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Shubhangi has completed her B. A.LLB (H) with specialization in Business Laws from Amity University. She is particularly interested in legal research and writing and wishes to utilize her knowledge to create informative legal content. She has prior experience in criminal litigation and has great drafting skills. She has also published various research papers in reputed journals.

Top Benefits of HACCP in Food Industry

India’s food industry comprises of various segments such as fruits, vegetables, plantations, fisheries, and confectioneries. The food industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. The food processing industry of India amounts for 32% of the food market aggregate of the country. It contributes approximately 8.80 GVA in Manufacturing and 8.39% of Gross […]

Requirements and Procedure for RNI Title Registration

RNI stands for The Office of Registrar of Newspapers for India. It comes under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It is the authority that issues license and consent for publishing newspapers, journals or any form of a printed publication. It came in force on 1st July 1956 on the recommendation of the First Press […]

Overview of ECO Mark Logo for Cosmetic Products in India

The ECO Mark is represented by an earthern pot. The reason behind choosing this symbol is that it utilizes renewable sources such as earth consumes very little energy in its making and does not produce hazardous waste, which is also the primary determinant for considering a product for the Eco Mark LOGO. It also signifies […]

Overview of ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories

The Automobile industry significantly contributes to India’s technological development and macroeconomic growth. The automobile sector contributes around 35% of India‘s manufacturing GDP. Automobile accessories are used for vehicles like a scooter, trucks or cars etc. The automobile accessories are add-ons needed to enhance the performance of the vehicles and protect as well as maintain the vehicle. The […]