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Overview of ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories

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ISI Certification Procedure

The Automobile industry significantly contributes to India’s technological development and macroeconomic growth. The automobile sector contributes around 35% of India‘s manufacturing GDP. Automobile accessories are used for vehicles like a scooter, trucks or cars etc. The automobile accessories are add-ons needed to enhance the performance of the vehicles and protect as well as maintain the vehicle. The accessories like tyre tubes and wheeler rims can help avoid accidents. Hence it becomes important to ensure that these accessories are of good quality and safe to use, which can be confirmed through a proper ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories.

What is ISI?

ISI refers to Indian Standard Institute. The ISI Mark guarantees that an electrical product is in accordance with the Indian Standards prescribed ISI. ISI Certification refers to the process of obtaining an ISI Mark. However, obtaining  ISI Certification is voluntary, but certain electrical products need ISI Certification before being sold in the market.

Products that are Mandatory to Undergo ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories

There are a few Automobile Accessories that come under the compulsory products for ISI Certification. The products that that require compulsory ISI Certification are –

  • IS 13098 Automotive Vehicles- Tubes for Pneumatic Tyres-specification
  • IS 15627 Automotive Vehicles – Pneumatic Tyres For Two And Three-wheeled Motor Vehicles
  • IS 15633 Automotive Vehicles – Pneumatic Tyres for Passenger Car Vehicles – Diagonal And Radial Ply
  • IS 15636 Automotive Vehicles – Pneumatic Tyres for Commercial Vehicles – Diagonal And Radial Ply
  • ISI 16192 Automotive Vehicles – Wheel Rims for Two and Three Wheeled Vehicles Part 2 Sheets Metal Wheel Rims – Methods of Tests and Requirement
  • IS 16192 (Part 2) Automotive Vehicles – Wheel Rims for Two and Three Wheeled
  • IS 16192 (Part 3) Wheel Rims for Two and Three Wheeled Vehicles – Spoke Wheel Rims – Method of Tests and Requirements
  • IS 2465 Cables for Motor Vehicles
  • IS 7372 Lead-acid Storage Batteries for Motor Vehicles
  • IS 9436 Performance Requirements And Methods Of Tests For Wheels For Passenger Cars.
  • IS 9438 Performance Requirements And Methods Of Tests For Wheels/rims For Trucks
  •  IS 9973 Specification For Visor For Scooter Helmets
  •  IS/ISO 6742 (Part 2) Cycles – Lighting And Retro-reflective Devices – Photometric And Physical Requirements Part 2 Retro-reflective Devices.

Who prescribes the ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories?

The ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories is prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards, which is a governmental body focusing on the harmonious development of Standardization, Conformity Assessment and Quality Assurance of goods, services, processes and systems. The Indian Standards developed by this organization underpin the basis for the Product Certification Schemes, which facilitates Third Party Assurance of safety, quality, & reliability of products to the end-users.

Key Points to Consider Regarding ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories

  • It is important for the seller to specify the ISI Mark certification details on every invoice,
  • A complaint can be filled with the BIS in case the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the product.
  • All the manufacturers are monitored by the BIS regularly.
  • It takes around three months for the BIS officer to investigate the complaint.

Objectives of ISI Certification for Automobile Accessories

The objectives of ISI Certification for Automobile Accessories are-

  • Make sure the delivery of high-quality products to its customers
  • Provide better growth prospects to the customers
  • Guarantee the safety of the product
  • Reduce the wastage of the product leading to Minimization of the product cost
  • Improve the credibility of the business

Benefits of ISI Certification for Automobile Accessories

The benefits of ISI Certification for Automobile Accessories are given below.

  • Acts as a Proof of Quality

The ISI mark indicates that the product is in accordance with the Indian standards, which makes the customers assured about the quality of the product.

  • Reduces the risk of losses in the business as well as rejection of products 

The certificate confirms that the product is manufactured according to the standards and is safe to use, reducing the challenges and interruptions in production. This helps the business to function smoothly and leads to a reduction in losses together with reducing the rejection of the product  

  • Guarantees Better Performance & Shelf Life of the Product

A product with an ISI certification is presumed to be of good quality. The good quality increases the performance shelf Life of the Product, making it a better choice than an uncertified product.

  • Enhances the Goodwill of the Company 

Dealing with ISI-certified products leads to customer satisfaction and customer retention. This provides an edge to the business over its competitors, enhancing the goodwill of the business in the domestic and international markets.

List of Documents required for ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories

Following are some vital documents required for ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories:

  • Address proof of manufacturing unit 
  • A copy of the Registration Certificate 
  • A copy of the test report by a BIS authorised internal laboratory[1] (not older than one month)
  • Location map
  • Copy of Trademark registration
  • Legal Address Proof of Factory
  • The organizational chart of the Factory
  • List of Machinery as well as equipment
  • Documents of Authorized Indian Representative, i.e. AIR for the overseas manufacturer.
  • PCB Layout
  • User Manual
  • Schematic Diagram
  • Critical Components List

Steps for ISI Certification Procedure for Automobile Accessories

Following is the step by step ISI Certification procedure for Automobile Accessories:

  • Selection of the Product Code of the Automobile Accessories –

There is a unique ISI code designated for each product in IS1234 format. The first step is selecting the Product Code for the automobile accessories.

  • Filing the Application Form for obtaining ISI Certification – After selecting the product code, the applicant needs to fill out the application form, i.e. Form V, along with the prescribed fees to obtain ISI Certification; the applicant must also pay audit fees for further inspection.

Note: Separate application form is required to be filled by the applicant for each product

  • Evaluation of Application & Inspection of the Factory Premise by the BIS Officer

The BIS officer will evaluate the application form and the documents and visit the production factory for the sample testing. The sample testing can be through BIS-certified labs or On-Site, depending upon the type of product.

  • Submission Sample Testing Report – 

After the verification and inspection process The applicant must obtain the product sample’s report from the authorised labs and submit it to BIS.

  • Issuance of ISI Certificate – 

The BIS Authority issues the ISI Certification after completing the application, verification and inspection process. 

Validity of ISI Certification in India

The validity of the ISI Certificate is one year after which the applicant needs to apply for the Renewal ISI Certification for Automobile Accessories by filing the renewal application.


It can be concluded from the above discussion that securing ISI Certification for the Automobile Accessories is important as this certification is a proof that the product is of good quality and safe to use. This can enhance the reliability of the product and ensure a better performance.

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