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Requirements to Obtain Hallmark for Gold Necklace

calendar02 Aug, 2022
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Hallmark for Gold Necklace

In India, women have been more interested in gold for years, and gold is always a very secure and safe investment for Indians during a tough period. To protect customers from adulteration & obligate jewellers to maintain jewellery purity, the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) started a jeweller’s registration scheme. BIS introduced the Gold Hallmarking Scheme in 2000 and Silver Hallmarking in 2005. As per the scheme, Hallmark is mandatory to manufacture & sell gold and silver jewellery. The BIS hallmark registration procedure is reliable proof of the purity & quality of jewellery items manufactured in India. Hallmark registration confirms that a particular jewellery item adheres to the standard of purity prescribed by BIS. This article will discuss the essential requirements to obtain Hallmark for Gold Necklace.

What is BIS Hallmark in jewellery items?

The BIS hallmark is an official sign and sequence of marks stamped on the jewellery items to confirm the number of metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum. In India, BIS hallmarking[1] scheme for gold & silver is accessible. Also, hallmarking needs to authenticate the jewellery’s purity before introducing the gold silver to the customers.

Different Levels of Purity in Gold Jewellery

The purity or fineness of gold jewellery will be reflected as follows on the hallmarked gold item:

Purity Sign on Hallmarked item
14KT 14K585
18KT 18K750
20KT 20K833
22KT 22KT916
23KT 23KT958
24KT 24KS995

Importance of BIS Hallmark Registration for Gold Necklace

Following are the importance of the BIS hallmark for gold necklace:

  • It gives you a guarantee of purity to your gold necklace.
  • The BIS Certification added value to the precious stone and trust in the gold jewellery.
  • It quickly boosts your jewellery business.
  • It gives customers satisfaction and raises trust among customers.
  • It provides you legal defence against any violation.

Documents required for obtaining Hallmark for Gold Necklace

Following are some vital documents which required obtaining Hallmark for a gold necklace:

  • Identity Proof of Applicant
  1. Aadhar & PAN Card
  2. Passport
  3. Voter Identity
  4. Aadhar-based verification or e- signature
  5. Identity Certificate with photo grand by Gazetted officer on official letterhead.
  6. Self-certified copy of the documents as an identity proof of signatory on the application.
  • Address Proof of Firm or Company
  1. GST registration certificate.
  2. A latest property tax receipt
  3. Lease or Sale Deed agreement
  4. Registration with State Government Authority.
  5. Income tax assessment order.
  6. Rent agreement with last rent receipt.
  • Establishment Proof
  1. Partnership Deed if the applicant is a Partnership Firm.
  2. Certificate from Chartered Accountant. In case the applicant is a proprietorship firm or any other documents like a trade license indicating the firm as a proprietorship.
  3. Certificate of Registration issued through the registrar of companies with MOA.
  4. GST Registration certification indicates the status of the firm as a proprietorship firm.
  • Map indication: The location of the premises from the same nearest prominent landmark for all outlets, as applicable.
  • Annual Turnover
  1. In the case of a corporate certificate of registration, if the applicant has only one GST return, then the firm is asked to submit a certificate by a Chartered Accountant mentioning the turnover of all outlets.
  2. Self-certified copy of GST return of the previous financial year or the certificate issued by CA for annual turnover.

Process for obtaining Hallmark for Gold Necklace

Following are some essential steps to obtaining Hallmark for Gold Necklace:

Step 1: Prepare all the essential documents for BIS Hallmark Registration.

Step 2: Prepare agreement on stamp paper of 100/- rupees in the prescribed format.

Step 3: fill out the application form for BIS hallmark registration and submit all the essential documents.

Step 4: payment of the application processing fees.

Step 5: The BIS authorized inspection officer will conduct the Inspection.

Step 6: If the inspector is fully satisfied with the Inspection and documents, they will grant a Hallmark for Gold Necklace.

Note: the validity of the BIS Hallmark registration is for five years.

Signs to Check for Purity or fineness of Gold of BIS Hallmarked Jewellery

According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, now BIS Hallmark on gold jewellery will consist of three symbols:

  1. BIS Standard mark: The BIS Logo’s first sign of the Hallmark on gold jewellery. The shape of logo is a triangle. The stamp of this logo on gold shows that the purity of gold has been checked at BIS certified centre.
  2. Fineness or Purity Grade: Second sign of the Hallmark on gold is the sign of purity. The sign tells you the degree of purity of gold in a particular piece of gold item. The purity or fineness of gold determined forms the basis of the price of that piece of gold item.
  3. Six- digits alphanumeric Code: Third sign of the BIS Hallmarked gold item is a six-digit alphanumeric Code embossed or etched on the item. The code, also called HUID (Hallmark Unique Identification) number, is unique for all jewellery pieces. Customers can verify the code on the BIS Care App. The verify HUID features can be used on the BIS care app to verify the gold’s alphanumeric code and the gold purity.


In conclusion, we can state that every piece of jewellery needs to be certified and registered with a BIS Hallmark licence, which guarantees the purity of the ornament. For the BIS hallmark registration process to be simple, the applicant must obtain professional guidance. It is a time- and money-saving method for BIS jewellery hallmarking.

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