BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Registration

BIS CRS Certification for Hermetic compressor: A Extensive Outlook

calendar19 Oct, 2022
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BIS CRS Certification for Hermetic Compressor: A Extensive Outlook

The hermetic compressor is a vital component of household refrigerators and commercial chilling units. Due to its closed-loop design, it is difficult to maintain, but it is quite compact and has a better service life. Hermetic compressor falls under the Compulsory Registration Scheme of BIS. One of the standards governing the manufacturing and quality facets of hermetic compressors is IS 10617:2018. In this write-up, we will look into important aspects of BIS CRS certification for Hermetic compressor in detail.

What is the role of Indian Standard 10617:2018?

IS 10617:2018 primarily encompasses hermetically sealed refrigeration and AC compressors based on rotary, reciprocating, and scroll pump mechanisms leveraging the vapour compression cycle and works fine for low, moderate, and high temp applications.

The capacity of these compressors should be computed by the manufacturer in line with Indian standards. A fail-safe mechanism should be there as well to ensure end-users safety. The protections that usually serve these compressors include an electronic-controlled protection system or a bimetallic thermal overload protection (OLP) system. The OLPs can be either external or internal to the compressor.

The manufacturer should follow the given parameters for categorizing Hermetic Compressors while keeping the IS 10617:2018 for GoL/CSoL in view:


  • Low Back Compressor (LBP)
  • Commercial Back Compressor (CBP) / Medium Back Compressor (MBP)
  • High Back Compressor (HBP)

Numbers of Phase

  • Single phase
  • Three phase 

Test to be performed on Hermetic Compressors

The compressor test shall be categorized into two types:

  1. Type Tests:
    • Refrigeration Capacity Test
    • Locked Rotor Test
    • Startability Test
    • Insulation Resistance Test
    • High Voltage Test
    • Bursting Test
    • Pneumatic Test of Shell
  2. Routine Tests:

The manufacturer should stay in line with the colour and packing specifications outlined in the standards. Every compressor must reflect its specs as per the standards. The information should be engraved on the compressor, which must be visible with ease.

Labelling Requirements Concerning BIS CRS Certification for Hermetic Compressor

IS 10617:2018 lays down various norms around labelling and marking. Adhering to the underlying norms can help manufacturers secure BIS registration and certification mark for their products. The authority will grant the certification as per the Bureau of Indian Standards Act, 2016. Use of the certification mark cannot come into effect unless the manufacturer secures the BIS Registration.

The BIS accords its permission for the use of certification mark only after the successful completion of the vetting process, which is time-consuming and quite rigorous. During the inspection, BIS may send their officials to the applicant’s facility to make some mandatory checks. However, BIS usually takes the following facets into account for performing extensive vetting procedures.

  • Manufacturing infrastructure
  • Quality control
  • Testing capabilities
  • Production process.

Requirements to be fulfilled for BIS CRS Certification

The list below entails the fundamental requirements for obtaining the BIS registration

  • The product should be in line with the criteria outlined under the Indian Standards
  • BIS CRS Certification for Hermetic compressor is only applicable to the manufacturers. Retailer or Distributor does not fall under this registration.
  • The BIS CRS Certification for Hermetic compressor applies to a single product and a single production facility. If a manufacturer plans to open a new production facility in any location, separate application filing must be done for both product and the facility.
  • The in-house lab should be served by qualified personnel and must have all the testing equipment in accordance with Indian Standards.
  • All production processes, from raw material procurement to the final packaging, should be executed in the same facility. The outsourcing activities require BIS approval.
  • The technical guidelines are accessible for all products outlined under the Product Certification Scheme. The scheme encompasses sampling norms, type of test equipment, a scheme of vetting and testing, a scope description, etc. Applicants can go through the manual to prepare a roadmap for successful vetting and application filing. This is the best way to avert the chances of cancellation.

Documents concerning BIS CRS Certification for Hermetic Compressor

Following are some crucial documents required for BIS CRS Certification for Hermetic Compressor:

  • Name as well as address proof of the factory and the owner.
  • Proof of production facilities such as MOA and incorporation certificate
  • Factory license
  • Layout plan
  • Certified flowchart of the manufacturing process
  • List of the equipment and machines used in the factory
  • List of testing apparatus and equipment
  • Calibration Certificates of testing equipment
  • Testing report by a certified lab
  • An authorization letter from the CEO confirming that the assigned person has been nominated as the legal person to deal with the registration formalities.
  • If the applicant is from the other nations, detail of the Indian agent and nomination form
  • Technical details of Hermetic compressors, along with the component list.

Steps to Secure BIS CRS Certification for Hermetic Compressor

The following are the steps to obtain BIS Certification for Hermetic Compressor:

  1. The applicant visits the BIS portal and fetches the applicable registration form
  2. Applicant fill up the form and attest the mandatory documents as mentioned in the following section
  3. Applicant submits the application along with the documentation as per BIS Act[1].
  4. BIS sends the vetting professionals to the applicant’s facility to make some legal checks.
  5. BIS officers collect the product sample and send it to a certified lab for testing
  6. The applicant collects the testing report and shares it with the BIS via an online portal.
  7. After successful scrutiny, BIS will grant the certification.


In this dynamic marketplace, it’s really hard to cope with the intense competition without being unique and standing out. Adhering to quality standards is one way to outsmart the competition. The quality standards underpinned by BIS have global recognition and serve as an indicator of reliability and quality. BIS is an apex government institution that formulates and revises product standards while considering public safety. BIS rolls out its registration under the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS).

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BIS CRS Registration

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