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An Overview of BIS Certificate for Import of Smart Phones

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BIS Certificate for Import

BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) emerged in 1986 from the ISI (Indian Standards Institution). The ISI had been in existence since 1947. it was the responsible agency for certifying production quality in India but had a limited department in writing and enforcing standards. In strengthening the ISI in its function, it was therefore elevated to the status of BIS in 1986 and was responsible for formulating standards. BIS Registration is vital for all electronic goods listed in CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme)[1]. All the manufacturers, regardless (Indian or Foreign), must apply for BIS registration to import and sell the product in the Indian market. This article will discuss the BIS Certification for Import of Smart Phones.

What is BIS?

BIS is a national body which operates the certification of the products scheme to maintain the products’ safety, reliability and quality in India. The BIS Certificate is not a uniform standard and directive which applies to every product. A specific Indian Standard regulates products.

What is CRS?

CRS stands for Compulsory Registration Scheme. Under the CRS, the imported product must ensure conformity of a product will be granted once product analysis and testing are done along with the documents. Per the order, no importer is authorised to distribute or sell products in the Indian market in case it does not conform to the BIS standards. CRS scheme is applied to IT and electronics items.

BIS Standards for Smart Phones

Smart Phones are a vital part of everyone, and without a mobile phone, life seems to go with difficulty. In India, there are more than 4oo+ million smartphone users, and it is compulsory to pass the BIS certificate for Import of Smart Phones to trade the product freely. All the Smartphones have been included in the BIS CRS Registration Scheme under Indian Standard- IS 13252 (Part 1). Without BIS Registration, this product cannot be imported or sold in the Indian consumer market.

The Applicable Indian Standard on Smart Phones are:

  • IS 13252 (Part-1) includes general requirements for BIS mobile certification. However, before the certificate of a mobile phone, its critical components, such as battery cell, battery, and adapter, need to be certified.
  • IS 16333 (Part-3) is an obligatory requirement for language support in mobile handsets that includes specific requirements to be implemented on a mobile phone.

Importance of a BIS Certificate for Import of Smart Phones

Any smartphone being imported into India needs to have a BIS certificate for Import for the following reasons:

  • To ensure that the product is safe, reliable and of good quality
  • Provide evidence that the product has been tested and certified.
  • Gain a competitive edge over competitors.
  • Ensure the product quality and use the standard mark on the product.
  • To ensure that the public gets high-quality, safe, reliable and risk-free products.
  • To sell the products in the Indian market.
  • Ensure that the products comply with applicable Indian standards.
  • BIS certification is required in the case the product is on the mandatory certification list.

Documents needed to obtain BIS Certificate for Import of Smart Phones

Following are the documents require for obtaining BIS Certificate for Import of Smart Phones:

  • Proof of Acknowledgment of online file submission.
  • Signed application by the CEO of the company or an authorisation letter by the CEO;
  • Copy of the trademark application, registration certificate of the brand name, or an authorisation letter by the brand owner;
  • Undertaking for test report of the products;
  • Commercial invoice;
  • Insurance cover note;
  • List of packing;
  • Bill of lading;
  • Country of origin certificate;
  • Proof of address including business license, other documents grants from the government;
  • Application Form VI and VII;
  • Undertaking an Affidavit for the authorised Indian representative with proof of identity of the person signing an affidavit, in case the manufacturer is from abroad;
  • Test report of products.

Process to Obtain BIS Certificate for Import of Smart Phones

Following is the process to obtain a BIS Certificate for Import of Smart Phone:

  1. Application submission: Applicants are required to submit online applications through the BIS online portal.
  2. Generation of test requests: A test request will be generated for product sample testing.
  3. Testing of product: The products will be tested in BIS authorised laboratory.
  4. Submission of application with test report: After testing completion, an online application along with all essential documents and test reports will be submitted to BIS.
  5. Scrutiny of Application: After submission of the application along with the test Report, BIS officials will scrutinise the application.
  6. Grant of BIS Certificate: If the test report & documents are as per specified standards, then BIS will grant a BIS certificate FOR Import of Smart Phones.

Note: A CRS certificate will be granted based on product testing, not based on factory premises inspection.


India, one of the top import destinations, requires producers to obtain a BIS Certificate since it symbolises safety and dependability and verifies that a product complies with regulations.

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BIS Certification

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