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An Overview of PSARA License in Punjab

Any agency that does not contain a valid license under PSARA shall suffer the consequences like imprisonment for a specified period, which may extend to one year, a fine of Twenty-Five Thousand Rupees, or both. All the agencies must get their PSARA license to carry out the security service business all over India, as it is mandatory.A prerequisite license is required for any person or organisation to start a private security business in Punjab. The PSARA license is issued to conduct operations in one or more state districts or the entire state.

Eligibility Criteria under PSARA in Punjab

Eligibility criteria for organisations / Principal Officers / Security guards

  • The private security agency business is not for the Ex-serviceman. Any NGO/ LLP / Sole proprietor/ Limited liability partnership can start a private security agency business in India.
  • The person who starts the business should be of Indian origin. Also, if it is a company, most of the shareholders must be Indian.
  • The organisation or security guard must have a clean record and should not convict of any criminal offences.
  • The applicant shall not be dismissed from any central/state government services.
  • The individual should not have a link with any organisation banned by the government.
  • The candidate must fulfil the physical standards required under the Act.

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Documents that are necessary to obtain a PSARA license in Punjab

  • Identity cards’ of security guards
  • Logo of the agency
  • Promoters’ PAN card details
  • Proof of the business (ITR of the promoters)
  • Security training affidavit
  • Registration certificate of ESI, PF
  • Character certificate of all security guards and supervisors
  • Two photographs of promoters
  • Id proofs of all the employees and directors

Process involved in obtaining a PSARA license in Punjab

  • Checking and collecting all the relevant Documents before applying is necessary.
  • Signing an MOU with a training institute is mandatory to provide training to the employees.
  • The applicant should file form-1 and apply for police verification.
  • After getting the NOC from the police authority, the application will be processed within 60 days.

Conditions should be followed by the controlling authority for suspension or cancellation of PSARA License

The following is the condition that is subjected to suspension or cancellation of the license.

  • Controlling authorities do not cancel the license directly. It orders for a suspension first of license for 30 days.
  • Within 15 days of the suspension order, the private security agency should give reasonable cause for not extending that suspension order to the cancellation order.
  • The suspension or cancellation order of the PSARA License should be understandable by all.
  • One copy of such an order should be given to the affected person.
  • Order of cancellation of PSARA License can only be granted by giving a reasonable opportunity to be heard.

Right of Licensee against Suspension or Cancellation order

Suppose the PSARA licensee is not satisfied with the suspension or cancellation order of the Controlling Authority. In that case, they can appeal against such an order within 60 days from the date of the order of suspension and cancellation of license.

Validity and renewal of PSARA license in Punjab

Once the organisation gets the PSARA license, it is valid for a time limit of 5 years. The renewal can be made within 3 months before its expiry.

Conditions for renewal of PSARA license in Punjab

The license renewal will be granted when the following conditions are satisfied.

  • The applicant should continue to maintain their principal place of business in the renewal time within the controlling authority's jurisdiction.
  • To get the renewal, the applicant should continue to ensure the availability of the training.
  • The applicant should continue to follow the rules and regulations of the conditions under the PSAR Act.
  • The applicant should not possess any criminal records.

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The PSARA license is mandatory for an agency to deploy its security guards in Punjab. Our Corpbiz platform can meet all of your license needs. We do all your Document verification and verify your vital Documents for the licensing process. To make your license process easy, we are here to help you.

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