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Shop and Establishment Licence In Telangana: Here’s How to Get One

calendar15 Jun, 2021
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Shop and Establishment Licence In Telangana

Are you about to open a shopping outlet or a grand amusement park? If so, then you will need to get registered under the Shop and Establishment Act. Carrying out the business operation without this license would compel you to encounter heavy penalties as under the law. This blog will guide you on how to get a shop and establishment license in Telangana.

The State of Telangana has underpinned some norms of its Shop and Establishment Act. Since these rules are enacted by the government of the State, the same will differs state-wise. An establishment like amusement parks, hotels, theatres, restaurants, and other entertainment buildings needs this registration.

What is the role of Shop and Establishment Act?

This Act permits an individual to run their business with specified norms and conditions. The Act entailsunderlying conditions regarding employee wages, hours of work, and working conditions. This Act also regulates the educational hubs, charitable trusts, printing establishments, &commercial establishments.

As per Shop and Establishment Act, the term “Shop” indicates any establishment where any activity is carried out or where services are offered to clients, which encompasses go-downs, stores, outlet, or warehouse, whether in same premises or otherwise, utilized in linkage with such company or trade.

Furthermore, the term “Commercial establishment” denotes a commercial outlet, store, café, hotel, theatre, eating house, or other public recreation to which this Act applies.

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Who needs to get Shop and Establishment Licence in Telangana?

Any shop or establishment carrying notified area of services or trade within Telangana needs to get this license. Under this Act, a business organization such as restaurants, supermarkets, theatres, retail, public entertainment, shopping malls, hotels, also liable to get registered under the aforesaid Act.

Listicle of Documents for Shop & Establishment registration

Before rushing to the authority for registration, you must have certain documentation in place to avoid any complications in the registration process.

  • Form No-I, which is an  Application for Registration 
  • Telugu Name Board Photograph of the proposed business premises.
  • List of workers serving the business premises.
  • A copy of sale deed, or rental agreement of the retail outlet or shop.
  • Identification of the employer.
  • An employer’s photographs
  • Incorporation certification of the business premises.
  • MOA, in the case of private limited companies.

Procedure for getting  shop and establishment license in Telangana

  • Head over to the labor department website of the Government of Telangana[1] for online registration services.
  • After that, a new page will prompt & then click on register yourself. Moreover, the below page will open & register yourself by entering all the details.
  • Hit the login button as soon as you complete the Entrepreneur registration.
  • Likewise, fill the Form 1 and furnish it for registration.
  • Attach the documents as mentioned on the screen.
  • Next, make the payment as per the number of workers employed in the business.
  • The portal generates the certificate in form II promptly.

Additionally, the system delivers the confirmation message to the application immediately after approval. The web-based application process seeks no physical touchpoint.

Registration fees for shop and establishment license in Telangana

The applicant needs to submit the registration fees as per the no. of employees in the company. The table below reflects the fee structure for the same.

No. of Employees Fees (INR)
0 Employees 100/-
1-5 Employees 500/-
6-10 Employees 1000/-
11-20 Employees 2000/-
21-50 Employees 5000/-
51-100 Employees 10,000/-
101 and Above Employees 10,000/- + 5000 for additional 50 Persons.

How to determine the status of the online application?

  • Visit Head over to labor department website of Government of Telangana for online registration services.
  • Complete the login formalities
  • From the home page, select “the track application status” option.
  • Enter the ARN, i.e. application reference number that you get at the time of registration.
  • Enter Captcha and tap on the show button.

How to verify the issued certificate?

  • Here, you can verify the registration bestowed by the government. Furthermore, to determine this, reach for the following URL
  • Enter the license number and Captcha.
  • Hit the Verify tab to complete the process.

You can also verify the application status in case of non-availability of license number by entering the following details.

  • Act
  • District
  • Mandal
  • Name of the establishment

Annual Fees Payment for Shop and Establishment license

Each shop and establishment located in the state of Telangana must register under the Shops and Establishment Act and pay the yearly fee to keep the certification valid.

The procedure for annual fee submission is as follow

  • Reach out for the following URL from your web browser
  • Enter user ID and password as well as Captcha to login.
  • Next, enter the Registration number to fetch the details. Once the information is confirmed move ahead to pay the yearly fee as per the no. of the employee serving the establishment.
  • Here you require to copy the certificate of registration.
  • The System will render the Acknowledgement slip.

Further, the portal deliversa confirmation message to the concerned application acknowledging the Payment of Fee. Keep in mind that the online fee payment doesn’t seek any permission.

Timeline regarding the annual fee payment for Shop and Establishment registration

For Payments:

  • Between 1st Nov. to 1st Dec.- No Penalty
  • Moreover, between 2nd Dec. to 31st Dec. 25% Penalty
  • Further, after 31st Dec.- 50% Penalty


A shop and establishment license in Telangana is mandatory for all commercial establishments located in the same state. The penalties would be rigorous for those who do not comply with such a requirement. If you seek some professional advice on the same then proceed to CorpBiz’s professional without any second thought.

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