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An Overview of BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors in India

calendar14 Oct, 2022
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BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors

IS 2993: 1998 for A.C. Motor Capacitors intended for connection to the windings of asynchronous motors supplied from a single-phase system with a frequency up to and including 100Hz and capacitors intended for connection to three-phase asynchronous motors so that these motors can be supplied from a single-phase system. This Standard applies to impregnated or unimpregnated capacitors with dielectrics of plastic film, paper, or a combination of both, metallised or with metal-foil electrodes, and rated voltages up to and including 660 V. IEC 252, which is currently under consideration, will cover electrolytic motor start capacitors. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is an Indian Standard Body constituted by the BIS Act, 2016. BIS is introduced for the harmonious development of standardisation, marking and quality Certification of products and connected or incidental matters. It provides traceable and tangible benefits to the national economy by providing reliable and safe quality products, promoting import &export substitutes, controlling the proliferation of varieties, decreasing health hazards to consumers, etc., by Certification, testing and standardisation. This blog will discuss BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors in India.

Aims of the I.S.: 2993: 1998 Standard

The goal of this Standard are:

  • To extend uniform rules for performance, testing, and rating;
  • To give installation and operation instructions;
  • To develop specific safety rules.

The A.C. Motor must meet the standard safety, quality, and performance requirements.

Benefits of BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors

  • Product Replacement Guarantee: In case the product does not bear the Indian Standard Mark, the manufacturer becomes responsible for replacing the product with a new standard mark product in return. This ensures the customers get a quality product.
  • Safety and Quality Trust: ISI Mark (Standard Mark) on a product built new trust in quality control, safety, reliability and standardisation of the products for the customers, domestic and foreign.
  • Ensure the products are tested: The quality and Standard of the product with a new product in return. This ensures that the customers obtain quality for the price they pay.
  • Distinguishing from low-quality products: ISI Certification’s primary benefit is establishing quality product standardisation. ISI Mark product itself determines a good product from a low-quality one.

Documents Required to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors

Following are some essential documents required to get BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors in India:

  • SSI or MSME Certificate
  • Name & Address proof of applicant and factory premises.
  • Flow chart of Manufacturing Process
  • Information on Outsourcing the manufacturing process
  • Calibration Certificates of testing equipment
  • Proof of Establishment of Manufacturing premises like Certificate of Incorporation or Registration Certificate, MOA, etc.
  • Layout plan
  • Map Location plan of the factory
  • List of Machinery involved
  • Undertaking related to the test report
  • List of Testing equipment & facilities
  • 3rd party lab test report according to the Indian Standards
  • In the case of foreign or overseas manufacturers, the Indian Agent and Nomination Form details.
  • Technical details of products, like PCB Layout, Schematic Diagrams, User Manual & Critical Components List
  • If authorised signatory signs the Application, an authorisation letter by the CEO in the name of the authorised signatory
  • Acknowledgement receipt
  • Letter of Consent by CEO of Company
  • Original Test Reports from BIS-authorized Laboratory
  • Undertaking and Affidavit attested with signature and I.D. Proof of the AIR or approved Indian Representative (in case of the foreign manufacturer)

Procedure to Obtain BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors

The following are the required steps to obtain BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors in India:

Step 1: Select the ISI Code for A.C. Motor Capacitor: The applicant must identify and choose an ISI standard product code for their product.

Step 2: Apply the application: The applicant must fill out the form to get BIS ISI certification, submit all required essential documents, and pay BIS Certification fees. Moreover, the applicant must pay inspection, testing, and other procedure fee.

Step 3: Factory Premise Audit: After filling out the Application form and paying prescribed fees for Certification, testing and inspection. The BIS official and inspection team visited the factory premises to audit the manufacturing unit, verified all the vital documents, and collected some product samples for testing in BIS Certified Laboratory.

Step 4: Testing of product samples: After the factory inspection, the BIS official collects some product samples for testing by BIS Certified Laboratory.

Step 5: Submission of the Product Sample report: The applicant must get the product sample test report from the BIS Certified Laboratory[1].

Step 6: Grant of BIS ISI Certificate: After all the procedures are completed, the BIS official and Inspection team examine ApplicationApplication, test report and essential documents. If the BIS official is satisfied, they issue the BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitor.

Testing Process in Obtaining BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors

The test is classified into two types:

  1. Type Tests: these tests are intended to demonstrate the soundness of the A.C. Motor Capacitor design and its suitability for operation under the guidelines specified in the Standard. Type tests are performed through the manufacturer and testing authority if approval is required. These tests may be conducted under the supervision of an appropriate authority, which will grant a certified record and type approval.
  2. Routine Tests: Before delivery, the manufacturer needs to perform routine tests on all A.C. Motor Capacitors.

Labelling and Marking Requirements for Obtaining BIS ISI Certification for A.C. Motor Capacitors

Labelling and Marking have to be done as per IS 2993: 1998 or IEC 252: 1993. The A.C. Motor Capacitor must be labelled with details specified in the Standard. The ISI Mark (Standard Mark) will be marked on the product and material so the mark meets all requirements. The manufacturer needs to get a BIS Certification from the BIS to use ISI Mark. The BIS grant a Certificate based on a successful evaluation of the manufacturing infrastructure, testing capabilities, quality control, and manufacturing process.


BIS is responsible and liable for the quality check of various products and services across 14 various sectors. The quality certification of these products safeguards users or customers from various health and safety hazards.

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