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An Overview of BIS ISI for Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottle

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BIS ISI for Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottle

BIS is an Indian product certification uploaded and supervised under the Indian Bureau of Standards (BIS). As per different types of products, BIS certification is divided into three types: mandatory ISI mark certification, CRS certification, & voluntary certification. BIS is a third-party certification body. Products and goods that pass BIS certification will be labelled with the ISI mark. This label has a significant impact on India & surrounding countries. It has an outstanding reputation & is a reliable guarantee for product quality. Once the product & goods are marked with the ISI mark, it meets relevant Indian Standards & consumers can buy confidently. In this write-up, we will see an overview of BIS ISI for Plastic & Glass Feeding bottle.

What is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)?

The Bureau of Indian Standards[1] is a national standards body which regulates & promoting standards of goods & products in India. The BIS has set up 8 Central, four regional and three branch laboratories in India to test the product samples during the preliminary & surveillance process. The BIS certification for goods & products, even voluntary, is encouraged by the government for the following objectives:

  • It safeguards the health of the public.
  • It protects the customers from hazardous products.
  • It provides quality assurance to customers
  • It promotes customers’ confidence.

What is Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottle?

Feeding is a critical bonding moment. Bottle feeding enables us to feed your baby anytime easily & effectively. Plastic & Glass feeding bottles are lightweight and strong. The Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottles must be tested as per IS 14625: 2015 & IS 5168: 2018 under the BIS. Now, the manufacturer and sellers of Plastic & Glass feeding bottles must apply for BIS Certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards. BIS Certificate shall fulfil the safety requirement of Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottles.

Documents required to obtain BIS ISI for Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottle

Following are the essential documents which require to obtain BIS ISI for Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottles:

  • Name & Address proof of the applicant and the factory Premises.
  • Proof of Establishment of Manufacturing unit like Certificate of Incorporation and Registration Certificate, MOA, etc.
  • Certificate of SSI or MSME
  • information on Outsourcing of the manufacturing procedures
  • Layout plan
  • Map Location of the factory
  • Flow chart Manufacturing Process
  • List of Machinery involved
  • List of Testing equipment & facilities
  • Calibration Certificates of testing equipment
  • 3rd party laboratory test report according to the Indian Standards
  • In case an authorised signatory signs the Application, an authorisation letter by the CEO in the name of the authorised signatory
  • In the case of Overseas & foreign manufacturers, the Indian Agent & Nomination Form information.
  • Technical information of products, like PCB Layout, Schematic Diagrams, User Manual & Critical Components List
  • Receipt of Acknowledgement
  • Letter of Consent by CEO of Company
  • Undertaking & Affidavit attested with ID Proof & signature of the approved Indian Representative (in case of the foreign manufacturer)
  • Original Test Reports by BIS authorised Laboratory
  • Undertaking related to the test report

Procedure to obtain BIS ISI for Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottle

The process for BIS ISI for Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottle includes licensing & surveillance procedures:

The steps for Licensing of BIS certification are as follows:

  • Applicant fills out the application form as prescribed by BIS
  • Applications are submitted with all the essential documents
  • BIS Officer visits the applicant factory premises after receiving the Application for an inspection
  • The BIS Officer and inspection team also examine the product samples
  • After completing all examinations, the BIS Officer prepares the final test report.

Note: After the inspection process, the BIS officer and inspection team conducts the surveillance process for conducting a complete factory inspection.

The steps of the Surveillance procedure are as follows:

  • The examining Authority visits the factory premises to verify the test reports of the product.
  • BIS Officer sends the samples to the BIS authorised lab.
  • The test report gives brief feedback on the inspection
  • A performance review report is prepared
  • After examining all the documents and test reports, BIS issues the CertificateCertificate.

Validity of BIS ISI for Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottle

The BIS ISI certification granted by the BIS is valid for two years. The manufacturers can renew the BIS ISI Certification when there is nothing change in the product & prescribed standards. The renewed BIS ISI certificate will be valid for a minimum of one year to five years. The renewal of the BIS ISI certificate is subject to an annual advance minimum license fee and parking fee.

Note: If the BIS ISI Certification renewal application is filed after the Certificate, the applicant must pay a late fee of Rs.5000.


As mentioned, the BIS ISI for Plastic & Glass Feeding Bottle is an obligatory requirement to sell or distribute plastic & glass feeding bottles in the Indian market because it reflects that a product has met safety standards. Thus, certifying the safety of the final customers.

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