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About Vinayak Trivedi

Vinayak Trivedi is an expert Legal Counsel with 8+ Years of combined experience in the field of law. From handling legal and IP subject matters to reviewing and drafting agreements, suits, petitions, notices and their replies, he has an edge in the industry. He is capable of converting an ordinary topic into a thought-provoking one.

EPFO Claim Portal: How to Get Your Money Fast

The ability to quickly access one’s funds is essential in the ever-changing world of financial transactions. Millions of Indian workers rely on the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) as a crucial tool for managing their retirement funds. However, how quickly people receive their money can be greatly impacted by how well they use the EPFO […]

Food Security Scheme Rajasthan 2024: Core Highlights

The Rajasthan Food Security scheme is gaining the spotlight for several reasons. In a world where food security is still a major concern, especially for emerging countries like India, creative solutions are essential. In addition to providing a safety net against hunger, the idea of a food security scheme offers basic foods free up to […]