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An Overview of BIS for Amplifier

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BIS for Amplifier

BIS Certification is the way of assuring consumers of the quality standards of the product. The BIS Certification is a guarantee that the product is safe for use. At the same time, it is a voluntary certification empowered by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) Act, 1986. BIS Certification is compulsory for manufacturers of electronic products such as automatic Data Processing Machines, Printers, UPS, Speakers, amplifiers, and more electronic products in India. Without that, they cannot sell their electronic product in the Indian market. Even for Foreign & International brands which wish to import into and trade within India, the BIS Certification is compulsory before launch or before the product enters India. These electronic products are classified under BIS’s CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme). In this write-up, we will discuss an overview of BIS for Amplifier.

What is the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) under BIS?

In 2012, the CRS was introduced by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY); now, it is known as the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY)[1] with the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). Under the CRS scheme, manufacturers must register their products before launching them in the Indian market. BIS Registration is necessary for each electronic product listed in CRS and if anyone wants to sell the particular items or product in the Indian market. All manufacturers, regardless Indian or Foreign, must apply for BIS CRS registration to import the product in India or to make sales in the Indian market.

What is Amplifier?

All the Amplifiers are tested under the Indian Standards mentioned in IS 616: 2010. This standard applies to each product categorized under Audio, video & all similar electronic safety requirements from BIS – under that, and the standard applies to provide safety by hazards such as electric shock, overheating, fire, radiation, and mechanical issues because of excessive temperatures & even implosion.

Some Important Factors for BIS Registration

There are four main factors for BIS CRS Registration in India:

  • Product Category: If the manufacturer manufactures more than one product, they must apply a separate license application for every product category. For example, a manufacturer manufacturing smartwatches and adapters must file two different applications with BIS.
  • Manufacturer: BIS License is granted only to the domestic manufacturers of the applied product. The trade, importer, and retailer are not eligible for the BIS license. They can act as their AIR in India in case the manufacturer does not have their office in India. However, the license is granted on behalf of the manufacturer only.
  • Brand of the Product: The manufacturer manufacturing the same product for more than one brand has to apply for a separate BIS License. If the manufacturer is manufacturing amplifiers for brand X and brand Y, have to apply for two separate BIS Licenses.
  • Address of Manufacturer: The BIS license is issued to the manufacturer for an individual premises address. If the address of the manufacturer changes, the new BIS license is to be applied for. If the manufacturer has more than one manufacturing address for the same product, then the separate BIS license applies to each site.

Documents Required for Obtaining BIS for Amplifier

Following are some essential documents for obtaining BIS for Amplifier in India:

  • Filled CDF or CCL form
  • Duly filled BIS application form
  • Scope of Business License (English Translation + Local Language)
  • Business Licence of manufacturing unit (English Translation + Local Language)
  • ISO certificate of manufacturer
  • Marking Label or information of Marking on the product
  • Authorization letter (If the signatory person is other than the head of the manufacturing)
  • Trade Mark Certificate
  • Trademark Authorization Letter (If TM is owned by other than the manufacturer)
  • AIR Company registration proof (if  foreign manufacturer)
  • Photo ID of Authorized Indian Representative or Authorized Signatory
  • PCB Layout, Block Diagram, Circuit Diagram 

Procedure for Obtaining BIS for Amplifier

 Following are the steps for obtaining BIS for Amplifier in India:

Step 1: The first step in the procedure involves submitting the product samples for testing according to the Indian Standard (IS) with a BIS-authorized laboratory.

Step 2: The lab carries out extensive tests on the product sample & accordingly provides a test report of product samples.

Step 3: If the test report confirms conformity and compliance, the manufacturer or his representative must apply to the regional BIS office by prescribed Form-VI. The BIS authorized lab report must be attached with all other documents mentioned above.

Step 4: An BIS officer and inspection team will inspect the factory premises post; after carefully examining the report and inspecting the documents submitted, the Bureau of Indian Standards grant the BIS for Amplifier.


BIS is a self-governing agency that establishes safety and quality standards for India. Its primary duty is to provide quality control and standards for Indian Products and services. Additionally, BIS awards certification and conformity mark to products that meet its requirements. This promotes exporting Indian products and services while protecting Indian customers against inferior and hazardous products.

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BIS Certification

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