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She is pushing Diploma in Drafting , Negotiation & Enforcement of Contract from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. She has done Masters from Amity University , Lucknow in 2021 with Masters Degree in Law. Also she has been graduated from the Dr Ram Manohar Lohia National law University, Lucknow in 2020 with  Bachelor Degree in Law.

Arunachala Gounder Vs. Ponnuswamy

The Indian Constitution provides a comprehensive framework to ensure equality for all of its residents. Women in our country have not been hesitant to present their legal claims to inherited and privately obtained property to the courts throughout the past few decades. The High Court of Madras’ civil appeal decision in a partition case was […]

How to Get a Succession Certificate for Shares?

A succession certificate is a legal document that a court of law issues to identify the legitimate successors to a decedent’s property. This applies to stock in corporations, which may be a significant asset in a person’s inheritance. However, if you are unfamiliar with the legal processes required, acquiring a succession certificate for shares can […]

How Much Does A Succession Certificate Cost?

This certificate is a legal document that a court issues to a deceased person’s legitimate heirs. The certificate gives the heirs access to and control over the deceased’s assets. This certificate is a crucial document that promotes seamless asset transfers and prevents conflicts. What Is A Succession Certificate? Before discussing the fees involved in acquiring […]

How To Get Physical Shares Transferred After Getting a Succession Certificate?

A demat account holder may choose to keep their account solely (solo account) or jointly (joint account) with another person. When an account holder dies, the transmission rules are put into effect. Either the joint account holder or the account’s heirs must get in touch with a depository participant before the transmission of shares can […]

How Much Time It Takes To Get Succession Certificate?

A succession certificate is a legal document that a court of competent jurisdiction issues to allow the lawful heirs of a deceased person to inherit their inheritance. It is an essential document that identifies the legitimate heirs of the deceased individual and makes it possible for them to collect their inheritance. Obtaining a succession certificate […]

Where to Apply For Succession Certificate?

A succession certificate is necessary in cases when there is no will. It allows whoever has it to have the power to collect debts and securities. A succession certificate is a legal document used to distribute the estate of the deceased. In general, in the absence of a will, a succession certificate is used to […]

What Is The Difference Between A Probate And A Succession Certificate?

While both a probate and a succession certificate have the same purpose of distributing the deceased’s property while following out the deceased’s desires, their methods and outcomes differ. Obtaining a succession certificate is typically the first and simplest step, but obtaining a probate requires a lengthy procedure that may or may not be necessary in […]

LLP Compliance for Financial Year 2022-23 (AY 2023-24)

Every form of business structure registered in India, limited liability partnerships, etc., is required to submit certain documentation to the registrar of companies on a yearly basis. In line with the 2008 Limited Liability Partnership Act and the 2013 Companies Act, all Indian businesses and LLPs are required to submit ROC annual filings. Both the […]

How to Write an Application for Succession Certificate?

A state court judge of competent jurisdiction may issue a succession certificate to the rightful heirs of a decedent who dies intestate and leaves unclaimed property and debts. If a person dies without leaving a valid will, their death is considered intestate. The holder of a succession certificate has the authority to bargain, assign, and/or […]

Who Issues The Succession Certificate?

A succession certificate proves the identity of the legitimate successor and the identity of the lawful heirs. The Successor of a Deceased Person Who Dies Without Leaving a Will Is Given This Certificate. The certificate of allegiance contains a list of the deceased’s debts, securities, and assets. The certificate gives specific details on the deceased, […]

How to Get Succession Certificate?

The heirs of a piece of property or financial assets are needed to establish their rights to them in the absence of a will. An heir may be required to present either the succession certificate or the letter of administration in such situations, depending on the asset. A district court issues a succession certificate to […]

How to File a Consumer Complaint in Court via Web and Phone

A customer is defined as anybody who buys goods or services from a retailer for personal use rather than resale or business usage. For example, when you go to the market and buy a certain product, you are the customer. A Consumer Complaint: What Is It? Customers who pay for a product or service have […]

How Will Registration Can Help Your Loved Ones After Your Death?

In law, the term “will” typically refer to a legal document that expresses a person’s wishes regarding the distribution of their property and assets after their death. A will is also known as a “last will and testament.” A will can include instructions for the appointment of an executor to carry out the person’s wishes […]

What Is A Power Of Attorney And Why Is It Important?

A power of attorney, or POA, is a legal instrument that authorises an attorney-in-charge or legal agent to act on behalf of the principal. The attorney in charge has extensive or restricted power to act on the principal’s behalf. A power of attorney is used when the principal becomes incompetent due to illness or disability. […]