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An Overview of BIS ISI Certification for Freezers

calendar24 Nov, 2022
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An Overview of BIS ISI Certification for Freezers

Freezer is one of the refrigerating appliances which mandatorily require a BIS ISI certification as per the Refrigerating Appliances under Refrigerating Appliances (Quality Control) Order, 2020. Without a BIS ISI Certification for Freezers, manufacturers of freezers cannot import or export or sell freezers in the Indian markets. Freezers are regulated by the IS 7872:2020 standard. This standard has been formulated by the BIS and provides for the minimum performance, structural, safety and quality requirements and the method for testing the performance of freezers in India. This standard categorically applies to freezers with a storage capacity of fifty to thousand liters. The standard requires freezers to maintain a mean internal cabinet air temperature of ten degree Celsius with an ambient temperature of 43 degrees celsius. The standard requires that freezers be sturdy and durable enough to withstand normal usage, handling and transportation. Scroll down to check more information regarding BIS ISI Certification for Freezers.

What is the Bureau of Indian Standards?

The Bureau of Indian Standards is a national certification body in India which operates under the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution. It promotes and regulates standards of certain goods and products in India. Although BIS Certification is optional for many products, the Government of India has mandated that some products require BIS Certifications for the products to be imported/exported or sold in India’s markets. BIS Certification ensures certain standards of safety, quality, and reliability of the products on which the ISI mark is affixed. The BIS Certification permits manufacturers to affix the ISI (Indian Standards Institution) mark, which shows that the products meet the requisite BIS standards.

There are many benefits of obtaining a BIS Certification:

  • Ensures high safety and quality standards as BIS-certified products require adherence to a certain level of standards.
  • Ensure that products cause minimal environmental damage, as BIS prohibits the usage of certain pollution-causing materials.
  • Since the products receive BIS Certification, which is a nationally recognized certificate, it lends authenticity and reliability to the products.
  • It promotes the company’s brand and instils customer trust and loyalty to the brand, as BIS certificates ensure high standards of safety and quality to its users.

Various Tests Involved in Obtaining BIS ISI Certification for Freezers

Following are some important steps involved in obtaining BIS ISI Certification for Freezers:

  • Type Test
    • Door Seal Test
    • Test of mechanical strength
    • Product load test
    • Performance test
    • Pressure test
    • Thermal insulation test
    • Insulation resistance test
    • High volume test
  • Production Routine Test
    • High voltage test
    • Thermostat test
  • Acceptance Test

Documents Involved in Obtaining BIS ISI Certification for Freezers

The following are the documents required to obtain a BIS ISI Certification for freezers:

  • Name and address of the office and factory.
  • Documents evidencing the establishment of the manufacturing unit like, inter alia, Certificate of Incorporation, MOA.
  • MSME[1] or SSI certificate, if applicable.
  • The flow of manufacturing process covering all procedures from the raw material stage to the finished product stage.
  • List of manufacturing machinery with machinery information.
  • Information on outsourcing, if any, of the manufacturing process.
  • List of testing facilities and equipment and copies of certificates of testing equipment.
  • Laboratory test report conforming to ISI standards.
  • Layout and map the location plan of the factory and the premise.
  • In-house or independent test report, if applicable.
  • If an authorized signatory signs the application, authorization by the CEO in this regard.
  • If the manufacturer is a foreign entity or applicant, then the nomination information of the Indian agent and the nomination form.

Procedure Involved in Obtaining BIS ISI Certification for Freezers

Following is the procedure involved in obtaining a BIS ISI Certification for freezers:

  • Create an Account on the BIS portal

This account shall be used to apply and provide for all requisite documents required for applying for a BIS Certificate.

  • Product Testing

The products are tested using the above tests in a BIS-authorized laboratory to check whether the Indian Standards are met by the product or not, and a test report is prepared.

  • Application Filling

The applicant must fill out the requisite form and submit it along with the necessary documents to the authority and pay the requisite fees and other charges. While filling out the application, the applicable Indian Standard for freezers IS 7872:2020 is to be selected.

  • Provide Information

The manufacturer is to provide the requisite details regarding raw materials, machinery, and manufacturing process and upload the test reports provided by third-party labs authorized by ISI or by an in-house lab on the factory premises. Also, provide details of the in-house testing facility available.

  • Inspection

Once the application with the requisite documents is received by the BIS, it sends its team of professionals to visit the manufacturing unit and conduct all the essential tests to check for compliance with the ISI standards.

  • Verification

After the inspection, a BIS officer verifies the documents and the test report.

  • Grant of Certificate

Once the officer is satisfied with the inspection and verification of the report and the essential documents, the product is granted a BIS Certificate.

Validity of BIS ISI Certification for Freezers

Once granted, a BIS ISI Certification for Freezers is valid for two years after receipt of the certificate. The same can be renewed if there is no change in the product specifications. The subsequent BIS ISI certificate granted for renewal shall be valid for a period of one to five years from the date of receipt of the certificate. The certificate is subject to the applicable licensing and surveillance fee. If the application for renewal of BIS ISI certification is made after the validity period, a requisite prescribed late fee shall also be filed together with the application.


As mandated by law, it is imperative to obtain a BIS ISI Certification for freezers as it not only ensures certain quality and safety standards but also is required if a manufacturer wants to import or export or sell freezers in India.

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