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BIS Registration for Electrical Mouse: An Overview

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BIS Registration for Electrical Mouse

To guarantee its purity, nearly every product today needs to have an authenticity label. Buyers are reassured of a product’s quality and standards by certification from the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards). This certification gives consumers peace of mind that a product is secure for usage. It’s also important to remember that BIS certification for a number of items is optional in India. To safeguard the public’s health and safety, the Indian government has made certification necessary for a number of items.

For the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking and quality certification of products, as well as those linked with or incidental thereto, the BIS Act 2016 created the National Standard Body of India.

BIS has contributed traceable and tangible benefits to the national economy through standardization, certification, and testing in a number of ways, including by providing safe, dependable quality goods, lowering consumer health risks, promoting exports and imports as a substitute and managing variety propagation, among other things. BIS’s objective is to examine product samples during their preliminary and surveillance phases.

Who is eligible to apply?

Following is the list of people who are eligible for submit an application for BIS registration for electrical mouse:

  • Manufacturers, whether or not they are headquartered in India, of the goods included in the plan.
  • The distinctive Registration number given to goods produced in diverse locations.
  • Every brand produced at a single location has a unique registration number.

Process of BIS registration for electrical mouse

The BIS Registration Product Scheme is one of the biggest in the world, with over 26500 license’s including more than 900 goods. It permits the business to label its goods with the well-known ISI Mark, which attests to the items’ purity and health. A Foreign Manufactures Certification Scheme for the BIS Registration product system enables foreign manufacturers to get a license to use the BIS standard mark.

Step 1: Register on the BIS Portal to get login information.

Step 2: Create a test request form and choose a testing facility.

Step 3: Send sample(s) to the laboratory.

Step 4: After testing, get a notification from the lab with the test report number.

Step 5: Lab uploads final test result to BIS portal

Step 6: Submission of documents, other information, and payment of fees online.

Step 7: The letter and registration number are finally issued for the items.

Timeline of BIS registration for electrical mouse

A total of thirty to thirty-five working days will be needed for CRS (BIS) Registration. This comprises the processing time for CRS (BIS) applications (10–15 working days), as well as the testing period (15–20 working days).

If the applicant sends all of the material and supporting documents as soon as possible, this time frame could be shortened.

Validity and renewal of CRS registration

After the first two years, CRS (BIS) Registration may be renewed. You simply need a few papers and a small price to renew. No sample needs to be tested for it.

Guidelines for importer and trader

Only Manufacturing Units are eligible to receive the BIS Registration for electrical mouse; importers or traders are not permitted to obtain one in their own names.

Before placing orders for the scheduled electronic items, all importers and traders must obtain BIS Registration for their respective manufacturing units. They can manage the BIS Registration procedure on behalf of the relevant industrial unit.

The manufacturing facilities may be asked to get BIS Registration under the importer’s or trader’s brand name.

Since an Indian Representative is required to obtain BIS Registration, an importer or trader may act as the Indian Representative for a foreign manufacturing unit.

Types of BIS registration schemes

The following are the various kinds of schemes under which the BIS Registration for electrical mouse:

Normal procedure for domestic manufacturer

The BIS Registration for electrical mouse or BIS Registration application, along with the required fees and supporting documentation, must be submitted by the applicant. A BIS officer evaluates the application once it has been submitted, testing the samples at the plant and generating an independent testing report.  And if all goes according to plan, BIS Registration is offered in areas where the sampling technique is suitable. BIS Registration is awarded four months after the application is submitted.

Simplified procedure for domestic manufacturers

In the streamlined process, the applicant provides the BIS officer with a test report of the sample from the authorized lab along with the application for BIS Registration. Within 30 days of receiving the application for BIS Registration for electrical mouse and the necessary test report, the BIS officer will verify the factory and issue a certificate of registration if the test report is satisfactory.

All cases involving the award of an All India First license and all goods are subject to the streamlined procedure, with the following exceptions:

  • Items requiring clearance from a different regulatory authority, such as cylinders, valves, cement, etc.;
  • All items for which a BIS license is given based on factory testing;
  • Packaged Natural Mineral Water (PNMW) and Packaged Drinking Water (PDW).

Documents for BIS Registration for electrical mouse?

There are two types of documentation you must provide for the process of BIS registration for electrical mouse, the list has been mentioned below:

Factory Documents & Information

You must send the factory documents and information, which contains all essential data about the manufacturing unit, in order to complete the BIS application form and process:

Any of the following documents must be self-certified in order to form the firm:

  • Trade License or State Government Authority Registration, or
  • A certificate of registration from the company registrar, or
  • Official Partnership The deed, or if the applicant is a partnership business,
  • A certificate from a Chartered Accountant is necessary if the applicant is a sole proprietorship.

