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How to Get BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer?

calendar10 Aug, 2022
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BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer

It is mandatory to get BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer as per standards IS 302 part 2 section 14 and IS 4250 by BIS. It is mandatory to obtain BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer, also known as domestic electric food mixer and centrifugal Juicer, as per IS standards IS 4250. IS 302 part 2, Section 14 is also mandated by BIS. IS 302 part 2 section 14 is for the Safety of Household and similar electrical appliances, where part 2 lists particular requirements and Section 14 is for electric kitchen machines. This product cannot be imported or exported or even sold or traded in the Indian market without having an ISI mark printed on it. 

Functions of BIS

  • Standards Formulation
  • Product Certification Scheme
  • Compulsory Registration Scheme
  • Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme
  • Hall Marking Scheme
  • Laboratory Services
  • Laboratory Recognition Scheme
  • Sale of Indian Standards
  • Consumer Affairs Activities
  • Promotional Activities
  • Training Services, National & International level
  • Information Services

Need of BIS ISI for Mixer/ Juicer

Food is the basic essential requirement of all Living beings in the world. Humans have always been working on new approaches to introduce new food technology and variety in food or food equipment. There are various food-related machines which are of major importance and are extremely common in almost every kitchen now. These machines are available in the market and are of great help. Products like blenders, choppers, juicers etc., are used almost in every kitchen nowadays. The Government has therefore made it mandatory to register these products under BIS ISI certification in order to ensure that the products reaching the consumers are safe and of good quality.

The Domestic electric food mixer and Centrifugal Juicer, as per IS standards IS 4250, is also a mandated product to be registered under BIS ISI certification. The BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer is essential because the domestic electric food mixture/Juicer/ grinder has become an important member of the modern kitchen. Thus to maintain the quality and safety standard, the BIS ISI becomes important so as to make sure that the consumers are getting high-end and certified products and would cause no harm to the lives of the common people using the product in the kitchen. The grinders are most commonly used for grinding/powdering/ pulverizing food items or mixing liquids into pulps /slurry /juices.

Role of BIS in obtaining BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer

The Bureau of Indian Standard, also known as BIS, is the National Standards Body of India under the BIS act, 1986. BIS acts as a National Standard body of India, which is responsible for the standardization and maintaining the quality of goods and marking their certification of standards.

The Bureau of Indian Standard enforced an order under the gazette of India, which is called as BIS Kitchen Appliance (Quality control) Order, 2018. It is mandatory to have a BIS Certification in Kitchen Appliances. Mixer grinders/ Juicers should be in compliance with the Indian standard IS 302 part 2 section 14 and IS 4250. It is always important to check the ISI mark before buying any kitchen appliance/ product.

BIS Kitchen Appliances (Quality Control) Order, 2018

BIS Kitchen Appliances (Quality Control) Order, 2018 was an order enforced by BIS, under which it is mandatory to obtain a BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer, also known as ISI mark for Domestic Electric Food mixer (Liquidizers & Grinders) and Centrifugal Juicer and Handheld blender, as per standards IS 302 part 2 section 14 and IS 4250, by BIS. The BIS Kitchen Appliances (Quality Control) Order, 2018, became effective on 1st May 2019. It was mandated by the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry[1]. According to the order, all handheld blenders, domestic electric food mixers and juicers should hold the standards to obtain an ISI license from the Bureau of Indian Standards. In order to obtain BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer, there must be a submission of relevant documents; there must be plant and factory inspection, which is followed by product testing according to Standards IS 302 Part 2, Sec. 14 or IS 4250 for Handheld Blenders and Domestic Electric Food mixers and Centrifugal Juicers respectively.

Documents required for BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer-

Documentation requirements for the application of BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer include the following:

  • Laboratory Test Reports as per Product Standard
  • Factory Registration Documents
  • Production process flow diagram
  • In-House Test Facilities
  • Information on the Authorized Signatory and other pertinent documents

How to get BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer?

In order to get a BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer, there are various procedures to be followed. There will be a product testing procedure, which may be accompanied by follow-up testing. There will be a factory inspection. The validity of BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer is two years, and there may also be some additional tests required during the validity of the BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer.

However, the intervals of the tests depend on the quality and standards of the product. Any difference or changes in the manufacturing process of the product may require a re-test in order to maintain the quality and standards of the product and to maintain the certificate validity of the product.


BIS ISI for Mixer/Juicer is a certificate of standardization obtained to maintain quality and Safety, along with the standard of the product. It ensures that the product reaching the end customers are healthy in terms of usage, safe, environment friendly, and provides full benefits to the customers. The quality standards are maintained by making sure that the same level of raw products, manpower, quality and quantity are used while manufacturing a product to help in trading and to make sales growth. The BIS has always been a reliable standard of quality to the users by maintaining trust, providing quality products, minimizing health and injury risks, which are regulated by standardization, regular quality tests and providing certificates for the products.

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