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BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera – A Complete Analysis

calendar02 Dec, 2022
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BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera- A Complete Analysis

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology notified the Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order in 2012, which brought forth the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS). It stated that electronic goods laid down under the Compulsory Registration Scheme should compulsorily obtain a BIS Certification to sell, manufacture, import or export these goods in the Indian Market. The CRS caters to electronic goods like, inter alia, smart watches, cell phones, LED lights, UPS, speakers with Bluetooth, IT appliances, audio and video gadgets like video cameras, digital camera, and various similar equipment. The CRS goes forward with the concept of self-declaration made by the manufacturers stating that their products conform to the requisite BIS standards. Scroll down to check BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera.

What is the Bureau of Indian Standards?

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution operate the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which is an Indian nationalized certification authority. It regulates and promotes certain standards of various products and goods in the Indian market. Most often, it is optional to opt for a BIS Certificate. However, the Government of India has made certification of certain goods and products mandatory for the goods to be manufactured, sold, exported or imported into the Indian market.

Out of the plethora of benefits which BIS Certifications offer, a few are mentioned below:

  • It certifies optimum quality and safety standards as products that are certified by BIS require to adhere to a set of standards.
  • Since BIS does not permit the use of materials that cause pollution, products that are certified by BIS cause very minimal damage to the environment.
  • The certification provided by BIS is recognized nationally, which products with such certification are reliable and credible.
  • Since the BIS certificate makes sure that the products meet high quality and safety standards, it also is a brilliant marketing tool as it helps in bringing customer loyalty and trust in the brand and thus helps promote the brand name and goodwill of the company.

What is the Compulsory Registration Scheme?

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology brought forth the Compulsory Registration Scheme in 2012 for various IT products and other electronic goods, which are specifically mentioned under the CRS, which must mandatorily obtain a certificate from BIS to be freely dealt with in the markets in India. About seventy-seven products are mentioned under the list in the CRS, like, inter alia, smartphone charges, cell phones, smart watches, UPS, IT appliances, televisions, LED lights, speakers with Bluetooth, video, and audio gadgets, along with other similar equipment. The products mentioned in the CRS must compulsorily obtain a BIS certificate to freely operate within India. All businesses that store, sell, export or import, manufacture or distribute such products mentioned in the CRS list are barred from doing so without receiving a valid certificate from BIS. These products require to be tested in a lab recognized by BIS before they can obtain a BIS license. Without a BIS certificate ensuring conformity to the applicable standards and the subsequent affixing of the mark, these products cannot enter the Indian market.

Video Cameras are one of the 77 products mentioned in the list of products under the CRS. Foreign and Indian manufacturers must mandatorily get their products accordingly registered and obtain the license from BIS under the IS-616:2017 standard. One cannot store, sell, manufacture, export or import a video camera into the market in India without a valid certificate from BIS. Any violation of the above mandate will cause penalties to be imposed as per the BIS Act. Goods from the product list under the CRS must mandatorily adhere to the particular Indian Standard applicable to them and must have the unique BIS-generated CRS number affixed to them.

Documents Required for Obtaining a BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera

Following are the documents required to be attached with the application to obtain a BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera:

  • Business license and scope of business license of the manufacturing unit
  • A nomination letter of AIR
  • ISO Certificate of the manufacturer
  • Application form
  • If the signatory is any person other than the head of the manufacturing entity, then an authorization letter in this regard.
  • Testing documents such as CDF and CCL
  • Test Report
  • Product manual of the device
  • Trademark certificate and trademark authorization letter if the brand is not owned by the manufacturer
  • Import and Export Code number if planning to import or export the product
  • undertaking

Process of Obtaining BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera

It is imperative for a manufacturer of a video camera to get BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera to manufacture, store, sell, export, and import the same in the Indian market. The following is the process laid down to register and obtain a BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera.

  •  All-India Representative Nomination

For applicants who are Indian residents, the manufacturer herself shall be the All-India Representative (AIR). If the manufacturer is a foreigner and does not have a liaising office situated in India, such a manufacturer can choose an importer or local trader to be the AIR. The applicant is to file Form-IV to appoint an AIR.

  • BIS Portal- Registration

The applicant needs to register and create an account on the official BIS Portal[1]. The applicant shall submit the application, documents, and test reports on the portal.

  • Product testing from BIS CRS recognized lab

The applicant shall apply to a BIS-recognized lab and place a request to conduct tests on the product. The lab shall carry out various tests and check the conformity of the product with the applicable BIS standard. A list of BIS-approved labs is available on the official website of BIS.

  • Application submission with test reports and requisite documents

To obtain a fresh license, the applicant must file Form-1 along with the documents and test report. For a BIS CRS certification for video camera, the Indian Standard applicable to video cameras, IS 616:2017, shall be opted for.

The applicant also needs to submit a BIS CRS Registration fee along with the application.

  • Assessment of the Application by BIS

After the submission of the application, it will be assessed by a BIS officer, who shall scrutinize the test report and the documents. The applicant shall be made privy to any mistakes in the application and shall be permitted to correct these mistakes.

  • Receipt of BIS Certificate

After the BIS officer has assessed the application, test reports and the requisite documents and is satisfied as to the sufficiency of the same, the application shall be accepted, and BIS shall grant the BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera to the applicant. A BIS CRS number shall also be generated, which shall be unique to the product. The applicant can download the BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera from the official BIS website.

The complete process of testing, BIS assessment of the application, documents, test reports and the final grant of BIS CRS Certification for Video Camera can take up to four to five weeks.

The BIS CRS certification for video cameras has validity for 2 years and requires to be renewed after such period by filing Form-VI, which is the renewal form for a BIS CRS Certificate. The renewal application must be filed before the validity period of the certificate expires and a late fee must be submitted along with renewal applications filed after the expiry of such period.


As per The Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order, 2012 brought forth by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology; video cameras require compulsory BIS CRS registration to operate in the Indian market. The Compulsory Registration Scheme was introduced by the MeitY in 2012 for products like video camera, which require compulsory BIS registration to be traded freely in the Indian market. It is imperative that manufacturers of video cameras obtain the requisite BIS CRS registration to freely store, sell, manufacture, export, or import their products or have them dealt in the same manner by other intermediaries. Any violation of directions under the order can lead to penalties. Moreover, the BIS license lends credibility to the product with regards to quality and instils consumer trust and loyalty in the brand.

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