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Overview of Punjab Pollution Control Board

Punjab Pollution Control Board is established as a regulatory authority for implementing the various pollution control laws in the state. It is constituted under the Punjab State Government to ensure the safety and health of people living in the State and to keep a check on environmental degradation. The uniform environmental laws are adopted by the Punjab State Government that was enacted by Central Government to control the environmental pollution in the State.  

The PPCB, i.e., the Punjab Pollution Control Board is constituted on 3rd February in the year 1975 after enactment of the Water Act, 1974 to preserve the wholesome of water. Then after enactment of other environmental laws the responsibility to implement them was also entrusted to the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB).

The Punjab Government has adopted following laws to control environmental pollution in its state. The Government of India under Ministry of Environment & Forest has also framed Rules related management of Hazardous, bio-medical, municipal solid waste, and recycled plastic, used batteries, noise pollution and Protection of Ozone layer. All these rules are framed under the provisions of the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986.

The objective of the Punjab Pollution Control Board

The followings are the objectives of the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB):

  • To control pollution at source with regard to the techno-economic feasibility for liquid effluents and gaseous emissions.
  • To ensure no pollution in the natural waters by the discharge of untreated sewage of the cities.
  • To maximize reuse and recycling of sewage and trade effluents and use of treated effluent on lands for irrigation and for industrial purposes after the appropriate treatment.
  • To minimize the pollution control requirements whenever necessary, by the judicious location of the recently established or relocated industries.
  • To perform function in the direction of effective control of water and air pollution and to maintain and restore the quality of water and air for most designated uses.

Strategies of the Punjab Pollution Control Board

There are some strategies set by the Punjab State Government for the PPCB for pollution control in the state of Punjab. Some of them are as follows:

  • To make highly polluting industries and highly polluted areas and rivers the priority in regard to pollution control.
  • To identify the sources of pollution and to initiate follow up action in regard to abatement, prevention and control of pollution.
  • To educate industries and local authorities by creating awareness about environmental pollution.
  • To promote the measures and assistance through the guidelines, incentives, effective technologies and putting up the demonstration plants.
  • To convince industries and local authorities for taking preventive measures for pollution control.
  • To conduct training, develop laboratories and strengthen the manpower and infrastructures for strengthening the capacities for control of pollution.

Functions of the Punjab Pollution Control Board

The following are the important functions of the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB):

  • To plan programmes for abatement, prevention and control of pollution and to secure execution thereof
  • To collect and disseminate all the information related to abatement, prevention and control of pollution
  • To inspect the sewage, trade effluent treatment, the disposal facilities, air pollution control system and to review plans, specifications or any data relating to the treatment plants, disposal system and air pollution control system in relation to the consent granted by it.
  • To support and encourage developments in the field of control of pollution, waste recycling, waste reuse, etc.
  • To guide and educate the businesses for improving the environment by suggesting the appropriate pollution control techniques.
  • To create public awareness in regard to the clean and health environment
  • To attend public complaints related to the pollution in the state.

Documents for Punjab Pollution Control Board consent

The Documents required for filing an application to Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) are the following:

  • Aadhar Card and Pan card of Authorized person 
  • Certificate of Incorporation (CIN), in case of a Private Company
  • PAN Card of the unit, in case of Partnership
  • Authorization letter except in case of Proprietorship
  • Proof of Ownership
  • CA Letter for total project cost
  • GST Certificate
  • Rent Agreement
  • Detailed Project Report
  • Utility Bill
  • Layout Plan/ Site plan 
  • FSSAI Certificate, in case of food business

Procedure for Punjab Pollution Control Board Consent

The following steps are the procedure for grant of consent by the PPCB, Punjab Pollution Control Board:

Identification of Category 

New industries have to identify the category under which they fall, as divided by the Punjab Pollution Control Board. PPCB has categorized all industries into three categories namely Red, Orange and Green.

Filing of Application

The PPCB accepts application from all industries, i.e., large, medium and small-scale industries for obtaining consent in the state of Punjab along with Documents duly signed by the authorized signatories.


The application is forwarded to the concerned officer of PPCB and he visits the applicant’s industry. After visiting he issues some clarifications. The clarification raised by concerned authority is answered.  

Issue of consent

Once the clarification is suitably answered, the consent is issued by the Punjab Pollution Control Board.

Validity of the consent granted by PPCB

The consent to all industries in red and orange categories are granted for a period of five years and to industries falling under green category, it is granted for ten years. After a specified period, the consent is liable for renewal from the PPCB.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The business engaged in manufacturing activities, hotels, restaurants, hospital or a clinic in Punjab has to obtain consent from Punjab Pollution Control Board to make sure that it is complying to the PPCB, Water and Air Act as set by the PPCB.

The industries engaged in manufacturing of articles, having hospitals, health care establishments, hotels, restaurants, etc., falling under the jurisdiction of the State of Punjab, require the consent from the PPCB.

The consent granted by the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) is valid up to five years for red and orange industries and ten years for the green industries.

The polluted industrial areas have been categorized as Critically Polluted Area, Severely Polluted Areas and Other Polluted Areas.

The PPCB has divided the industries into the red, orange, and green categories.

The PPCB only accepts online application for granting the consent to the industries, however it may require hard copy of application later.

OCMMS stands for the Online Consent Management and Monitoring System of the Punjab Pollution Control Board. The application for consent from the PPCB is submitted and issued from here only. CMC stands for the Consent Management Cell of PPCB.

The PPCB is entrusted with the task to implement environmental laws within the State of Punjab.

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