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An Overview of BIS ISI Mark for AC Manufacturer

calendar28 Jul, 2022
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BIS ISI Mark for AC Manufacturer

ISI Certificate is the certificate scheme under the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) that confirms that a product withstands the BIS standards[1] that ensures safety. ISI Certificate allows using the standards mark (ISI Mark). BIS ISI Mark is the standards compliance mark for industrial products. Under the ISI certificate, 361 products listed that need an ISI certificate; without that, the manufacturer would not be able to manufacture & sell the products in the Indian market. This write-up will focus on BIS ISI Mark for AC manufacturers.

What is BIS ISI Mark?

The ISI mark is the standard compliance mark that conforms to the Product that is made according to the standards laid under BIS. BIS is authorized to provide the ISI Mark by proper examination, documentation, evaluation, etc. this procedure ensures that manufacturers have been following the standards & instructions laid under the BIS.

The Objective of BIS ISI Mark Certification

The primary purpose of the BIS ISI Mark is to follow:

  • Customers will know the importance of the BIS ISI mark.
  • It makes products more reliable.
  • It adds extra layers of security to the products.
  • It drives customers to feel more secure when they purchase the products.
  • Ensured to offer quality assurance for kind of Product.
  • Alleviate product rejection chances through customers.

Benefits of BIS ISI Mark Certification

Following are the benefits of obtaining BIS ISI Mark Certification:

  • By looking at the BIS ISI Mark, customers get a sense of assurance in terms of the quality of the Products.
  • Offer a sense of trust to users that the products they purchase are worth buying.
  • BIS ISI marked products get a better response in the market from the users compared to the non-certified products.
  • A BIS ISI marked Product offers assurance for better performance & more extended life for the ProductProduct.
  • Takes one step ahead of competitors not certified with the BIS ISI mark.

List of the Air Conditioners and their related Parts

Following is the list of the Air Conditioners and their associated parts as per their Indian Standards:

Indian Standard Products and article
IS 8148: 2018 Ducted & packaged air conditioners
IS 10617:2018 Hermetic compressors
IS 1391 (Part 1):2017 Room air conditioners- unitary air conditioners
IS 11329: 2018          Finned type heat exchanger for room air conditioners
IS 1391 (Part 2): 2018 Room air conditioners – split air conditioners
IS/IEC 60730 (part 2) Section 9:2011 Temperature sensing control devices

Documents Required to Obtain BIS ISI Mark for AC Manufacturer

Following are the essential documents required to obtain BIS ISI Mark for AC manufacturer:

  1. The legal identity of the establishment (GST certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Partnership Deed, etc.).
  2. Submit the Product dewing.
  3. Information on manufacturing machinery.
  4. List of test devices;
  5. Documents of a brand trademark.
  6. Flow chart procedure including all the manufacturing procedures, details regarding in-process control of every stage, including outsourced stages.
  7. The list includes details of raw materials used and a replica of test certificates.
  8. A layout plan indicates the area of large manufacturing machinery and laboratory.
  9. In-house testing report facilities.
  10. Declaration or Undertaking.

Procedure for Obtaining BIS ISI Mark for AC Manufacturer

The following is a process for obtaining BIS ISI Mark for AC Manufacturer:

  1. The application form requires to be filled out.
  2. Factory inspection will assess manufacturing infrastructure, quality control, production process, and testing capabilities.
  3. During an inspection, a product sample shall be drawn for testing in a third-party laboratory.
  4. For review, the test report of the product sample will be used.
  5. In the end, you can obtain the BIS ISI Mark for the AC manufacturer if your Product complies with the laid Indian standards.

Validity and Renewal of BIS ISI Mark for AC Manufacturer

The BIS license to use the ISI mark shall initially be granted for 1 year and up to 2 years. For extension of product varieties covered in the permit, an application with the requisite fee & documents under the existing license may be submitted. The license shall renew for up to five years by applying renewal fees & marking payments with required documents.


BIS Certificate protects public health & enhances confidence among the customers. The BIS ISI Mark Holder’s responsibility is to cooperate with the Registration officers of BIS. It shall maintain the relevant information and records for future purposes. In case of non-compliance, the BIS cancel the certificate issued.  

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