Anju S Nair

About Anju S Nair

Anju S Nair is a final year law student at Al-Azhar Law College, Kerala. She was post graduated in English Language and Literature from Mahatma Gandhi University. She was awarded the Certificate of Achievement in Women's Leadership from Career Development College in London. She worked as a research intern at the All India Human Rights Association (AIHRA) and as a legal intern at the Chambers of Senior Advocate Pradeep Rai, Vice President of the Supreme Court Bar Association. She is a hardworking and dedicated person whose area of interest lies in corporate law.

What is the Copyright Disclaimer?

Copyright disclaimers are legal statements that protect the rights of the original creators of a work, whether it be music, writing, movies, or other forms of media. These disclaimers are used to inform the public about the legal ownership of intellectual property and the permitted use of that property. As society becomes increasingly digital and […]

The Importance of Understanding the Limits of a Power of Attorney

In India, a power of attorney (POA) is a formal document used to give someone else the power to act on behalf of the person who grants the POA. It could be to handle financial or legal matters, sign documents, or make decisions. It is a helpful mechanism for those who cannot be physically present […]

The Potential Risks and Benefits of a Power of Attorney

A power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document that authorizes a person to act on behalf of another person in different legal, financial, and business matters. In India, POA is becoming increasingly popular among the people as it provides a way for them to ensure that their affairs can be taken care of even […]

Cyber Fraud Incidents Rising in India: How to File an Online Complaint on Cyber Crime Portal

Cyber fraud is a growing concern in India, and cyber fraud incidents are rising. Cyber fraud involves using technology to commit fraud, which can take many forms. This note will provide an overview of cyber fraud incidents in India, including the types of incidents, the impact on individuals and organizations, and the steps taken to […]

Differences between Rent Agreement and Lease Agreement

In India, the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved in using and renting property are regulated by the Indian Contract Act. Rent agreement and lease agreement are two standard legal instruments governing these rights and responsibilities. Thus, there are some vital differences between the two. The Rent Agreement and Lease Agreement: An Overview The […]

How to Generate a Power of Attorney for Healthcare Decisions?

A power of attorney for healthcare decisions is a legal record that grants someone the ability to make decisions about your health maintenance if you cannot make them yourself. It is a critical document to have in place, as unexpected accidents or medical emergencies can leave you disabled and unable to speak for yourself. The […]

The Importance of Registering Your Will: Understanding the Benefits

Registering a will is an essential aspect of estate planning in India that many people overlook. A will is a lawful document outlining how a person’s assets will be distributed after death. Registering a will means that it will be considered valid and enforceable by the court. This article discusses the importance of registering your […]

What Is POSH, the Law against Sexual Harassment in India?

The Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013, was enacted to stop the sexual persecution of women in the workplace and provide a mechanism for redressing complaints related to sexual harassment. The Act has been enforced since December 9, 2013. The Act makes it mandatory for all organizations, private or public, to […]

The Impact of Mental Capacity on a Power Of Attorney

Mental capacity is often described as the capacity to make decisions and recognize the consequences of those decisions. In India, the concept of mental capacity is of significant importance in the power of attorney process. When people cannot decide, they may appoint a trusted individual to act through a power of attorney (POA) agreement. This […]

What Is the Average Salary of a Litigation Advocate in India?

In today’s fast-paced world, obtaining a rewarding and fulfilling career is critical to one’s success. Being an advocate is one of the most prestigious professions in the world. Advocates represent individuals, businesses, and government agencies in legal matters, ranging from criminal cases to civil lawsuits to business deals and other legal issues. Litigation advocates play […]

How to Create a Power of Attorney for Business Transactions?

A power of attorney is a legal tool that permits an individual to appoint an agent or representative to act on their behalf. In the case of business transactions, a power of attorney can be an essential tool, allowing a nominated individual or entity to make decisions and take actions on behalf of a business. […]

How to Ensure Your Power of Attorney is Recognized across State Lines?

A power of attorney (PoA) is a lawful document that authorizes a designated individual to act on behalf of another person in various situations. It is an essential legal instrument that enables individuals to delegate their decision-making powers to others. However, it is vital to recognize a PoA across state lines in India, as different […]

Role of a Power of Attorney in Financial Management

A power of attorney (POA) concept has been practised in India for decades. Power of Attorney is a legitimate document that authorizes a person, also known as the Attorney, to act in aid of another person, also known as the Principal, in Financial Matters. We discuss the Role of a Power of Attorney in Financial […]

What Is Litigation in India and It’s Types?

Litigation is an essential tool for resolving disputes in India. Despite the challenges faced by the Indian legal system, more people are turning to the courts to seek justice. With the introduction of new technologies and reforms, the scope and nature of litigation in India are expected to evolve in the coming years, making the […]