Documents Required for Trade License in Telangana – An Overview

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Trade license in Telangana

A Trade License is one of the mandatory licenses for businesses operating in commercial areas. Adhering to this license’s norms implies that the company will never breach the code of conduct nor pose any risk to the nearby residents. The application for a Trade License in Telangana can be filled out online on the portal called “e-municipal”. Just like other licenses, the filing of a trade license application demands certain documentation which we will be going to discuss in this write-up along with some crucial facts. So let’s dive into the documents required for a Trade license in Telangana.

An Overview of Trade License

The Trade license ensures that the firm adheres to legal practices and affects no one with its trade or operation. Simply put, the trade license puts unethical business practices out of the equation and compels businesses to operate ethically and legally.  The license ensures that the business owner is abiding by the underlying laws and obeying the safety measures. The license serves as a mandatory legal permit so that governing authority can oversee the various trade activities.

Benefits of availing of a Trade License in Telangana

Following are the benefits of obtaining a Trade License in Telangana:

  • Trade license-holding entities garner more credibility over time as compared to non-registered ones.
  • Trade licenses can help businesses attract more customers with time
  • Today end-users are more concerned about the legal impression of any firm. Companies with trade licenses have a better chance to leave a positive impact in this regard.
  • Renewal of a trade license is as simple as the process of securing a new license.
  • A trade license can serve as a sign of trust when contacting banks for credit.

List of documents required for Trade license in Telangana

The State Municipal Corporation of Telangana grants the trade license against the facilitation of the following document. The application needs to attach these documents required for Trade License in Telangana:

  1. Identification Proof such as an Aadhaar Card of the Individual.
  2. Business Incorporation Certification.
  3. Lease deed or property ownership documents such as property tax receipt or occupancy certificate.

Details to be filled by applicants seeking Trade Licenses in Telangana

The followings are some mandatory information and attachments to be provided by the applicant seeking a trade license in Telangana

  • Trade owner name
  • Permanent Account Number
  • Aadhaar Number
  • Residence Door Number
  • Address and Pin Code
  • Applicant’s contact number and email id.
  • Trade title
  • Trade Status
  • Trade door number
  • Trade address
  • ULB
  • Building assessment number
  • Trade category and road type
  • Trade contact details
  • PAN and Lease deed as an attachment

It is obvious from the list that the documents required for trade license in Telangana are not as massive as other licenses such as Fire and Pollution NOC.

Process of securing a Trade license in Telangana

Most states have digitized the process of granting trade licenses and Telangana is no different. Below is the process for securing a trade license in Telangana:

  • Visit the E-municipal[1] portal and sign up
  • On the dashboard, select the new application.
  • The e-form shall open on your screen
  • Fill out the e-form with the relevant information mentioned above
  • Attach the above-mentioned documents in the format mentioned in the e-form
  • Make your way to the payment window for fee submission
  • Application and documents will be vetted by the official
  • The license will be granted upon successful vetting  within 10-15 days

Some key facts about the Trade license

  • Trade License Registration is also known as Gusmasta license in some states.
  • The method of granting the trade license and application filing differs state-wise
  • The registration fee for this license is not standard across all the states
  • In some states, the process of trade license may involve on-site vetting of the business premises.
  • In some states, the authority may grant the license in 10-12 days. However, this is not the case with every state.
  • Trade license adheres to the one-year validity and a separate application is required to be filed for the same.


A Trade License is a mandatory legal permit that compels businesses to stay ethical and legal in every circumstance. The process of filing a trade license application is fairly hassle-free and quick owing to the online portal. Make sure to avail of expert’s help for any assistance on documents required for Trade license in Telangana.

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