products to make food article smell or taste good
  • Showing dishonesty in regards to the detail of the food article while trading
  • Using seized items
  • Taking wrongful advantage of the power of a food safety officer via impersonation
  • Penalties for repeat offences
  • Import/Export of food items forbidden under the FSS Act, 2006.


Tea is a go-to beverage for millions of consumers in India. But the increasing act of adulteration has created an alarming situation for citizens. Products like tea powder are being treated as a perfect source of adulteration due to their granular form. This makes it hard for consumers to separate genuine products from bad ones. This is where the FSSAI Certificate comes into play. It mandates manufacturers to align with underlying norms to produce safer products. In the status quo, FSSAI Licence Registration for Tea Powder manufacturers serves as a mandatory legal permit. Companies that overlook such requirements will be subjected to stringent penal provisions.

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