BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Registration

An Overview of BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box

calendar02 Sep, 2022
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BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box

A Set Top Box (STB) is a device attached to a Television (TV) to support digital broadcasting. It receives signals via a cable and telephone connection and converts them into visuals. The increasing digitisation of cable TV networks, along with advancements in digital broadcasting technologies, represents one of the main factors bolstering the market growth in India. In India, the set-top box market is expected to exhibit a CAGR of 2.3% from 2022-2027. The Bureau of Indian Standard released an official notification stating the requirement of compulsory registration for the said product category under scheme II. The worldwide manufacturers, including India, wish to manufacture a set-top box to get BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box. Without a valid BIS CRS Registration, no manufacturer can trade or sell in the Indian market. This article will discuss BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box.

Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)

In 2012, the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY) announced the CRS in collaboration with the BIS (BIS of Indian Standards). On October 2012, MeitY issued a notice entitled “Electronics & Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) order, 2012” for 15 categories of electronic products. Other electronic products categories were added during the subsequent years, including 15 kinds of products in 2014 (from MeitY), Indian standard for Indian phones language & support in 2016, 13 products in 2017, and five more added from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE)[1]. Electronics products that are notified to be placed under the Compulsory Registration Orders from the Government of India need to be registered under the CRS. It is based on the Self Declaration of Conformity. Manufacturers of these electronics goods need to apply for BIS CRS Registration after having their electronic goods tested by BIS authorised laboratory.

Note: As per the order, no one is permitted to manufacture or store products for sale or distribute products that don’t satisfy the Indian standard in the order and don’t carry the standard mark with the unique registration (R) number obtained by the BIS.

Basic Requisites for BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box

  • Manufacturer: The essential thing is that BIS Registration Certificate is granted to the manufacturer only, not to importers or distributer. An importer may act as an Authorised Indian Representative (AIR) of a Foreign Manufacturer and can submit the application form to BIS. But the final registration certificate is only granted to the original manufacturer.
  • Product Category: In case of a manufacturer is manufacturing more than one item, he must apply a separate registration application for every product category.
  • Manufacturing Address: The proper manufacturing location address shall be mentioned in the vital documents. If the manufacturers have more than one manufacturing premises for one similar product, then a separate BIS Registration Certificate is required for each factory location.
  • Trademark or Brand Name: Every trademark or brand needs its own BIS Registration Certification.

Who is Eligible to Apply for BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box?

  • Manufacturing products that fall within the Compulsory Registration Order (CRO) is notified by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology or the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE).
  • Manufacturers must request a separate registration (R) number for their electronics products produced on different premises.
  • Manufacturers need to request a different identification number in accordance brand manufactured simultaneously.
  • Set Top Boxes need to be registered according to IS 13252(Part 1):2010 under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) by BIS dated 03-July-2013.

Documents Required for BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box

Following are some essential documents needed to obtain BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box in India:

  • Application form with duly sealed and signed
  • Business License of the manufacturing premises;
  • Brand authorization letter (only when the brand is declared as owned by Others).
  • ISO Certificate of the manufacturer;
  • In case of the signatory person is other than the head of the manufacturing facility, then submit the letter of authorisation;
  • Testing documents like filled CDF and CCL;
  • Nomination Letter of Authorised Indian Representative (AIR);
  • Affidavit and Undertaking;
  • Test Report issued by BIS approved lab.
  • Trademark Certificate (if any);
  • Trademark Authorisation Letter (If the manufacturer does not own the brand)
  • Product manual of the applied devices.
  • List of Raw Materials/Components.

Procedure to Obtain BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box

The procedure for obtaining BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box is divided into two part are following:

  • Procedure for Indian (Domestic) Manufacturer

Step 1: Submit the online application form, submit all vital documents, and pay the prescribed fee for the registration or testing process.

Step 2: Product samples testing by BIS authorised laboratory.

Step 3: Submit a copy of the application form offline/online, including the product sample test report.

Step 4: BIS officers and Inspection teas verify the application form and essential documents.

Step 5: Grant the BIS CRS Registration.

  • Procedure for Foreign (Overseas) Manufacturer

Step 1: Nominate the AIR, which can represent a foreign manufacturer.

Step 2: Submit an application form and all documents and pay the fee for the BIS Registration.

Step 3: Get the product samples tested by the Bis-authorised laboratory.

Step 4: Submit a copy of the application form offline/online, including the product samples test report.

Step 5: BIS officers and the Inspection team verify the application and documents, including the test report of product samples.

Step 6: Grant the BIS CRS Registration Certificate.

Note: BIS CRS Registration for Set Top Box is valid for two years, and after, if there are no changes in the product and the standard of the product, it will go for the renewable registration process.

Points must be considered to Obtain BIS CRS Registration Certificate

  • Select BIS Authorised Laboratory for testing and an experienced compliance partner until you have the expertise and office in India that can assist you.
  • Another essential thing is applicant need to consider while selecting BIS authorised lab for testing product samples is that the certification of the laboratory should be valid and not suspended. And at that time lab shall not be in the middle of or about to get inspected.
  • Before shipment of product, make sure complete arrangements have been made for the entire shipment by your address to the testing lab’s door.
  • All the documents should be signed through the manufacturer, brand owned, AIR, and in addition, documents should be notarised & stamped by the owner and AIR.
  • In CDF (Construction Data Form), product information shall be filled accurately & in CCL (Critical Component List), product components details should be filled in a brief and accurate way.
  • All the test report of product samples is valid for 90 days before the expiry of the product test report should be submitted to BIS. If you are unable to submit the report to BIS, then you have to submit the new product samples again for testing.
  • All the documents shall be ready before the testing of the product samples.
  • After the submission of all vital documents, including the product test report, Indian BIS mainly takes about 15 days to approve the registration certificate. In some cases, it may be very such as it can take 30 to 60 days; that is a more realistic time period to expect.

Procedure of Lab Testing for the BIS CRS Registration

Following is the list of documents for testing:

  • CDF with Critical component list;
  • PCB Layouts;
  • Enclosure Diagram;
  • Organisation chart;
  • Business license;
  • Circuit Diagram;
  • Application information.


Even though it is optional, obtaining the BIS CRS Registration Certificate has several advantages in the workplace. Due to increased client confidence in the BIS CRS mark, businesses can generate more revenue. Product Certification under BIS is required. All electronic goods producers must obtain BIS CRS Registration before launching their goods on the Indian market.

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BIS CRS Registration

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