Self-certified copy of one of the following papers attesting to the firm’s location that is no more than three months old:

  • Registration of State Government Authority or Trade License’s, or;
  • GST registration or;
  • Assessment of Income Tax Order, or;
  • Insurance policy, or;
  • Property tax receipts, or;
  • A lease agreement accompanied by the most recent rent receipt OR a sale or lease deed;
  • Cost of electricity;
  • Telephone Bill;
  • Water Bill; 
  • Installing in a gas line or;
  • A passbook or bank statement containing the address of the retailer.

Any of the following documents can be used to prove the identity of the applicant’s signatory:

  • Make a photocopy of your Aadhar Card;
  • A valid driving permit, or;
  • An alternative to a driver’s license is a PAN card;
  • A copy of your voter registration card or, a copy of your passport, or, a copy of your voter registration card;
  • Bank ATM card with a photo;
  • A credit card photo;
  • Image from CGHS/ECHS photo card;
  • Having a valid gun’s license;
  • Identity Certificate with Photo, Issued by a Gazette Officer on Company Letterhead;
  • A disabled medical certificate or a disability identification card issued by the state;
  • A picture of a freedom fighter;
  • For retirees, a photo identification card;
  • Ration/PDS photo card;
  • Photo ID from a reputable school of higher learning 

The following are the additional documents that must be presented with the application:

  • Non-judicial stamp paper costing Rs 100 in the format required for the contract
  • An image of the area’s map.

Benefits of BIS registration for electrical mouse

There have already been more than 500 BIS Registrations for more than 50 Indian standards in more than 40 nations. Obtaining BIS Registration for electrical mouse is essential for the producer since it offers the following advantages: –

Ensure that quality standards are met

BIS adopts a comprehensive strategy for implementing quality compliance for all producers. Companies having a BIS registration are expected to produce their goods to a certain standard of quality. BIS investigators undertake unforeseen inspections at the site where the manufacturing is typically carried out. The BIS is able to monitor the manufacturing facilities for product quality and compliance.

Ensure that the product is genuine

Products without quality certification may be taken off the market instantly, but they cannot gain the reputation or confidence of the buyer. Products that are not certified are more likely to function poorly and represent a health risk. Sadly, the vast majority of end users are ignorant of this information.

On the other hand, BIS-approved items left no space for criticism in this respect because they assert to provide superior performance and unmatched dependability. This is among the most important advantages of BIS registration.

Environmental Risk Minimization

BIS certification covers 900 distinct categories of products, some of which may be environmentally risky. Particularly when it comes to the environment and health, electronics represent serious dangers. In order to lessen environmental risk, BIS has made a variety of actions in this area, including developing a clear method for producing such items.

Furthermore, certain materials and substances are prohibited under BIS’s mandated norms. As a result, it is crucial in setting the industrial sector’s quality standard for safety and the environment.

Quality Control Testing in the Lab

Since BIS focuses on quality standardization, it has established cutting-edge labs across the nation. These testing facilities were developed to evaluate the quality of a variety of items. During the on-site inspection, the investigating officials randomly choose a few samples from the registration facilities and submit them to the lab for analysis.

Once it has been certified, the item will be sent back with the test results. Although it might seem tedious, this process is essential for ensuring high quality.

Legal Advantage

It allows for uninterrupted production of goods and the unhindered entry of imports into the nation.

Quality Management

Establishes the framework for total quality management (TQM).

The product marking label must mention the following Information

  1. Product (Category) Name
  2. Version Number
  3. Brand No.
  4. Rating of Power (Input/Output)
  5. Manufacturer’s name, if applicable
  6. the product’s country of origin (such as Made in China, Made in India, etc.)
  7. CRS(BIS) certification’s importance
  8. You will require a CRS(BIS) License to ensure safety, consistency, and top-notch labelling for your manufactured items inside a completely responsible and readable system.

Authorized Indian Representative (AIR)

A resident of India is required for the Authorized Indian Representative (AIR). He must affirm that he is ready to be held responsible for the conditions of the BIS Act, rules, regulations, and terms & conditions set forth in the BIS license, agreement, undertaking, etc.

What is the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) and how does it work?

In October 2012, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology[1] issued an order banning the production and storage of a list of commodities. It published the “Electronics and Information Technology Goods (Company Registration) Order, 2012,” which exempts 15 different categories of electronic gadgets from being sold, imported, or distributed.


BIS registration for electrical mouse will let the certificate holder to provide third-party assurance to clients regarding the quality, safety, and dependability of products. It is mostly necessary for item imports. Although the certification was previously optional, the Indian government made it so for a number of products. The ISI mark, which indicates that the product complies with the Indian standards specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), may be used on goods by a licensee who has obtained BIS Certification.

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) office in India is responsible for awarding BIS Certification. It is a National Standards Body that was established in order to support and advance the standards movement in the nation. After executing a safety test on the product in accordance with the established Indian Standard and receiving the necessary documentation, the Bureau of Indian Standards issues this certificate.

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