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Advantages and Disadvantages of BIS Registration

calendar20 Aug, 2020
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Quality is the utmost priority for the end-users that pays a significant amount of money to purchase the products. In the absence of a legit standard or certificate, the products could be questioned for its credibility, which impacts its sale in the given market. On the other hand, the products that are tested and certified for quality inherently attract more customers and generate consistent income. Todays’ most of the manufacturers produce their product under the canopy of BIS certification. BIS is the hallmark of quality that ensures that the product has been tested rigorously for quality. BIS is engaged with tons of activities such as the formulation of standards, certifying products, lab testing, and hallmarking. The following sections in this blog will explain the advantages and disadvantages of BIS registration.

BIS Registration

The Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) was set up about three decades ago to establish the standardization of quality of the product across the nation. Being a national standard body, the BIS regulates the quality guideline for the manufactures’ goods. The BIS-certified products have distinctive credibility as compared to generic products that don’t hold on quality certification.

Now let’s get onto the main topic i.e. Advantages and Disadvantages of BIS Registration.

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Advantages of the BIS registration

The advantages of the BIS Registration are as follows:-

Ensure uncompromised quality standards

BIS adopts the holistic approach for the implementation of quality compliances for all manufacturers. Entities under BIS registration are bound to follow a certain standard for the manufacturing of the goods. The premise where the production is usually carried out is scrutinized by BIS investigating officers through surprise visits. It enables the BIS to continually monitor the production facilities for product quality and given compliances.

Impart authenticity to the product

Products with no quality certification may go out of sale overnight but cannot garner the customer’s credibility or trust. Uncertified products are vulnerable to poor performance and might have potential health risks. Unfortunately, most of the end-users are not familiar with such facts. Onn the other hand, BIS certified products left no complaint in this aspect as they promise to deliver high-quality performance and unparalleled reliability. This is perhaps one of the most significant advantages of BIS registration.

Minimizing environmental risk

BIS certification covers 900 types of products, and some of them are potentially dangerous from the environmental point of view.  Electronic items, in particular, have a severe environmental risk and health hazard. BIS has taken several measures in this direction and implements a definitive protocol for producing such items to eliminate environmental risk. In addition to that, BIS has prohibited the use of certain materials and chemicals under its prescribed norms. Hence, it plays a vital role in standardizing the quality standard for safety and environment associated with the industrial sector.

Lab testing for quality inspection

Since BIS works on the standardization of the quality, it has incorporated state of the art lab in different parts of the country. These labs’ were built to test a different array of products for quality. During the on-site inspection of the registration facilities, the investigating officers randomly pick up a few samples and send them to the lab for testing. Once certified, the product will then send back along with the test report. Although this process sounds a bit tedious, it is highly imperative for maintaining flawless quality.

Disadvantages of BIS registration

Costlier compliance management

Maintaining quality could be a complicated undertaking for smaller firms if it lures consistent funds. Under extreme economic pressure, it would be difficult for the firms to maintain the compliance’s integrity or consistently produce quality products. Also, unlike other certifications, BIS registration is a little bit costlier. Even its renewal cost is pretty steep, which might bother some small firms to a great deal.

Limited scope of Applicability

BIS certified products often fail to get recognition on the international platform. Unlike global standards and certification, BIS still not have that global dominance that ultimately decides the fate of the country’s export. Unlike CE and IEC, BIS has not received global accreditation to be used as a benchmark of quality compliance. This means a lot of work is needs to be done in the area of production and quality by adopting aggressive and quality-oriented strategies.

Low Export

BIS is the NSB that runs the quality standard for products and services in India. Unfortunately, most of the overseas importer doesn’t consider BIS as a prominent benchmark[1] of quality. They usually prefer standards like CE and IEC over anything else for importing the product. The good news is that BIS is leveraging its resources and setting up testing facilities for export goods to ensure unparalleled quality.

Imperative points regarding BIS registration

  • BIS registration covers 900 products under its belt and has distinctive application fees depending on its type.
  • For large organizations, the application fee for BIS isRs 15,000. On the contrary, the Medium, Micro, and Small Industrial Enterprises need to pay Rs 7000 to serve the same purpose.
  • BIS is a national standard body that formulates the standard for products and services.


BIS is a statutory body accountable for formulating quality standards for the various products used by the consumers. In general, the BIS’s primary objective is to provide legitimate grounds to the manufacturers to testify their product against quality-based compliance. After getting BIS accreditation, the manufacturer doesn’t have to promote their product for quality. The hallmark of BIS on any product gives the assurance of unparalleled quality and reliability. Unlike other certifications, grabbing BIS certification is a little bit complex due to tight compliances.

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BIS Certification

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