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Overview of ECO Mark Logo for Cosmetic Products in India

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ECO Mark Logo

The ECO Mark is represented by an earthern pot. The reason behind choosing this symbol is that it utilizes renewable sources such as earth consumes very little energy in its making and does not produce hazardous waste, which is also the primary determinant for considering a product for the Eco Mark LOGO. It also signifies fragility and strength, which is characteristic of our ecosystem. The most important feature of the ECO Mark Logo is that the product carrying the ECO Mark Logo is believed to cause the least damage to the environment.

Objectives of ECO Mark Logo

The key objectives of ECO Mark Logo are 

  1. Incentives to the Manufactures: The manufacturer who has ECO Mark on their products will be given additional Incentives by the BIS Organization as it not only assures the quality of the product but also signifies that the product is environmentally friendly. 
  2. Environmental Sustainability: The ECO Mark certification can help reduce the overall impact of the industry’s products and contribute to environmental sustainability.
  3. Social Accountability: This Mark can spread awareness amongst the customers about the need to protect the environment and make the consumers socially accountable. Securing this label on products will ensure that consumers are socially accountable.
  • Encourage the Consumer to buy Environment Friendly Products: The ECO Mark will spread awareness about the importance of protecting the environment, which will encourage consumers to buy Environment-Friendly Products 
  • Improve the Environment’s Quality: Getting this type of accreditation would also increase the environment’s overall quality.

Benefits of Eco Mark Logo

  • Increased Efficiency

A product having ECO MARK Logo is considered to be more effient as compared to other products as the Mark indicates that the product is according to the Indian standards.

  • Better Consumer Awareness

The ECO Mark also helps in spreading awareness about the importance of environment protection in the country.

  • Compliance

The ECO Mark also helps in the compliance of the Indian standards prescribed by the Bureau of Indian Standards.

List of Cosmetic Products That Require Eco Mark Logo 

The list of the products that require the ECO MARK Logo are 

  • Skin Powder IS 3959:1978
  • Skin Powder for infant IS 5399:1978
  • Tooth Powder IS 5383:1978
  • Tooth Paste IS 6356:1993
  • Skin Cream IS 6608:1978
  • Hair oil IS 7123:1993
  • Shampoo Soap based IS 7669:1990
  • Shampoo Synthetic Detergent based IS 7884:1992
  • Hair Cream IS 7679:1978
  • Oxidation Hair dye liquid IS 8481:1993
  • Cologne IS 8482:1977
  • Nail Polish (Nail Enamel) IS 9245:1993
  • After Shave Lotion IS 9255:1979
  • Pomades and Brilliantines IS 9339:1988
  • Depilatories chemical IS 9636:1988
  • Shaving Cream IS 9740:1981
  • Cosmetic pencil IS 9832:1981
  • Lipstick IS 9875:1990
  • Lipsalve IS 10284: 1982
  • Powder hair dye IS 10350: 1993
  • Bindi liquid IS 10998: 1984
  • Kumkum powder IS 10999: 1984
  • Heena powder IS 11142: 1984
  • Liquid foundation makeup IS 14318: 1995

Eligibility Criteria of Eco Mark Logo For Cosmetics In India 

 The following environmental criteria must be checked while reviewing a product for eco Mark

  1. All the manufacturers must comply with IS 4707 for the Ingredients required in the cosmetics formulation. The product-specific requirements of IS 4707 need to be followed for the classification of cosmetic raw materials and ajunts.
  2. The package should display the list of all the critical ingredients in the product, and that list must be certified by BIS. 
  3. The manufacture needs to procure all types of necessary clearance certificates from the concerned environmental laws. 
  4. It should also mention the criteria based on which the product is termed as Environment Friendly. 
  5. The raw material used to make the cosmetic should be recyclable, biodegradable and reusable. 
  6. Product Specific Requirements 
  • The product should be dermatologic ally tested and safe to use, which should be checked as per 4011:1982.
  • The biodegradable surfactant agent should comply with the limit specified in ECO Mark for synthetic detergents. 
  • Heavy metals should not exceed the prescribed limit i.e. 20 & 2 ppm 
  • The ingredients should be formulated according to 6356:1993 and IS 5383:1978. Additionally, the amount of fluoride in the toothpaste should not be more than 25 ppm.
  • The use of halogenated organic solvent is prohibited for making nail polish.
  • Hair dyes should not be made with lead colour.
  • The product should emit fewer pollutants than the other types of products to obtain the label. This can help reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and other products. Manufacturing[1] products should be recyclable, renewable & energy-efficient, effectively promoting the ideals of sustainable development throughout the environment.
  • The contribution of the Manufacturing products towards environmental degradation must be less .
  • The products should have a lower environmental impact than the other products that are created & produced must have a lower environmental impact than other types of products.

List of Documents Required For Eco Mark Logo For Cosmetic Products In India

Given below is the list of vital Documents that are required for Obtaining the ECO Mark Certification:

  • Certificate of Incorporation of the Company
  • No Objection Certificate from the concerned SPCB 
  • Small Scale Industry Certificate to avail concessional rate of Marking fee 
  • Quality assurance Certificate, if Any
  • Any other certificate granted by the concerned department of the government. 

Procedure Eco Mark Logo For Cosmetics In India

The procedure to obtain an ECO Mark certification has quite easy and simple. The process to get the license to use the Eco Mark is as follows:

  • Fill out the Application – The applicant needs to fill out the application in the prescribed format along with the payment of fees. 
  • Inspection By BIS Officer – The BIS officer will examine the various facilities and the type of products manufactured in the industry.  
  • Testing of product in BIS Certified Lab – the BIS Officer will collect the sample of the product and send it for testing in a BIS Certified Lab. 
  • Verification of Test Report- the officer will then verify the results of the product sample sent to the Laboratory for testing.
  • Grant of License- The BIS will grant the license after being satisfied with the test reports and the inspection of the premises. The validity of the license is one year.


ECO Mark acts as an indicator of good quality of a product as well as being safe for the environment. It can be concluded from the above discussion that securing an ECO Mark Logo for Cosmetic Products in India is necessary to protect the environment as well as for the safety of the consumers who are using these cosmetics.

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