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An Overview of BIS for LED Television

calendar13 Aug, 2022
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BIS for LED Television

The product certification scheme of the BIS promotes quality assurance certification & use of ISI Mark to producers who confirm the quality standards mandated by the BIS. The Indian government has made BIS Certification compulsory for certain products, including electrical, electronic items, electric toys, LED light, LED televisions and a few electronic products for customs clearance for products imported from other countries. In this article, we will discuss the BIS for LED Television.

What is the BIS Certification?

The BIS is a government body which provides quality assurance certification and use of ISI Marks to producers who confirms the quality standards mandated by the BIS. The BIS product certificate scheme is open to manufacturers in each country without discrimination. Any business entity, Indian or Foreign, is free to apply for a BIS certificate by following their certification & licensing guidelines as given below:

  • Indian manufacturers can apply for the grant of a BIS Certificate under the simplified scheme by furnishing test reports of product samples tested by the BIS authorized laboratories, followed by a field visit by a BIS officer to the applicant’s factory premises. The BIS  Certificate is granted within 30 days once the field visit & test reports are found satisfactory & meeting BIS standards.
  • The Process for obtaining a BIS certificate from a foreign manufacturer is a little more complicated.
  • Indian Importers are treated under Indian manufacturers, provided they maintain a fully equipped laboratory to conduct tests confirming BIS standards.

What is LED Television?

Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are more effective and use less electricity than LCD televisions. The best aspect is that it uses up to 30% less energy and costs less because of its adaptable size and thickness. Under the BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme, plasma, LCD, and LED televisions with screens larger than 32″ are now included. A Plasma/LCD/LED Television with a screen size of at least 32″ must be registered online with BIS before being released or imported into India. The ability to produce, import, store, sell or distribute Plasma/LCD/LED TV in the Indian Market is made possible by BIS Registration. Since TVs are utilized in every home, BIS covered them under the Compulsory Registration Scheme.

Basic Requisite of BIS Certification

There are four pillars on which BIS License depends; without these, no applicant can apply for Indian BIS for LED Television. To obtain BIS Registration, the applicant needs to fulfil the following four requirements:

  • Manufacturer: The first essential requisite is that Indian BIS License is granted to the manufacturer only, not to sellers or importers. An importer may act as an AIR International manufacturer and apply to BIS. But the final BIS License is only granted to the manufacturer.
  • Product: Every product needs its own BIS license. But in case the same product category covers multiple models, then one license no will cover each model of the same product category. In short, one product with different models needs a single BIS license.
  • Address of manufacturing: Proper address of manufacturing will be written in the documents. In case the manufacturer has more than one factory premises for one product, then separate BIS Registration is required for each manufacturing premises.
  • Trademark or Brand: Every trademark or brand needs its own BIS License.

Documents required to Obtain BIS for LED Television

Following are some vital documents required to obtain BIS for LED Television in India:

  • Filled CDF/CCL form
  • Duly filled BIS application form
  • Business License of manufacturing premises
  • The purpose of a Business License
  • ISO certificate of the manufacturer
  • Marking Label or information of Marking on the product
  • Authorization letter (If the signatory person is other than the head of the manufacturing)
  • Trade Mark Certificate
  • Trademark Authorization Letter (If TM is owned from other than the manufacturer)
  • AIR (Authorized Indian Representative) Company registration proof in India (if the foreign manufacturer)
  • Photo ID of Authorized Indian Representative or Authorized Signatory
  • Technical Specification Sheet of Product or user manual

Procedure to Obtain BIS for LED Television

The Process for obtaining BIS for LED Television is divided into two part are following:

  • Process for Domestic Manufacturer

Step 1: Firstly, apply with all the essential documents and pay the registration fee.

Step 2: Testing of Product sample by BIS authorized laboratory.

Step 3: Submit a copy of the application online or offline, along with a test report of product samples.

 Step 4: BIS officers and the inspection team will verify the application and all documents.

Step 5: Grant the BIS License.

  • Process for Foreign Manufacturer

Step 1: Firstly, nominate AIR (Authorized Indian Representative)[1] which can represent a foreign manufacturer.

Step 2: Apply online with all the vital documents and pay the prescribed fee for the BIS registration.

Step 3: Get the product sample tested from the BIS authorized laboratory.

Step 4: Submit a copy of the applications online or offline, along with the test report of the product.

Step 5: BIS officer or inspection team verify the application along with the test report and documents.

Step 6: Grant the BIS License.


As previously indicated, getting a BIS for LED Television or other IT products needs a thorough application procedure which can be challenging for the untrained individual. An expert method is required to get the BIS certificate without any errors.

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BIS Certification

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