What Is Indian Patent Advanced Search System?

calendar22 Mar, 2023
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What Is Indian Patent Advanced Search System?

Before submitting a patent application, everyone conducts a patent search. A patent search is a process of looking through the patent database to see if any patents are comparable to the applicant’s idea or innovation. This procedure is carried out to ensure that the applicant’s invention is distinct and has a greater likelihood of being registered. The final right to use an innovation is secured by patent registration. Still, if an application is submitted for an innovation or creation that is identical to an already-issued patent, the patent office must reject the application. Scroll down to check more about Indian Patent Advanced Search System.

Indian Patent Advanced Search System – Meaning

The Indian Patent Office created the web-based utility known as the Indian Patent Advanced Search System (IPAS). For finding patents and other records pertaining to intellectual property rights in India, IPAS is a beneficial resource. This application can be used to explore Indian patents as well as US patents, foreign patents, utility models, etc. IPAS offers a number of functions, including topic matter, patent class, and filing date searching.

Features of the Indian Patent Advanced Search System

  • Accessible by Indians

An online resource created by the Indian Patent Office itself is called the Indian Patent Advanced Search System (IPASS). Users can look for patent papers using various criteria, including title, number, date of application, and nation of filing, among others, in this one-of-a-kind service.

In order to provide details about patent applications submitted in India up until December 2009, IPASS was established in 2011. More than 5 lakh patents were awarded during this time, according to data provided by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), while more than three lakhs were still awaiting approval.

The description, applicant name and number, filing date, and other details can all be used to look for patents. Additionally, the tool enables users to examine Portable Document Format (PDF) patent papers. (PDF).

  • You can use this website for patent search

A web-based program is an instrument that can be used to look up patents. This means that since it works in the browser of your choice, you don’t need to download or install anything on your computer. (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). If you have an internet link, you can use it from anywhere globally.

Using this instrument is very simple. All you have to do to get the application to show you all relevant results is type in a search word and hit the Enter key on your computer. Additionally, you can look for particular categories of patents or other media assets relevant to your study using a variety of filters.

  • This tool was created by the Indian Patent Office and is widely used in India

Many people in India use this instrument, which the Indian Patent Office itself created. It can be used to look up specific patent information as well as conduct searches on various patent offices, award patents, register patents, and search for patents. Users can use the web-based system to look up any particular word or sentence that appears in a patent application.

The Advanced Search Tool was introduced by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) on December 25th 2017, along with its Android version app installation capability on February 28th 2018, through which it got downloaded 2 million times within two weeks after its debut.

  • You can use it to conduct a search of the Indian Patents’ content.
    • It allows you to conduct a search of Indian patents’ material. You can explore patents using the advanced search system by keywords, names, authors, and technological areas.
    • Additionally, you have the option of conducting a search in either English or any other language that is installed on your device.
    • You can locate the precise document you need using the sophisticated search system. On this website, you can obtain or print any document.
    • The website also offers details on obtaining a patent, submitting a patent in India, and looking for Indian patents.
  • You can retrieve the patent data according to the metadata indexing.

You can obtain the patent data according to the information indexing. The Indian Patent Office itself handles the information tracking. Using this tool, you can quickly get the patent data and look for the desired patent number, title, abstract, etc.

This is a convenient instrument for retrieving copyright information. This tool’s user UI is very straightforward and user-friendly.

The user can use the patent number, description, or summary to look for patents. Finding a specific patent is made very simple because the results are presented in a tabular style with all the relevant information, including applicant name, applicant location, inventor name, etc.

  • It is a software specially designed to search Patent

An online utility for trademark searches has been created by the Indian trademark Office (IPO). The Advanced Search System is its name. (ASS).

This is the appropriate location for you if you are an Indian living overseas and want to learn about any patents granted by the IPO. Through their official website at, this clever tool will help you learn more details about your desired patents in real-time from anywhere in the world.

It is a very straightforward and user-friendly program. You only need to input the specifics of your desired patent, and the results will appear on your device right in front of you in a matter of seconds. For researchers who want to learn more about any patents that the IPO awards, it is a very helpful instrument.

Why is Indian Patent Advanced Search important?

Following are the reasons behind why is Indian Patent Advanced Search important:

  • Product Development: A business can research its rivals’ product designs using a patent search. They will discover technical faults, gaps, and loopholes as a result of their study, which the business can then exploit.
  • Cost and Validity: Before deciding to sell or purchase any patents, innovators should conduct a thorough patent search to assess the cost and validity of each invention.
  • Learn about the company’s portfolio: A comprehensive patent search can help you learn more about a company’s patent portfolio or the patents that are all held by that specific business.
  • Saves time and money: A simple patent search can inform creators of any goods that are comparable to their invention. They can conduct a patent search and move forward appropriately, saving time and effort.
  • Protects against infringement: Before moving forward with a project, a company must ensure that its invention does not conflict with any already-existing goods whose patents have already been filed.
  • Invalid patents: After finishing a patent search, we can get information on patents that have lapsed or have become invalid. Then, these inventions can be used without the need to pay any fee to the inventor.
  • Understanding Trends: Patent inquiries frequently disclose the most recent developments in a specific technology, which will assist the inventor in creating goods that meet the demands of the technology.


One of the world’s earliest patent agencies, the Indian Patent Office is situated in Delhi and dates back to 1908. The Indian Patent Act was passed in 1970, and since then, it has undergone numerous revisions. This article explains the different kinds of patents awarded to Indian innovators, how long they last, and essential details about the timing of when patent applications are submitted to this agency. The main point to be remembered by readers is that there are various methods to submit an application for a patent based on the kind of invention you have.

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