BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Registration

How to Obtain BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines in India?

calendar22 Aug, 2022
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BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines

All Cash Machines (Cash Register & ATM Machine) has been included in the mandatory BIS CRS Registration Scheme under IS Standard IS 13252 (Part 1) 2010. These products cannot be imported/exported, or sold in the Indian market without BIS CRS Registration. The electronic cash register market size can be USD 1.76 billion during 2020-24, and the market development of the force will speed up during the figure time frame. Cash Machines[1] help customers of financial or bank to perform several functions such as cash withdrawal, fund transfer, transaction statement, account information, change pin, etc.; it performs many tasks for customers and bank officials. This blog will discuss obtaining BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines in India.

What is the Bureau of Indian Standards?

The Bureau of Indian Standards is also known as BIS, a National Standards body regulating & promoting standards of products in India. The BIS has set up eight central, four regional, and three branch labs in India to test the products during the preliminary & surveillance operations. The BIS Certification for goods and products, even voluntary, is encouraged by the government for the following objectives:

  • It promotes customers’ confidence;
  • It protects the customers from hazardous products;
  • It provides quality assurance of products;
  • It provides a safeguard to public health.

What is a Compulsory Registration Scheme?

The Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeiTy) notified the CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) in 2012. It passed Electronics & Information Technology Goods (Requirement for Compulsory Registration) Order, 2012, for 15 categories of electronics products. Under CRS, the manufacturer of the product listed under the CRS has to obtain the BIS Registration Certification for these products compulsorily. According to the 2012 order passed by the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, an individual cannot manufacture, import, or distribute a sale that doesn’t conform to the Indian Standards specified in the order & bear the standard mark with a BIS unique registration number. The manufacturer can obtain BIS Certification under the CRS by registration based on self-declaration of conformity for every product through filing Form-I under smart registration.

Documents required for BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines

Following are some essential documents to obtain the BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines in India:

  • Duly filled BIS Application Form
  • Filled out Form of CDF or CCL
  • The scope of Business License (English Translation & Local Language)
  • Business license of manufacturing premises (English Translation & Local Language)
  • ISO certificate of the manufacturer
  • Authorisation letter (If the signatory person is other than the head of the manufacturing)
  • Marking Label or Information of Marking on the product
  • Trade Mark Certificate
  • Trademark Authorization Letter (in case TM is owned by other than the manufacturer)
  • Authorised Indian Representative (AIR) Company registration proof in India (in case of the overseas manufacturer)
  • Photo ID of Authorised Indian Representative or Authorised Signatory
  • Technical Specification Sheet of Product or user manual

Procedure to Obtain BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines

The process to obtain BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines is divided into two part are following:

  • Procedure for Foreign Manufacturer

Step 1: Nominate Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) who can represent foreign manufacturers.

Step 2: Submit an online application form, submit all vital documents, and pay the BIS CRS Registration fee.

Step 3: Get the product samples tested by the BIS authorised laboratory.

Step 4: Apply offline/online copy, including the product samples test report.

Step 5: BIS officers verify the application form, test product report, and other requirements documents.

Step 6: grant the BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines.

  • Procedure for Indian Manufacturer

Step 1: Submit the application form and all essential documents and pay the prescribed fee for registration.

Step 2: Product sample testing by BIS authorised laboratory.

Step 3: Apply offline/online copy, including the product samples test report.

Step 4: BIS officers verify the application form, test product report, and other requirements documents.

Step 5: grant the BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines.

Note: BIS CRS Registration is valid for two years, and it can be further renewed in case there is no change in the standard of the product.

Following is the procedure for Implementing Surveillance

  • Collection of Surveillance cost;
  • Refund (in case of cancellation of expiry of BIS Registration);
  • Transportation/Packaging and submission of the samples to BIS authorised labs;
  • Revision of Surveillance cost by BIS;
  • Final State of Surveillance;
  • Drawl of Sample;
  • Disposal of Samples or Remnants.

Additional Licensing Compliance

Following are the Additional Licensing Compliance vertical of the Group also deals with the following domains:

  • Complete In-house Infrastructure for several certifications at a single click.
  • Assistance in standard formulation and Scheme of the testing process.
  • Products Evolution and Advisory on registration of products under BIS CRS Registration Scheme and BIS Certification.
  • Analysis reports for any changes in Indian standards & regulations for compliance by Company.
  • Advisory on new goods to be included in BIS CRS Registration and BIS Certification, BIS regulations, QCO & its interpretation based on draft Orders by respective ministries.
  • Advisory on Representation to Ministries for NOC or Exclusion of products.
  • Portrayal to every government department for any clarification or query of the Company.
  • Strategic Assistance to ensure business continuity & development.
  • Representation on behalf of the Company to several government organisations as a legal compliance partner.
  • We are drafting emails to the BIS authority to obtain clarity on BIS regulations or QCO.
  • Update on upcoming regulations & their compliances,
  • Arrange meeting with BIS and ministries to clarify the inclusion or Exclusion of Products or any other clarifications.


As was already mentioned, obtaining a BIS CRS Registration for Cash Machines or other electronics equipment necessitates a lengthy application process that can be difficult for the unskilled person. To successfully earn your certificate online, a professional procedure is needed.

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BIS CRS Registration

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