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BIS ISI for Water Heater – An Overview

calendar10 Aug, 2022
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BIS ISI for Water Heater

As per the standards of BIS ISI, it is mandatory for all Electric immersion water heaters to be certified as per IS Standard: IS 368:2014. According to the standards of BIS ISI for water heaters, it is mandatory to get them certified as per IS Standard- IS 368:2014. Without getting certified by BIS ISI, the product cannot be imported, exported or marketed in the Indian market. All Electric immersion water heaters which require certification for the safety of household and similar electrical appliances have been included in the mandatory list of BIS ISI Certifications.

What is BIS ISI for Water Heater?

The BIS ISI is the quality certificate given to any product in order to provide assurance of the quality and standard of a product. The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) provides the ISI mark for any product. There are around 361 items that need a BSI ISI certification before being imported, exported or sold in India. There is a process which needs to be followed before getting the license. The procedure to obtain a BIS ISI for Water Heater includes quality tests, which may also include follow-up testing, followed by a factory inspection. The validity of the BIS ISI certificate is for the period of 2 years, during which there may also be some additional tests conducted for quality assurance.

However, the quality and standards of the product are the only reasons that require additional tests. Any difference or changes in the manufacturing process of the product may require a re-test in order to maintain the quality and standards of the product and to maintain the certificate validity of the product.

What is an ISI mark?

The ISI mark is the mark that issues a certificate of assurance of quality and standardization of Industrial products in India since 1955. The Bureau of Indian Standards[1] BIS is the National Standards body of India, and the ISI mark certifies that the product is in accordance with the standards set by BIS. The ISI mark is the most famous and common mark in India.

ISI stands for Indian Standards Institution, which was also the name of the national standards body until 1st January 1987. On that day, the name was changed from ISI to Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI). There has been a mandatory requirement on the BIS ISI of certain products before they are sold in India.

Benefits of BIS ISI for Water Heater

The benefits of getting a BIS ISI for the water heater are-

  • Quality and safety assurance- The ISI mark allows the consumer to get an assurance of standardization, quality, durability, sustainability and reliability.
  • Stands out from low-grade products – The ISI mark on the product distinguishes the regular products from the reliable ones. The products without an ISI mark cannot be trusted as they are not quality assured by the government.
  • Product replacement- The products with an ISI mark imprinted on them can be easily replaced as the ISI mark guarantees durability and quality, along with a warranty and guarantee of the product. If in case the product fails to work properly, it can easily be replaced or returned.
  • Guaranteed testing of product- The ISI mark products are assumed to be completely tested in all of the quality and safety test measures and standards. The BIS ISI is provided only after checking up on all the quality measures and passing every test.

Safety requirements for BIS ISI for Water Heater

The BIS requires certain ISI standards to be checked before providing the ISI certification to various products. The ISI certificate is provided only after making sure that all the quality and standardization requirements are fulfilled, and the quality tests are passed. The safety and standard requirement for the BIS ISI for Water Heater include:

  • Protection from access to live parts
  • Protection from current and power input
  • Heating
  • Electric strength and leakage strength
  • Voltage variations
  • Resistance from moisture
  • Overload protection of Transformers and connected circuits
  • Endurance tests
  • Abnormal operating
  • Mechanical Hazards and Stability
  • Mechanical Strength
  • External flexible cords and Supply connection
  • Earthing 
  • Screws and connected wires and devices
  • Heat and Fire resistance
  • Rust resistance

Required documents for the application of BIS ISI for Water Heater

Documentation requirements for the application of BIS ISI for Water Heater include the following:

• Laboratory Test Reports according to the Product Standard

• Documents of Factory Registration

• Flow diagram of the production process

• In House Test Facilities

• Information about the Authorized Signatory and other related documents

Procedure to obtain BIS ISI for Water Heater

To obtain the ISI mark certification in India, following steps need to be followed-

  • The relevant product code must be submitted
  • The ISI mark registration application form must be filled along with the submission of relevant documents
  • An auditor authorized by BIS must visit the factory for audit
  • A BIS authorized laboratory must submit the sample report of the audit
  • The BIS then grants a License of ISI mark to the manufacturer

The BIS ISI certificate can be obtained by two different procedures, one being the normal procedure and the other being the simplified procedure. The normal procedure takes around 60-65 days to complete, whereas the simplified procedure takes around 35-40 days to obtain the BIS certificate.


Any product that passes the necessary requirements for a BIS certification shall be provided with an ISI mark in the product. When the product falls under the standards of the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme, the product will be eligible to receive a BIS Certificate. All the Importers, exporters, and sellers may receive a BIS certification. If in case the product fails to comply with the quality standards and tests conducted for the assessment purpose, the BIS denies or cancels the BIS certificate for that product. BIS ISI for water heater is mandatory because it is an electrical product, and it must be made sure that the households using the product are getting a safe and quality assured product.

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