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An Overview of BIS ISI for Room Heater Manufacturer in India

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BIS ISI for Room Heater Manufacturer

In Competitive development, it is not easy to survive in the Indian market without standard quality & certified products or items. The BIS license may also be required to manufacture or sell products in India. To get the BIS Certification, the manufacturer must ensure that their product follows the specified Indian Standard. Room heaters are covered under IS 302(Part 2/Sec. 30). This standard addresses the safety requirements for the room heaters (electric radiator). However, this standard doesn’t address the performance requirements in a separate standard. In this blog, we will discuss BIS ISI for room heater manufacturers.

What is BIS?

The Government of India introduced the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) on the lines of the ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) under the BIS Act, 1986. In addition, it falls under the guidance of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution. The primary purpose of the BIS is to promote & formulate Indian Standards, certify products for Indian & Foreign manufacturers and certify management systems such as Environment management system, QMS, Food safety management system, etc.

What is Room Heater?

Room heaters (Electric radiators) are an energy-efficient way to heat a house. A room heater includes a thermodynamic fluid like oil that converts into heat energy when used with electricity. All room heaters are equipped with a thermostat which regulates the energy required to keep the house at the appropriate temperature. It is classified into two groups:

  1. Group I- Up to and including 1000W
  2. Group II- Above 1000W.

This IS standard specifiers the safety of room heaters used in households & for similar purposes, with rated voltages of not exceeding 250V for single-phase appliances & 415V for other appliances.

Things to Remember while Using the Room Heaters

  • Keep the room heaters away from children and pets, and ensure proper safety.
  • Buy BIS ISI certified Space heaters.
  • Place the room heater away from water.
  • Plug directly into the outlet of the wall.
  • Do not overload the socket.
  • Look for a heater with additional safety features.
  • Do not leave the room heater unattended for a long time.
  • Inspect & maintain room heater regularly.

Documents required to get BIS ISI for Room Heater Manufacturer

Following are some vital documents required to obtain BIS ISI for room heater manufacturer in India:

  • Technical specifications of the product – the drawing of product, components & raw material information, user manual, and list of critical components.
  • Copy of company registration certificate.
  • Flow chart of the manufacturing process.
  • Copy of trademark registration.
  • List of the manufacturing equipment (name, purpose, capacity etc.)
  • The information and quality control documents are the same if specific procedures are outsourced.
  • Information on packing and storage.
  • Map Location.
  • Information on the quality control team & their qualification certificates.
  • Copy of test report of every raw material and part.
  • Original Test report from BIS Approved Laboratory.
  • List of internal testing facilities mentioning the calibration status, the least count etc. Calibration certificates of the testing equipment should not be more than three months old.

Procedure for obtaining BIS ISI for Room Heater Manufacturer

There are two different processes to obtain BIS ISI for room heater manufacturer in India:

  • Normal Procedure (it takes 60 to 65 days)
  1. Firstly, the applicant has to prepare for the BIS Certificate requirements, especially setting up in-house labs & preparing products according to Indian Standards with other required documents.
  2. Afterwards, the BIS official[1] and BIS authorised inspection team will conduct an inspection process of products and the factory premises.
  3. Once the inspection is completed, the product samples are further sent for testing at the BIS authorised laboratory.
  4. If the product completes all the processes successfully, it only gets approved by the BIS. The authority grants the BIS certificate to Manufacturers within 60 to 65 days from applying.
  • Simplified Procedure (it takes 35 to 40 days)
  1. Firstly, the applicant has to submit the report of the product samples already tested & approved by BIS according to Indian Standard.
  2. Afterwards, the applicant must submit a BIS online application, pay the Certification Cost, and submit other required documents.
  3. During an inspection of application documents, the BIS official will conduct an inspection process of products and the factory premises.
  4. Once the inspection is completed, the product samples are further sent for testing at the BIS authorised laboratory.
  5. Then, if verified & approved as per the commended standards, the BIS issued the certificate within 35 to 40 days of application.


A product must receive BIS ISI Certification from all makers, importers, and foreign companies if it is subject to the BIS Conformity Assessment Scheme. If the product doesn’t meet certification requirements, the Bureau has the authority to revoke the licence.

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